About Us

DunkerMotor was founded by Frank, a car mechanic and battery expert. Frank, along with some of his friends in the battery business, decided to put up this website as an online source where folks can look for resources on anything related to car batteries.

Even as a young kid, Frank has been fascinated with cars and anything related to it. While other boys go to other places for vacation, summertime for Frank meant getting some hands-on experience in their auto shop, which was originally owned by his dad.

He now owns the business after his father’s retirement, and you can bet that every new model of car battery being sold in his store has been thoroughly tested by Frank himself.

The DunkerMotor Team

Each member of the team behind Dunkermotor.com has their own story on how they eventually became battery experts today. But there is one thing that unites them all – they are all undeniably passionate about it and they all want to help people deal with problems concerning their vehicles’ batteries.

DunkerMotor Mission

As a car owner, you know how important a car battery is, and choosing the best one is a very important decision one must make. If you purchase a low-quality product you’ll likely end up getting stranded somewhere due to battery failure. However, there are just too many options available on the market. That makes it harder to figure out which one is the best.

At DunkerMotor, we made it our mission to help all car owners make intelligent buying decisions when it comes to shopping for car batteries.

Feel free to read the various battery reviews and buying guides you’ll find here in the site. Take a peek at our high-quality suggestions which not only detail the pros but also include the cons of each product so you’ll get a well-balanced picture before making a decision.

As battery experts ourselves, we’ve also included resources to help you deal with common car battery issues you would likely encounter. Be sure to revisit DunkerMotor.com regularly as we’re constantly bringing in new content to the site to keep it fresh and updated with the latest products to hit the market.
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