Best AGM Battery Charger: A Simple Buyer’s Guide to Finding the Perfect one

So, after learning about its merits, you finally bought an Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) car battery to replace your traditional car battery.
Aside from being more compact and reliable than standard car batteries, AGM batteries also provide high current at relatively low costs. They are non-spillable and leak-proof as well. They are even durable and maintenance-free.
One question remains, though: how can you find the best AGM battery charger to keep it functioning for a long time? Although these batteries can withstand plenty of abuse, it’s still necessary that you know how to properly care for them--and that includes charging them as needed.




CTEK 56-353 Multi US 7002
Optima Digital 1200
BatteryMinder 128CEC1
TPE 12V 5A
NOCO Genius G7200 AGM Battery Charger

The Best Battery Needs the Best Charger

It’s true that these batteries have low self-discharge (just about 1 to 3%) and can remain inside your car’s storage for long periods of time without charge. But they are quite sensitive to overcharging, so you need to have the best AGM battery charger with you.
Your goal is to find one with a highly-advanced system and superb quality components specific to AGM settings.

To help you in your search, check out our list of the best AGM battery chargers to best suit your needs.
ctek 56-353

CTEK 56-353 Multi US 7002

It doesn’t matter what kind of vehicle you are driving. If you want power, performance, and durability, then the CTEK 56-353 Multi US charger does not disappoint.
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This particular model has four modes which can be used in both normal conditions and colder climates. It works even with heavily discharged car batteries, providing a safe and steady supply of 13.6 volts to your battery.
The construction of this unit is also top-notch. Made out of high-quality materials, it can withstand shock and vibrations. The device itself can stay connected to the battery without damaging it, making it one of the most durable chargers available in the market.
You’ll also appreciate its 8-staged system for charging which provides extensive energy to the car’s batteries without overcharging it. No need for you to worry about cross connections since it won’t be activated unless you make the proper connections.
It’s important to note, though, that the absorption phase of this device may sometimes overextend, provoking some delays in charging your AGM batteries. The alligator clips are made out of plastic, which can break easily. However, the cables are flexible and well-insulated.
Ideal for charging seasonal vehicles
8-step charging cycle to keep your battery at optimal condition regardless of whether you are using it or not
Spark-free and circuit proof
Can’t jumpstart batteries
Less durable compared to larger models
optima digital 1200

Optima Digital 1200

The Optima Digital 1200 offers many incredible features which can safely and efficiently bring deeply discharged car batteries back to life. If you are one of those individuals who always end up having dead car batteries, then this device is suitable for you.
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Believe it or not, this battery can resurrect your car’s battery even if it has already reached a low 1.25 VDC! Most chargers available today can’t even revive car batteries depleted to 10.5V, so this ability is really what makes this AGM battery charger truly special.
It can also charge different marine, motorcycle, car, and other AGM batteries faster than other competitors. Some of its users even claim that it can charge up to two times the output.
The additional 5W USB charging port is also a great add-on to efficiently charge your cameras, tablets, smartphones, and other smart devices. Plus, it comes with a top quality cable and maintainer port so you can maintain your power source if it’s in storage.
With its crystal clear backlit LCG gauge, charging becomes a lot easier and more precise. It displays mode setting, fill rate, fault messages, and battery charging status.
You also won’t have to worry about overcharging since it has a built-in safety mechanism. However, it can’t charge several batteries at once.
Can charge deeply discharged batteries
Recovers dead batteries in a shorter time
Easy digital readouts
Easy to use
Cheap-looking power cord flap
A bit expensive compared to other models
batteryminder 128cec1

BatteryMinder 128CEC1

If you’re looking for a product that can charge several batteries at once, then the BatteryMinder 128CEC1 is the best option for you.
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Unlike other chargers sold today, this unit can safely and efficiently charge up to six vehicles. You can also expect maximum charging from this unit, thanks to its 2/4/8 Amp and 12V features.

Maintaining your car battery and keeping it in excellent condition is also very easy with this device. You’ll have the option to adjust the amp rates to enhance the performance of your car battery without overcharging or undercharging it. But here’s a pro tip: To extend the lifespan of your battery, make sure to set it to low amp rates when charging.

It also features Auto-Temp Compensation, which allows your battery to operate without any issues when charging between 33F and 130F temperatures. When charging several batteries though, you need to make sure that all of them are at the same power level.
It’s a bit pricey, but with its ability to charge up to six batteries, every penny that you spend on this device is definitely worth it.
Smart and compact
Can charge virtually any 12V batteries
Safe three-stage charging process that prevents reverse polarity and overcharging
Smart technology to safely and simultaneously charge multiple batteries
Due to its compact size, it might not be as durable as larger models
Not recommended for 12V aircraft batteries
tpe 12v

