Top 12 Best Exhaust for Mustang GT Review [Updated 2022]

For decades, the Ford Mustang has been one of America's most iconic cars. The Mustang GT is a high-performance variant that offers an excellent driving experience to those who enjoy speed and power. So it seems like it would be an easy decision - buy the Best Exhaust for your new car.

But with so many options available, how can you know which one is best? In this article, we will look at 10 Best Exhaust Systems for Mustang GT and compare their features and benefits!




Borla 11806 Exhaust System
Flowmaster 17410 Axle-Ratio
Roush 421145 Exhaust System
Flowmaster 817511 Exhaust System
MBRP S7277BLK 3″ Cat-Back
Flowmaster 71236 Exhaust Muffler
Roush Axle-Back Exhaust Best Muffler hanger
Borla 140458 ATAK
BBK 1615 1-5/8″ Shorty Exhaust
Borla 11890 ATAK
DC Sports Ex-1012b Performance Bolt-on Resonated Muffler
Borla 140590 Cat-Back Exhaust System

Top 12 Best Exhaust for Mustang GT Review

Your vehicle will be taken to the next level with a wide choice of performance exhaust systems. Your vehicle's power, efficiency, and sound can all be improved with a decent exhaust. The objective is to get the best exhaust system for your Mustang GT.

A vast selection of alternatives is available from the Borla series through the Flowmaster, Corsa, Roush, and beyond.

1. Borla 11806 Exhaust System

Quick Summary
Brand:  ‎Borla
Item Weight:  ‎2.81 pounds
Item model:  number ‎11806
Manufacturer Part Number:  ‎11806
Country of Origin:  ‎USA

Borla 11806 Exhaust System 

Borla's 11806 exhaust system is well designed. Natural colors were used to dye it. This system has been meticulously designed. If you're looking to get a stunning exhaust, you can select this model from your choices.

While the Borla 11806 is constructed of durable stainless steel, the technology sets it different from the competitors. This item weighs 2.81 pounds. It is constructed robustly.

To maximize volume while maintaining clarity, it features the highest decibel levels. The Mustang GT is a strong machine that produces little distortion or vibration. Unfortunately, this exhaust system generates the most noise.

The installation of this exhaust is quite simple. A built-in clamp avoids the need for welding, allowing you to immediately begin using this exhaust.

The 4-inch-diameter ATAK mufflers with polished stainless-steel tips are acclaimed for their performance. Due to the concentrated sound waves produced by the road, the sound is amplified to its maximum capacity while traveling at highway speeds.

You won't have to take your Mustang to a shop to get the exhaust system installed. Instead, it's as simple as twisting the system into position with your palm.

This high quality exhaust systems are more quiet than the other exhaust systems, which is unusual because all of the exhaust systems for the Mustang GT are deafening.

Although the fumes emitted by these exhaust systems safeguard the Mustang, they are damaging to the environment. Therefore, the system has a carb emission for this function.

It features a four-inch circular tip, and the stainless steel utilized is from the 300th series. Unlike the first, this one has a two-way exhaust system, meaning it's mounted on both the left and right sides of the vehicle.

"These Borlas provide the acoustical quality and intensity that should have been standard for GTs; absolutely wonderful"
Try Borla 11806 Exhaust System

2. Flowmaster 17410 Axle-Ratio

Quick Summary
Brand:  ‎Flowmaster
Model:  ‎17410
Item Weight:  ‎14 pounds
Item model number:  ‎17410
Exterior:  ‎Painted

Flowmaster 17410 Axle-Ratio

The Flowmaster 17410 Axle-Back Exhaust System gauging tool is manufactured of aluminum steel tube, a unique material category as far as I've explained. In addition, these exhaust systems are a little heavier, indicating that they are intended for use in heavy-duty vehicles.

This exhaust system can drive through flooded areas or just deep rainwater pooled in places because it is waterproof. It performs admirably in off-road settings unlike other stock exhaust systems. These systems do not rust and are corrosion resistant due to their capacity to be watertight, which is a fantastic feature.

This moderate-sounding system will replace the original rear-mounted mufflers positioned behind the back axle. The system is mandrel bent for maximum performance and carefully designed mufflers to complement the car's performance image. 

It combines a moderate outside tone with a moderate internal sound intensity as a Force II system, making it ideal for enthusiasts who want their performance to be noticed. 

The benefits include increased throttle response, power, and mileage, as with all Flowmaster systems. In addition, the system is designed to be simple to install and includes all necessary parts and hardware.

You won't have to pay another dime after purchasing this exhaust system because all of the necessary tools for installation and assembly are already included. It also comes with hangers that can easily hold the exhaust system in place, so lifting is not required.

