Odyssey 34/78-PC1500DT Automotive and LTV Battery Review: Our Top Pick For Electronics Heavy Cars

The Good

Its wide range of working temperature (-40 to +45 degrees Celsius) is vibration resistant for uninterrupted operation even in rough roads. It also has sufficient output to power up your vehicle’s electronic accessories. Starting your car in cold weather is not a problem either since this item has an 850 CCA rating.

The Bad

More expensive than other options. In addition, there are a few complaints regarding side terminal posts.
odyssey 34/78-pc1500dt

The Bottomline

This is a good option to consider if your car has a high power requirement due to the addition of accessories. It’s also perfect for drivers located in colder climates who have been experiencing startup failures due to the weather.
If you’re like most drivers, you probably loaded your vehicle with all the accessories and features you can afford. After all, you deserve to pamper yourself once in a while and your car could use a little touch of luxury such as the latest entertainment system, powerful speakers to match the stunning 4K screen, power windows, and everything in between.
This is good as it means you really know how to enjoy your ride. But for all of these electronic systems to function properly, you need a battery that’s specifically suited to the task at hand.
That’s why we’re doing this Odyssey 34/78-PC1500DT Automotive and LTV Battery review to introduce to you a quality option if you want to upgrade your vehicle’s power source to keep up with its increased load requirements. Specifically designed for the accessories-laden ride, here’s what this product can offer you.

Geared For The Modern-Day Car

With all the electronics present in today’s vehicles, the old battery of choice, which might have worked in the past, may no longer be able to keep up with the rising power demands from these accessories. As such, an improved product specifically designed for these scenarios is your only choice, such as the Odyssey 34/78-PC1500DT478.
It has twice the power output from the regular conventional battery. This is thanks to its unique design and construction. It has pure virgin lead plates, unlike the alloy composition of other brands for better performance. In addition, it is designed to have more plates inside, which basically translates to more power stored and greater electrical output.
You might not be too interested in all those design stuff but you’ll surely be interested in what it means for your ride. With this product from Odyssey installed, it will be able to power up all your vehicle’s electronics and accessories and do it longer even with the engine turned off.
Of course, everyone wants their purchases items to last longer and that includes car accessories as well. Thankfully, this product last 70 percent longer than other deep cycle options as it can go up to 400 cycles while maintaining 80 percent depth of discharge. According to its manufacturer, its lifespan is between 3 to 10 years depending on how it is used.

Versatile, Suitable For Any Time of Climate

Some batteries are designed to work best in the hot climate of the tropics while other options are designed to work optimally in colder areas. But you don’t’ have to make a choice with this product because it works well in both cases.
It has a very high tolerance for temperature changes thanks to its wide range of working temperature. It works just fine even in freezing negative 40 degrees Celsius and will continue to work just as well in a sizzling 45-degrees Celsius environment. Simply put, it works wherever you are on this planet.
See, if you live in colder areas, one of the problems you’ll likely encounter is that your car won’t start in cold weather. But that’s no longer be an issue if you choose this product. With its 850 cold cranking amp rating, starting any vehicle will be a breeze.
Acid spill, a major concern in some batteries, is a non-issue with this one as well. It has a spill-proof design which means that it is very versatile when it comes to mounting options. Plus, it is vibration resistant so the usual shocks and mechanical vibrations will not affect its operations at all and you’ll continue on our journey unimpeded even in rough road conditions.

But I Just Wish…

But, as expected, it has its own set of minor drawbacks. The first potential issue is its price. At around $515, this product is considerably more expensive than other brands.
Another potential issue that some buyers found out is that its side terminal posts are fragile. There was a reported case on Amazon where the terminals bonding broke internally which, according to the buyer, might be a design flaw.
Should you buy this battery despite its reported shortcoming? The short answer depends on multiple things to consider. But if you’re driving modern wheels, this is a very powerful battery that will be perfect for your car especially if you’ve installed electronics accessories in it.
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