TPE 12V 5A

Among the mentioned AMG battery chargers in this article, the TPE 12V 5A is considered as the most durable of them all.
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It has a solid and sturdy construction that’s resistant to dust and water. This means you can charge your batteries even outdoors. It can also efficiently fill your batteries with sufficient power regardless of the weather or environment. Plus, it’s built to protect against overloading, overcharging, overcurrent, and even short circuits.
Apart from having a tough appearance, it is also loaded with incredible features and functions. It has four LED indicators that show you the current charging percentage, and a four-step charging system, which can last from 3 hours to 24 hours of charging.
But the main drawback of this AGM battery charger is its lack of a fuse compartment and power switch. If you want to add an on/off switch, you should purchase and install an inline connector for the power cord.
Despite these minor disadvantages, this model is still among the bestselling chargers sold today.
Exceptional built and durability
Designed to withstand vibration and shock
Safety features that prevent overcurrent, overloading, and overcharging
Reliable four-step charging system that can safely and efficiently charge batteries from 3 hours to 24 hours
Lacks fuse compartment and power switch
A bit expensive compared to other models
noco genius g7200

NOCO Genius G7200 AGM Battery Charger

Coming from a brand you can trust, the NOCO Genius G7200 is your best option for charging all sorts of starting and deep cycle batteries.
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Aside from being able to charge AGM batteries, it can also charge 12V and 24V lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries. It can also charge AGM deep cycle batteries for up to twice the charging speed.

Weighing only about 3 lbs, the NOCO Genius G7200 is lightweight, yet it packs a lot of punch. This portable charger features the latest battery charging technology that can efficiently maintain the lifespan of your batteries for a longer period of time. It monitors battery health for easier repair of any discharge. It even has a Repair Mode to protect your battery.

When it comes to construction, this AGM battery charger has a rubber cabinet that does not only give it a non-slip feel, but also protects it from water and UV rays. It also has larger clams and an easy to access inline fuse.

But despite being exceptional in so many ways, the NOCO Genius G7200 has some flaws and drawbacks. It can’t revive dead batteries.It also doesn’t include alligator cables, so you need to buy them as add-ons.

But for sure, the benefits of this device definitely outweigh the disadvantages.
Crisp and innovative LED lights
Efficient energy consumption
Portable and user-friendly
Compatible with a wide range of battery cells
Long cables can be a bit of a hassle
May encounter issues when charging large batteries

Finding the Right AGM Battery Charger

Same with lead batteries, you need to remember that AGM batteries perform best in low and slow charging. And when it comes to choosing the best AGM battery charger for you, it’s important that you consider several pointers first.
For one, consider your needs as a driver. If you want a charger that has a quick charging time, then choose the NOCO Genius G7200. But if you want a charger that can maintain your batteries even in colder temperatures, then choose the TPE 12V 5A.
It’s also critical that you consider batteries with desulfation mode, since this helps prevent the formation of lead sulfate crystals during discharge. It should extend the lifespan of your battery and maintain its efficiency.
You are also encouraged to look for chargers with advanced microprocessors that allow you to adjust your AGM battery’s settings.

Finally, if you know anyone who has used AGM battery chargers before, don’t hesitate to ask them for recommendations. Comparing different products and brands can also help you decide which one best fits your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is an AGM battery the same as a gel battery?

AGM batteries charge easily and hold their charge well. Gel batteries are very fragile and a single concern in charging can ruin the battery. Gel batteries and AGM batteries both are examples of VRLA batteries and are both referred to as ‘gel batteries. Although, AGM batteries stand out from the gel batteries when high amps are required and in functionality. Mostly both the batteries are mistaken as they have similar properties such as low self-discharge, safe to use in less ventilated areas, deep cycles, and easy transportation.

How do gel cell batteries work?

Gel cell batteries have a slow discharge and expect higher ambient operating temperatures. The correct recharging process is required, or the battery will face untimely failure. Gel batteries should not be used for fast or high amp charging or discharging.

Will a regular battery charger charge an AGM battery?

Yes, you can charge your AGM battery using a regular battery charger as these batteries like to be charged slow and low. Many regular chargers allow you to set the voltage and caps according to your battery, However, overcharging can kill the battery life and affect its working. Most modern regular battery chargers provide the option of selecting the battery type to charge whether gel, flooded, or AGM.

What amp should I charge my AGM battery?

The charge current of every AGM battery is limited so, the amps of the charger should be selected keeping that in mind and the maximum charge current is 0.3 times the battery’s capacity. Choosing the wrong ampere charger can cause damage to the battery externally or internally.

What does AGM mean on a battery charger?

The meaning of AGM (absorbed glass matt) on a battery charger indicates that the battery contains a special glass mat separator between the battery plates. This property enables the storage of electrolytes in dry or suspended form rather than in liquid.

What is the best battery charger for AGM batteries?

Based on our research and testing, the NOCO Genius G7200 is the best battery charger for AGM batteries. It allows for charging all sorts of starting and deep cycle batteries.

Do I need a special battery charger for AGM batteries?

AGM batteries do not require a special battery charger. However, it is highly recommended to use a smart charger like the NOCO Genius G7200.

How do I choose an AGM battery charger?

When you're looking to choose an AGM battery charger, you must first determine your battery type. Second, you should take note of the battery size, specifically, how many amp hours your battery can store. Third, you must decide what kind of charging performance will be appropriate for your needs. Typically, this means how fast you need the battery to charge. The charging time is calculated by dividing the amp hour rating of your battery by the charger's rating in amps.

What size charger do I need for AGM battery?

The size charger that you will need for an AGM battery will depend on the size of your specific battery. Specifically, you should note how many amp hours your battery can store. You'll also want to consider how fast you want the charger to work. The charging time can be determined with a simple equation: divide the amp hour rating of the battery by the charger's rating in amps.

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