Finally, this Mustang GT exhaust system is eco-friendly, so if you care about the environment while still wanting to drive a high-quality system, this is the one for you.

The price is also affordable, given that it includes all of the necessary tools. In addition, the installation method is straightforward and quick so that you won't need any assistance from a professional.

"These mufflers provide a “like OEM” sound. They are not aggressive in sound. Just what I was looking for to maintain a low profile while out on the road."
Try Flowmaster 17410 Axle-Ratio

3. Roush 421145 Exhaust System

Quick Summary
Brand:  ‎Roush
Item Weight:  ‎26 pounds
Product Dimensions:  ‎21 x 24 x 10 inches
Item model number:  ‎421145
Country of Origin: ‎China

Roush 421145 Exhaust System

The Roush 421145 Exhaust System features a high horsepower (HP) rating, comprises stainless steel, and is corrosion-resistant. In addition, this exhaust system is described as "open chambered," and the open-chambered feature allows the exhaust system to function uniquely and professionally.

I want to point out how great the sound system is. A decent growl is possible. This system's greasing, oiling, and watering characteristics to discharge as much hot gas as possible are very efficient.

This exhaust system's powerful HP can provide the rider with a good quality speed experience on the road while also providing a decent sound system; specific elements set it apart from the other systems discussed.

During acceleration and torque, it provides the Mustang with enough horsepower to get the job done, and it is one of the greatest exhaust systems on the market right now. The exhaust system's endurance is also at its optimum, providing even more unique qualities and allowing it to perform more efficiently.

Furthermore, the system is chrome-plated, giving it a more rigid standing and robust factor. Such exhausts endure a long time and are well worth the cost; the HP level makes the vehicle entertaining to drive on and off-road.

Overall, a great purchase; if the 5th gear problem is resolved, if the issue arises, the system can survive much longer than anticipated by the viewers; such systems are typically expensive, but not in this case. So don't let this opportunity pass you by; buy yours now.

"This exhaust sounds AMAZING, no video on here does it justice, you have to hear for your self, the sound would be orgasmic to any car enthusiast. the only difficult part is getting the old muffler off, once that’s done though it’s easy sailing. It is a Night and day difference. 11/10 would absolutely buy again."
Try Roush 421145 Exhaust System

4. Flowmaster 817511 Exhaust System

Quick Summary
Brand:  ‎Flowmaster
Model:  ‎817511
Item Weight:  ‎21 pounds
Item model number:  ‎817511
Country of Origin:  ‎USA

Flowmaster 817511 Exhaust System 

Mufflers designed exclusively for the Flowmaster Series exhaust systems are mandrel-bent for maximum performance in the 2005 to 2010 Mustang.

The installation should be as quick and straightforward as feasible., all necessary hardware is supplied.

The ability of any exhaust system to be ecologically beneficial is determined by how much air it can take in.

The air intake system of the Flowmaster 817511 ensures that all exhaust emissions are less harmful to the environment.

An aggressive outside exhaust tone is activated when the car is accelerated his exhaust system. It gives users good sound.

It's quite easy to set up. The installation process goes without a hitch. Users may want to try out the Flowmaster 817511 exhaust system because it can install it without incurring any additional charges.

The exhaust system's most significant characteristic is that it uses automated technology to improve its performance.

"VERY LOUD if thats what u want paired with an off road x pipe. Very raspy with no cats. Had to take em off they were so loud. Be perfect with the stock h pipe. Installed on a stock gt500 and sounds perfect. Overpriced for what they are. Basically just a resonator. Shouldnt cost more than 250"
Try Flowmaster 817511 Exhaust System

5. MBRP S7277BLK 3″ Cat-Back

Quick Summary
Brand:  ‎MBRP
Item Weight:  ‎5 pounds
Item model number:  ‎S7277BLK
Exterior ‎Black:  Coated
Manufacturer Part Number:  ‎S7277BLK

MBRP S7277BLK 3″ Cat-Back

The MBRP S7277BLK 3 Cat-Back Split Rear Street Version Exhaust System is designed for more severe applications, such as racing or off-road adventures.

The system is designed to be particularly durable so that it can perform efficiently and cope well even in difficult situations. In comparison to the other exhaust systems, this one has a slightly different appearance.

It's a Y-shaped system with two pipes in the back and two crosses in the front, with the front pipes black and the back pipes gray.

This exhaust system's acceleration power is much faster and smoother than the others, providing it an advantage in terms of characteristics.

