Optima 8002 RedTop Battery: Best Rate Battery for Bad Weather Conditions

The Good

The Optima 8002 RedTop Battery is fifteen times more resistant to all of the most common causes of battery failure. It is a reliable maintenance-free power source that has a solid structure and high power cranking ability, ensuring smooth quality journey even in rocky routes. It is also known to tolerate extreme rainy and cold weathers.

The Bad

This could have been the perfect product for everyone except that it is exclusively designed for starting cars. It is not recommended for vehicles where high electric loads are required. Also, you need to know that there is no date of manufacture found on these batteries.
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The Bottomline

Regardless of whether you are running in hot rods or off roads, this top-grade product ensures great quality performance. It is a long lasting model that received a high CCA rating. If you want a product that can provide your vehicle superb power regardless of the destination and weather conditions, then this product is definitely made for you.
Knowledge holds great power when it comes to choosing the right car battery. Be aware that this power source is the heart and soul of your ride. The last thing that you want on your trip is to be left stranded with a weak or worse, dead battery. Instead, you want a product that is both reliable and dependable no matter where you are going.
Different cars have different power and electric requirements and not all batteries are created equal. This is why choosing the perfect model for your car and driving needs is imperative for a successful ride. Even if you are the owner of the most luxurious car in the world, it is still very much possible that your prized car would stop responding on one fine morning due to power failure. Always remember that a healthy power source ensures proper vehicle operation.
It doesn’t matter what kind of driver you are and what type of vehicle you’re driving. One thing is certain, you need to have the best power unit out there. And if you’re looking for a particular model that is known to provide vehicles prime performance and outstanding reliability, then the Optima 8002 RedTop Battery does not disappoint.

Power in Technology

We understand the anxiety felt by many drivers who are about to start their car during bad weather conditions. But this feeling of worry should not become a concern anymore once you install Optima 8002 RedTop in your car. This is because this product has an 800amp rating that ensures optimal starting power. It is also equipped with SpiralCell Technology that significantly improves the endurance of the product.
The technology feature of this power source ensures that it is perfectly fitted with spiral wound cells that possess superior quality lead plates layered with lead oxide. As a result, the plates can now tolerate extreme humidity and temperature. And aside from getting rid of your uneasiness when jumpstarting your car during bad weathers, you also won’t have to worry about wear and tear anymore since this product is 15 times more resistant to vibrations. Now you can always expect exception cranking abilities wherever you go and whatever the weather condition is.

Top Rated Maintenance-Free Battery

The battery uses pure unalloyed lead electrodes for lower internal resistance, which results in less outgassing and water consumption. You will not only get to enjoy an unmatched performance from this product but you will also be able to save more time and energy since it is an incredible maintenance-free unit. This time, there is no need for you to add water to it since it recombines oxygen and hydrogen inside its body instead of venting them.
And did we already mention that this power source has leak-proof technology? Yes, it absorbs sulfuric acid electrolyte into a fiberglass mat between its electrodes to prevent any spill or leakage. Expect zero leaks and spill even if it cracks open or mounted on its side!

But I Just Wish…

Like all new innovations, there are plenty of pros and cons surrounding modern day batteries. The Optima 8002 RedTop Battery is no exemption when it comes to drawbacks. Some drivers are hesitant to give this product a try since they are more exclusively designed for starting cars or vehicles. Although it offers exceptional performance, still, this might not be the ideal option for drivers who have a great need for speed.
If you are particular about specific information of a certain product, then you might feel disappointed with this power unit since it doesn’t include vital information, such as date of manufacture. Some drivers think that these may lead to quality issues since you have no clue when the product was made or assembled. And due to its popularity, you can find many knockoffs in the market today, which can be quite frustrating for people who have no time determining whether or not they are buying the original product.
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