DBPOWER 18000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter: Most Efficient and Powerful

The Good

DBPOWER 18000mAh is a top of the line jump starter that offers efficient and powerful performance. It is intended to jumpstart both high powered and high capacity types of vehicles. And despite having a very stylish look, this sleek and compact product retains an attractive price.

The Bad

If you check the package, you will find out that the negative cable is shorter than the positive. The 12V port cover might be relatively difficult to open for some users as well. And the manual that is included in the package is very basic, which means that the instructions on how to maximize its function are not detailed enough.
dbpower 18000mah portable car jump starter

The Bottomline

Anyone who is looking for a powerful unit that can handle bigger batteries will appreciate the quality of this model. Apart from providing top-notch performance, it also has a rugged and durable design that can handle use even in harsher conditions. And even though it has many added features, it still comes with a very reasonable price tag.

You don’t want to find yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere with a dead battery. It is always practical to bring with you an emergency device that can bring life and power back to your car. This way, you can easily head out to your destination without having to worry. Experience peace of mind while traveling by taking with you a reliable and dependable jump starter.

But prior to buying a product, it is essential that you take the time to consider the built-in features of the unit. It is wise that you check the power it offers and whether or not it is compatible with your car’s battery. You’re also encouraged to read the specifications of the unit and determine if it is exactly what you need.
There are numerousportable models available worldwide and choosing the right one can be quite overwhelming. But if you are looking for a product that offers power, portability, and good price point, the DBPOWER 18000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter is a smart option.

Power and Portability in One

The DBPOWER 600A is known for its reliable power as it can easily and efficiently jumpstart vehicles that have 5.2L diesel engines or 6.5L gas. With its heavy-duty clamps and cables, along with its 600amps of peak current, it can successfully jump start your vehicle up to 20 times! Its incredible features and powerful performance is enough to satisfy even the most demanding car owners out here.

It is quite unbelievable that despite the power it provides, this unit is small and compact enough to store inside your glove box. You’ll also appreciate its convenient package, which comes in an exceptional quality that is a semi-hard case. Moreover, it also features a yellow wrist carry strap, providing convenience to anyone who carries it. Sounds minor, we know. But believe us when you start using this product, when you start travelling around with it, you’ll realize how useful these simple features are.

Smart Add-ons and Features

This product features a smart charging port with 18000mAh capacity. It can easily charge your car battery and even different electronic devices. You also won’t have to worry about adapters ever again since the package includes an 8 in 1 adapter. And regardless of whether you are charging tablets, smart devices, or phones, this unit offers the fastest charging time possible, thanks to its 2.1A USB output and 2.4A smart USB port. Talk about convenience!
The output voltage of this model can also be switched between, 12V, 116V, and 19V as indicated on its LCD screen. Speaking of LCD screen, it provides useful details such as the remaining power. Plus, it also features a compass that can easily help you find your way home when you get lost somewhere. And its powerful LED light and emergency light has 3 modes, SOS, strobe, and high. This feature is definitely useful as it can be used as a hazard warning light to call for emergency services or notify traffic accidents.

But I Just Wish…

The DBPOWER 600A is definitely a top-grade device for its price, but just like any other models, it has some drawbacks. One of the most common complaints you’ll hear is that it has a short jump cable. This means that you must always consider the distance between the battery and the cables. You’ll easily notice that the negative cable is shorter than the positive.
The manual included in the package might not be useful for first-time car jump starter users. The instructions are not that detailed and some information found in the manual is hard to follow. It also does not include iPhone connection cable, which can be quite impractical for some users. Nevertheless, the advantages that this product offer is enough to outweigh its cons.
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