Exhaust systems like these are typically found in heavier vehicles like race cars or off-roaders. You can increase the torque level to increase the HP level, allowing for maximum speed on and off the road.

Overall, this exhaust system greatly improves the performance of the Mustang GT, so if you have an earlier model, this is the exhaust system for you.

Furthermore, because black is an overall neutral hue that goes with everything, it blends nicely with any Mustang GT design.

The installation method is very simple, saving you time and money, and the overall pricing is reasonable, so if you're looking for a loud exhaust system, this is the one for you.

The low-cost course gives depth to any product, so if you're on a budget, give this system a try for your Mustang GT.

"Got a GREAT deal on this exhaust! Under $500 delivered. A little louder than I was hoping for but not at all obnoxious. Im not a kid. I live in a neighborhood and I like my neighbors. It can be a little loud on cold start but settles down in a minute or two. After that its pretty mellow if you dont mash the go pedal. If you get aggressive on the gas, itll let you know its there. Nothing Id call drone, and its not annoying (for me anyway-thats SO subjective) but you WILL hear it in the cabin even with the windows up."
Try MBRP S7277BLK 3″ Cat-Back

6. Flowmaster 71236 Exhaust Muffler

Quick Summary
Brand:  ‎Flowmaster
Model:  ‎71236
Item Weight:  ‎11.75 pounds
Product Dimensions:  ‎21 x 10 x 4.5 inches
Exterior:  ‎Painted

Flowmaster 71236 Exhaust Muffler

This system will replace the factory-installed rear-mounted mufflers located behind the back axle. The system is mandrel bent for maximum performance and contains carefully designed mufflers to suit the car's performance image, all with an easy fit in mind.

It combines a moderate outside tone with a moderate internal sound intensity as a Force II system, making it ideal for enthusiasts who want their performance to be noticed.

The benefits include increased throttle response, power, and mileage, as with all Flowmaster systems. In addition, the system is designed to be simple to install and includes all necessary parts and hardware.

The FlowFX series muffler produces a moderate performance sound level for enthusiasts looking for an exhaust tone that differs from Flowmaster's signature "chambered" muffler sound. These straight-through style mufflers have a 409S stainless steel housing and the Flowmaster quality you'd expect.

The SuperFlow SF-7100 engine dynamometer, equipped with E.C.A. (engine cycle analysis) equipment, and SuperFlow chassis dynos are the only exhaust Research & Design facilities of their kind in the world.

Through the use of these dynos, the engineering staff at Flowmasters can track the complete engine cycle in millionths of a second and obtain precise technical data for each degree of cam rotation, from induction to the tip of the exhaust system while also demonstrating the real-world power numbers.

Flowmaster also uses spectrum Analyzers to fine-tune the sound of each of the eleven various series of mufflers that the company now produces, ensuring top performance and precise sound levels and tones and providing cold air intake. Exhaust systems from Flowmaster are available for Performance Street, Muscle Cars, Trucks, Street Rods, R.V.s, Motorhomes, and all types of race cars.

"If your honky needs a muffler to supplement your wide rims, low profile tires, big ego, and small package...keep looking bub. This here's a real stainless muffler for well hung workin folk that want a quiet ride at the cost of two cases of beer. No it didn't make my gasser roll coal, but it sounds like stock and had solid welds on real steel."
Try Flowmaster 71236 Exhaust Muffler

7. Roush Axle-Back Exhaust Best Muffler hanger

Quick Summary
Brand:  ‎Roush Performance
Item Weight:  ‎29.9 pounds
Product Dimensions:  ‎26 x 24 x 12 inches
Item model number:  ‎421834
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer:  ‎No

Roush Axle-Back Exhaust Best Muffler hanger

The 5.0 Roush Axle-Back Exhaust for your Mustang GT is my sixth choice. As the name implies, the strong muffler flow comes in handy with this exhaust system for the Mustang GT.

The HP level and acceleration are significantly reduced as the sound-producing element is reduced, which is both positive and bad.

Their installation process is simple; the system includes a hanger, eliminating the need for lifting, and the exhaust may be mounted without stress or fear.

You won't have to assemble the exhaust system; it comes in a package that only requires installation, which is a handy feature.

The instruction menu is also given to guide the builder and installer through the installation process; aside from being simple, the system's specifications are quite standard so that anyone may use it.

This is one of the better exhaust systems available, as the noise is deep and raspy rather than high pitched and ear-wrenching.

Finally, the exhaust components are both long-lasting and pleasant, which is why it's so popular and suitable for everyone. In addition, this system's specifications are very current with the most recent Mustang models, so it works well with the Mustang GT.

With a Roush Extreme Axle-Back Exhaust System, you can make your 2005-2010 G.T. or 2007-2010 Shelby GT500 Mustang snarl. This innovative Roush exhaust system utilizes straight-through high-flow resonators with no in-cabin exhaust drone, offering improved airflow and unique tough, guttural sound.

For extended life and corrosion resistance, the Extreme Axle-Back is composed of mandrel-bent 2.5-inch steel tubing "stainless steel tubing, diameter 409, aluminized." 

This axle-back employs standard mounting points and pre-welded hangers and has (2) 4" flash-chromed 304 stainless steel dual wall tips with the "ROUSH" emblem. Create a logo for a distinctive appearance.

This Roush Extreme Axle-Back Exhaust is designed to fit the factory back valance on the 2005-2010 G.T. and 2007-2010 Shelby GT500 Mustangs. No cutting or fabrication is necessary.

Roush Performance is the first specialist vehicle and performance manufacturer to combine race-proven technologies with cutting-edge automotive engineering. ROUSH Performance's vehicles and components bear the imprint of Jack Roush's vision, enthusiasm for performance, and dedication to quality. 

Before production and product release, he approves each vehicle package's design, engineering, fit, finish, and overall performance, guaranteeing that his standards are reached.

"This is a fantastic sounding exhaust, should come from the factory sounding this way. Have received a number of compliments on how my car sounds now. A deeper and louder (but not too loud) sound than from the OEM exhaust. I had it installed at a garage which took them about an hour.Very pleased with the purchase and would highly recommend."
Try Roush Axle-Back Exhaust Best Muffler hanger

8. Borla 140458 ATAK

Quick Summary
Brand:  ‎Borla
Model: ‎140458
Item Weight:  ‎45 pounds
Item model number: ‎140458
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer:  ‎No

Borla 140458 ATA

To release secret power, Borla Cat-Back uses proprietary, direct-through, and multi-core technology. This increased exhaust speed adds strength, inspiration, fuel consumption, and the unmistakable Borla power sound, well-known among motoring enthusiasts worldwide.

Each device is built of high-quality austenite steel, which outperforms T-400 knockoffs in terms of efficiency and dependability. Diapers with an ultra-smooth surface for optimal flow and function. CNC's precision computer-controlled output ensures a perfect fit. Borla backs up any machine with a million-mile warranty.

The technology has the maximum dB rate, which ensures transparency by avoiding aberrations. In addition, your new vehicle is tuned acoustically to a loud and violent exhaust sound, in addition to improving performance.

These cat-back devices are designed as graphical equalizers that offer the optimum sound for your ears and are tuned to your specific car.

Master artisans use excellent stainless steel austenitic 300-series and ultra-smooth mandrel tubes to create the finishing components.

"Borla makes a excelent product. Installation was straight forward and took about a couple of hours. Looks great! Sounds great! If your looking for a cat back system, this is the best!!!"
Try Borla 140458 ATAK

9. BBK 1615 1-5/8″ Shorty Exhaust

Quick Summary
Brand:  ‎BBK
Model:  ‎46L MUST HDR
Item Weight:  ‎20.3 pounds
Product Dimensions:  ‎20 x 9 x 11 inches
Item model number:  ‎1615

BBK 1615 1-5/8″ Shorty Exhaust

ALL BBK Shorty Tuned Length Mustang 4.6 GT 2V Exhaust headers are made with 1 5/8 CNC mandrel bent tube for unrestricted exhaust flow, and a one-piece laser cut 3/8 flange for additional strength and longevity. To assure leak-free performance, all BBK headers are pressure tested also their exhaust gases.

Each BBK Mustang shorty is unique. A tuned length exhaust header for the 1996-2004 4.6L GT V8 Ford Mustang was built and dyno-tested at the BBK headquarters in Southern California to maximize performance.

Mustang headers from BBK have a unique quality that ensures years of top performance.

The BBK CNC Series headers for the Ford Mustang 4.6 liter GT come with a high-temp show quality Silver polished ceramic coating or a chrome finish as an option. All gaskets and hardware are included for a direct bolt-on installation. Direct-Fit Shorty Headers, Ford Mustang GT 4.6L SOHC 1996-04, Chrome

Each BBK Mustang shorty is unique. For example, a tuned length exhaust header for the 1996-2004 4.6L GT V8 Ford Mustang was built and dyno-tested at the BBK headquarters in Southern California to maximize performance. As a result, Mustang headers from BBK have a unique quality that ensures years of top performance.

The BBK CNC Series headers for the Ford Mustang 4.6 liter GT come with a high-temp show quality Silver polished ceramic coating or a chrome finish as an option. All gaskets and hardware are included for a direct bolt-on installation.

Standard heavy-gauge mandrel-bent tubing, precision die-stamped and laser-cut flanges, screw-in studs, and our optional Polished Ceramic Finish are high-quality features. In addition, our popular shorty and equal-length headers for vehicles like the popular 5.0 Mustang have quickly become the most sought-after and well-known performance headers available. All of our CNC-Series exhaust products share this commitment to perfection.

From the BBK's world-famous "Power-Plus-Series" performance throttle bodies to hundreds of "CNC-Series" performance exhaust options, the BBK delivers unrivaled value and quality. LMPerformance is pleased to provide SSI Intake Manifolds to its customers. 

"That was my first modification to my 99 GT and Can feel the difference. Was tricky to install, but worth the effort."
Try BBK 1615 1-5/8″ Shorty Exhaust

10. Borla 11890 ATAK

Quick Summary
Brand:  ‎Borla
Model:  ‎11890
Item Weight:  ‎30 pounds
Item model number:  ‎11890
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No

Borla 11890 ATAK

This exhaust system is suitable for any car, but the features and specs available for the Mustang GT are exceptional. Because of the resonator used, the sound system in this exhaust fan vibrates more.

The resonator makes the system sound a little less loud, and I'm a type of vibration, which is a unique factor, so if you don't like loud noise, this is the one for you. The installation process is also straightforward, it will take around an hour to install them one-handed.

I chose this as the last option since it has nothing remarkable or unique to offer, its operation is standard, its features are common, and the installation process is simple and self-explanatory.

It's also simple to use, making it ideal for beginners and those who want to have the job done fast and for a reasonable price.

There's no need for extensive customization; all of the necessary tools are already available. All you have to do is plug it in and go, which is a huge plus for all those lazy Mustang GT owners out there.

This system is also ecologically friendly, making it an excellent choice. It's a two-sided system with a silver finish and a box-like exhaust system appearance.

"Ordered Thursday, arrived Saturday. Very loud, awesome quality. Perfect fit on my 2015 v6. Exceeded my expectations. Took about 30 minuets to install. You will need to jack the car up a bit to cut the factory mufflers off. They also arrived with a few extra surprises in the box.."
Try Borla 11890 ATAK

11. DC Sports Ex-1012b Performance Bolt-on Resonated Muffler

Quick Summary
Brand:  Pilot Automotive
Material:  Stainless steel
Color:  Black
Item Dimensions:  LxWxH 9 x 3.75 x 2.25 inches
Item Weight:  1.55 Pounds

DC Sports Ex-1012b Performance Bolt-on Resonated Muffler

This exhaust system is formed like a circle with a slanted tip. Another fantastic characteristic of this exhaust system is stainless steel; the exhaust system transports any hot burning exhaust gases away from the combustion system, preventing the automobile from physically exploding; a sound exhaust system is essential.

The pipe has a diameter of around 2 inches and fits the Mustang GT flawlessly. However, as everyone knows, stainless steel is utilized to prevent corrosion, and these exhaust fans produce a loud intake and even louder out-taking noise.

In keeping with the stainless steel theme, the point clamps are fashioned of stainless steel, which, as previously said, resists corrosion.

Furthermore, welding can be done by hand with ease. Furthermore, the exhaust system incorporates 3-bolt clamps, making installation a breeze. It's a traditional favorite that comes in a pure black hue and has a sleek appearance. Because of its stock exhaust system, the tip is resonant, the sound system is quite amazing.

Normally, two-side exhaust systems are put on the Mustang GT, however, this is a one-side exhaust system fitted on the right side.

This product is an excellent choice for the Mustang GT. The sound system is great, the whole operation is flawless, and it provides a fantastic value for such a low price. This is something I would strongly suggest to everyone.

"So far so good. Installed today on 2016 Ford F150. The tips fit perfect, in fact had to work them on. I was concerned that bolting them on was not going to be secure enough, but they are very secure. I cut back about 3" on each side to keep the tips from protruding past the bed. I have dual exhaust flowmasters with 2" pipes. I am not a mechanic and usually turn a short project into a major project. Installation was very simple and very secure."
Try DC Sports Ex-1012b Performance Bolt-on Resonated Muffler

12. Borla 140590 Cat-Back Exhaust System

Quick Summary
Brand:  ‎Borla
Model:  ‎140590
Item Weight : ‎55 pounds
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer:  ‎No
Manufacturer Part Number:  ‎140590

Borla 140590 Cat-Back Exhaust System

Borla's 140590 S-Type Cat-Back is one of the Best Exhaust for mustang gt is designed to boost horsepower, torque, and performance in your Ford Mustang. The exhaust system also makes the exhaust sound louder.

It differs from the Borla ATAK Cat-Back in that its frequency is 25%-30% lower than ATAK, making it a better choice for those who prefer the typical Borla sound but not as much noise.

The Borla Touring, on the other hand, has a more aggressive sound. BORLA experts spend countless hours fine-tuning exhaust systems to suit the personality and performance of specific vehicle applications.

As a result, you'll be able to drive more safely. The BORLA exhaust note will aid a driver in the powerband in a challenging setting by harnessing the thrilling sensory reaction of sound. In addition, the Borla exhaust note will aid a driver stay inside a hard part by employing aural feedback from the sound with unequaled clarity.

Because it is made of stainless steel, any corrosion or rust is unlikely to occur because it is designed to withstand these elements. Steel is also tough and resists being tortured by other road elements regularly.

Not only does this exhaust system increase horsepower and sound, but it also reduces fuel consumption at cruising speeds.

The polished exhaust tips add to the overall appearance. They're a few centimeters longer than your Ford Mustang's lower back end. To avoid damage, the tips are frequently handled carefully.

"This is what every Mustang 5.0 GT needs, a sound that equals the power. Fairly simply installation except the convertible has a plate in the rear that must be compensated for that none of the installation videos mention. The sound is explosive yet one can barely hear it at highway speeds; absolutely no drone! Great job Borla and thank you Amazon for the savings!!"
TrBorla 140590 Cat-Back Exhaust System



Mustang prices begin at approximately £1150 for a nice cat back and can exceed £3000 depending on the gadget. Milltek, for example, offers a quad-tip system that customizes the rear valve to accommodate additional tips and comes with a variety of coated or titanium tips.

A high-quality V8 header will cost between £1800 and £3000, depending on the features. EcoBoost pipes cost between £600 to £1000, depending on the pet and other requirements.

Budgetary constraints should be avoided because they are frequently poorly made, produced, or fitted. A well-controlled exhaust gas flow can help with exhaust efficiency. Budget systems are also harmed by poor design. Alternatively, you can sound horrible and easily fall apart.


There are several reasons why you should think about durability when looking for Mustang exhaust systems. First, the more durable your system is, the less likely it will break down and need to be replaced. This saves you time and money in the long run.

Second, a durable system won't rattle or make as much noise as exhaust with poor quality construction materials.

Finally-and this might sound silly-but durability also affects how good your car smells! If your Mustang exhaust system is poorly made, it will likely give off a bad smell. This can make driving around with the windows down less enjoyable-and not everyone wants their car to have that "new car" scent all of the time!

The best way to ensure you are getting a durable system is to choose one that an experienced company has manufactured. For example, Flowmaster, JBA Exhaust Systems, and Borla Exhaust all have years of experience behind them, and the materials they use in their Mustang exhaust systems show it!


The sound of your engine has a significant impact on its performance. When you drive your automobile using the powertrain, the sound of the exhaust signifies the amount of torque and horsepower your engine is capable of producing. Mufflers purchased aftermarket are excellent for achieving the vintage sound desired by every automotive owner.

Whether at exhibitions or in meetings, we recommend listening to automobiles on film and in practice whenever you have the opportunity. Images can convey a sense of what a vehicle is, but they cannot convey it "in real life." 

You have no idea how to stand outside while revving, as long as you work with it and drive it in your method. Oh, we never said it would be simple to choose.

After the initial mounting, the sound can still change slightly, so NEVER jump to conclusions! Spend a couple of hundred kilometers there before retiring to bed and coking. 

When the front end of a receiving mechanism can be mounted, tuning and intakes can also modify the tone. A driver may complain about a device's resonance, but another motorist in the same automobile may not notice it because he drives and hears differently! Each ear does not receive the same information.

Ease of Installation

Installation is one of the most important aspects to consider before getting a new exhaust for your Mustang GT. If you are looking to buy an aftermarket exhaust, consider what kind of installation process and how much time it will take to install.

The process of installation will depend on how your Mustang GT is designed. If the exhaust system requires welding, consider whether you can perform this task or if it's best left to a professional. Welding can be dangerous and should only be performed by professionals with training in this area!

Some aftermarket cutbacks require bolting up, while others need cutting/welding for proper fitment. Before purchasing an Exhaust for Mustang GT, make sure that you consider these options carefully so that installation goes smoothly!

Not only is installation necessary, but it's also worth considering how long a Mustang GT owner should expect to spend on installing their Exhaust for Mustang GT after purchasing it. Fortunately, some manufacturers offer great warranties that cover parts and labor costs if you can't complete the task yourself!


Steel is the most important component of tailpipes and the whole system. Heat-treated metal is the most scratch-resistant material on the market, and it won't rust in a wide variety of temperatures, including those encountered in various regions.

Other materials, such as low-quality steel, can suffice as long as you use the exhaust system from your performance car. It has to be able to endure dirt and dampness. One of the reasons you should trust your exhaust system is because of this.

A metal coating is applied on the outside of certain exhaust pipes. Because it resists corrosion and deterioration, aluminum is an excellent choice for wet weather applications. Although the cost of combining two materials is higher, you will save money on your exhaust system.


In brief, if you tinker with your factory catalytic converters, you may keep an eye on modifying the emissions system. So, if you merely wanted to install an axle-back or cat-back device, you wouldn't need a tuner.

Suppose you opt to pick up a lot of long headers of pipes. In that case, however, you will need to replace the catalytic converters with either high-flow cats and an off-road mid-pipe, effectively replacing the catalytic converter. Because of these modifications, you'll need the proper tuning to support the enhancements to your vehicle's emissions system.


Check for compatibility difficulties before purchasing exhaust tips. The reflector should be sized appropriately for the vehicle. The diameter of your tailpipe may need to match or be somewhat less than the diameter of the intended exhaust tips. Without exhaust tips, it is impossible to drive.


Several times during the examinations, the term "drone" was used. However, what does this imply?

The word "drone" refers to the monotone sound waves generated by aftermarket exhaust systems.

While it may seem to be minor at first, it quickly becomes irritating. For the love of Christ, you're driving a Mustang GT! These automobiles should operate smoothly and without a problem.


A muffler is an essential part of your vehicle's exhaust system. Various systems employ a variety of muffler configurations. Many of them are enormous and contain rooms. These chambers are specifically designed to filter off sound waves.


While the weight of an exhaust system is not crucial, it should be taken into account. Mustang GTs are popular because of their performance, measured in terms of speed and sound quality. In addition, lightweight exhausts may greatly lower the load on your automobile.

Additionally, modifications and alignment may be necessary throughout the exhaust installation process. If this is the case, the last thing you want to do is tote a cumbersome exhaust.


What exhaust do Mustangs use?

There are numerous options for the Ford Mustang GT, and determining which is the finest might be difficult.

To select the most appropriate one, clients must first assess which one matches their requirements and would be most comfortable operating in their vehicle.

Specific solutions are less harmful to society, and if the user is concerned about the environment's health, they are the best options. For various reasons, those who fit into this category emit less carbon while on the road.

It has an air intake kit that guarantees it receives enough clean air to operate correctly in its environment. Taking this into consideration, some consumers choose a very loud system that resonates while driving.

Why does Mustang GT sound so good?

When you hear the sound of a Mustang GT, it is easy to think that all cars should sound like that. The reason for this is twofold: first, the car was designed to be loud and attract attention; second, there are no mufflers on these cars. The exhaust note sounds so good because there's not an acoustic filter in front of it.

Which exhaust gives more horsepower?

The cat-back exhaust system, also known as a catalytic converter-back exhaust system, improves an engine's horsepower and fuel economy while providing several aesthetic advantages, such as a louder exhaust and a more styled appearance. Traditional exhaust systems are meant to be unobtrusive: they are silent, modest, and confining.

What exhaust system sounds the best?

One exhaust system that sounds great is the Borla exhaust system. With their titanium exhausts, you can hear your car roar down the road! Their exhaust system comes with a lifetime warranty and reduces back pressure by up to 40%. Plus it is made in America, so you know it is high quality.

Another exhaust sounds good for performance cars are stainless steel mufflers manufactured by Flowmaster. These exhausts have been on racecars since 1975, and they also come with a lifetime warranty. They will reduce noise levels significantly while giving your vehicle a fantastic sound! The best part? You can purchase these at Advance Auto Parts or Autozone, making them easy to find across North America!

Whether coming from a V12 exotic, a large block muscle vehicle, or a four-bangin' hatchback, all fans appreciate the tone produced by a well-tuned exhaust system. Magnaflow or Flowmaster provides the greatest sounding exhaust systems for your vehicle.

What is the best option for an exhaust system?

Inline exhaust systems

It is a common system used by many vehicles, consisting of a single pipe that runs from the engine to the car's back end. 

This style has been around since cars first came onto roads and can still be seen on older models today, although modern versions tend to have two pipes before they join into one as this allows for better gas flow. 

The only downside with inline systems is that due to their design, there are generally more chances than other types for carbon monoxide fumes to leak into the cabins, which poses serious risks such as poisoning or even death if sufficient levels build up. 

Although these kinds do use less fuel than others because there is no need for an additional catalytic converter, they can also cause higher noise levels as any kind of silencer does not muffle the exhaust.

Ceramic Coated Systems or Turbo Back Exhausts

These kinds are often used on more modern cars and use a two-pipe system that branches off into several different paths at the rear end. One pipe runs to your engine's turbocharger. At the same time, another goes through a ceramic coating inside the car before exiting via one or two other pipes just outside it, where there is normally some silencer fitted for added sound control. 

This style allows gases to be cooled down much faster than inline systems because hot carbon monoxide vapor isn't being forced directly onto the turbocharger.

Catalytic Converters and High-Performance Exhausts

However, it does reduce your vehicle's power output due to the usage of valuable metals in the catalytic converter.

Stainless steel tubing is stronger than conventional exhaust pipes, so they won't corrode readily under pressure while still being flexible.

However, the downside with this kind can be that the precious metals in the catalytic converter will eventually run out and need replacing, which can be difficult to do.

Performance Cat Delete Systems or Removing Your Exhaust System Completely

It is a much cheaper option than buying an exhaust system with all of its components separately, but you won't have any control over how your engine's power output changes, so it may not give you quite as good results if this is what you are looking.  

Removing your entire exhaust entirely means there won't be any carbon monoxide fumes released into the cabins while allowing more air to flow through freely when driving, increasing gas efficiency by around five percent. 

It does take some skill to do this yourself if you don't have the right tools, but it can also be fairly expensive to pay someone else to do it for you.

What makes the exhaust squeak?

Exhausts are known for their distinctive squeak. It can be a bit difficult to understand what is making the exhaust squeak, but here are some common causes of exhaust noise:

  • exhaust pipe joints that need to be tightened
  • exhaust system components rubbing together
  • corrosion on exhaust pipes or muffler
  • exhaust manifold leaks
  • defective exhaust gas recirculation valve
  • exhaust leak at engine exhaust manifold gasket or other connection points.

How Do I Turn On My Active Exhaust On My Mustang GT?

If you want a fast start, use the button on the mustang's steering wheel to access the "my mode" settings menu.

There will be an option for "exhaust mode" there. From there, pick "silent mode" and then "rapid start." Following that, you'll be able to choose the start and finish times for your rapid start. This process is relatively self-explanatory.

Will any exhaust system fit a Mustang GT?

The exhaust system on a Mustang GT is not the easiest thing to find, but luckily there are a few things you can do to make sure that any exhaust will fit. First, measure the pipe diameter and compare it to what is offered by different manufacturers.

If they don't offer anything close, all hope isn't lost - many exhaust systems come with adapters that might work. Experts explain that it is possible to fit from another vehicle, but not always easy.

This works because Mustang GTs have wide apertures surrounding their muffler region that most other cars do not.

The best thing about doing this is that you don't need any extra parts for installation since all three pipes will be one larger piece after widening the opening enough - remember which side each tube goes on! In terms of price point, there isn't much difference between putting an old exhaust system back on versus buying new ones.

Can I install this exhaust myself?

The Mustang GT exhaust is one of the most popular choices on the market today. It's also very easy to install, as long as you know what tools are needed and have some basic knowledge of car mechanics.

The first step is to install the Mustang GT mufflers. These are located on either side of your vehicle's rear axle and simply need to be attached with two bolts per muffler.

Once you've done that, move on to installing any necessary hangers or brackets. You can then install the tailpipes by slipping them over each of the exhaust tips of your car's existing system (it will take some wiggling). When it comes time for installation, make sure every connection is snug, so there aren't any leaks once everything has been put in place.

Lastly, don't forget about attaching all ground connections before starting up your engine again—this includes cleaning off old gasket material from around where new pipes will sit as well as using some high-temperature sealant.


For those Mustang GT owners out there, I've compiled a list of the best exhaust systems for your car; everything from the model, specification, features, and functionality is included.

The disadvantages and challenges, as well as how to overcome them. The greatest Mustang GT exhaust system is affordable and comes with great features.

I would strongly recommend the first product, the DC Sports EX-1012B Performance Bolt-On Resonated Muffler, for your vehicle; it's loud but not excessively so, has an excellent acceleration rate, and boosts the horsepower level to a reasonable level.

It is suitable for both off-road and on-road use. Therefore, don't waste any more time investigating and investing in a high-quality exhaust system that will maximize the performance of your Mustang GT.

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