Your Complete Guide To The Best ATV Batteries for 2022 and Beyond

Nothing beats the freedom of riding on your ATV, am I right? No roads? No problem! 

Part of the fun of having an ATV is in plowing through whatever is in front of your quad – be it a challenging mountain trail or a bumpy forest path.

It goes without saying that a beast like that needs all the power it can get for optimal performance. That’s where the proper ATV battery comes in. Skimp on this, and you’ll be limiting your ATV’s true potential.

And you definitely don’t want to wait until your battery dies on you before you go out hunting for a new one. Not only will your ATV not run, but you run the risk of potentially damaging it. Now that’s not fun at all!

So that’s why it’s recommended that you get the best high-performance ATV battery that’s a perfect fit for your ride sooner, rather than later. Your quad and future self will thank you for it.

But, how do you go about picking the best one?

Today, the battery guys will take you through everything you need to know to buy the best ATV battery for your sweet ride!




Expert Power ETX9-BS
Odyssey PC545
Upstart Battery UB-YTX12-BS
Yuasa YTZ10S
MMG4 YTZ14S Z145 Lithium Ion Battery
ThrottleX ADX14AH-BS

A Quick Guide on Buying the Best ATV Battery

Hunting for an ATV battery can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Most of your buying decisions will be influenced by the type of ATV you have, where you use it, how often you ride, and even the weather you’re in.

A little homework and research are therefore necessary. But don’t worry, all that effort will pay off, and you'll be rewarded with a great ATV riding experience each and every time.
So here are some questions you need to consider before buying:

What are your ATV's specs?

It might seem obvious, but you’ve no idea how many people fail this crucial step and end up with a battery that's a horrible fit. So do check your ATV's make, model and year to see which batteries are compatible.

Also, check your ATV battery mount itself. Measure the dimensions of your stock battery (the one included with your ATV) and check where the connection terminals are.

When in doubt, favor a slightly smaller battery. You might be able to get away with that versus an oversized one. Just make sure to wedge it in place with things like thick cardboard. A loose battery rattles around while riding and will lead to damage.

What's the weather like while you're using your ATV?

You might be thinking, how does weather play a part in my battery buying decisions? Well, it has something to do with your battery’s Cold Cranking Amps or CCA rating. CCA tells you how much burst of power the battery can supply to fire up your ATV.

Fun Fact: Wonder why it’s called cold cranking amps? Well, CCA refers to how many amps a 12-volt battery can supply for 30 seconds at a chilling 0 F temperature.

Lower temperatures generally require higher starting power, so CCA becomes an important consideration. So if you plan to do a lot of winter riding, you might need a more powerful ATV battery.

On the other hand, people living in warmer climates might just need the bare minimum CCA rating, or if you choose not to ride out during the winter months.

How often do you plan on using your ATV?

Unlike motorcycle batteries or car batteries, ATV batteries are used less often. Unless you come to work everyday riding a quad (if you do ride to work on an ATV, send us a video! We'd love to see that!)

So considerations for an ATV battery are different. If you plan on using it only occasionally, then you need a battery that can last longer between recharge cycles. Batteries that can’t do this risk emptying out, and you’ll be left with an ATV that won’t start.

If you don't plan on using your quad during the winter months, you also need to get a battery that can hold a charge long enough to survive that time. By the way, this is a great workaround if you’d rather not invest in a high CCA rated ATV battery.

How much power does your ATV need?

Many different ATVs need varying amounts of starting power, so know your model’s CCA needs.
The battery should meet your ATV’s CCA requirement at the minimum, but we recommend exceeding it as much as your budget will allow.

This is because as batteries age, their starting power starts to decline. An ATV battery with a higher CCA rating can compensate for this, so you can use it for far longer.

In addition, having extra accessories can add up to your CCA requirement. I mean, getting extra bright lights or a radio looks cool and all, but consider the drain they’re making on your battery.

If you plan on pimping out your ATV with all the bells and whistles, consider a stronger battery, you need an ATV battery with higher CCA and amp ratings. And if you plan to take your pimped out ATV out in the winter, then buy an even more powerful battery.

Where do you ride your ATV?

ATVs are built for off-road driving, but how rugged of a ride are you looking at? If you’re an aspiring daredevil or even have the slightest plan of doing lots of rough road riding in the future, go with a heavy-duty battery.

A cheaper and less durable battery might not survive such punishment, and you’ll end up with battery leaks that you’d not rather handle on the road.

What type of ATV battery is best for your needs?

Different kinds of ATV batteries have their own pros, cons and price points. Knowing the basics of each can better inform you on which one to pick.

Batteries generally come in two forms – lead acids and lithiums. Lead acids are the “traditional” batteries. Thanks to decades of experience developing and making them, they’re generally durable, reliable, economical and overall great at their jobs. For most owners, lead acid ATV batteries are a solid choice.

Lithium batteries are the newer kids on the block – they charge faster, have more capacity, weigh lighter and are generally longer lasting. They’re also more expensive. If you have lots of dough to spare, they’re a good investment.

Within the lead acid ATV battery family, there are more choices that we feel you deserve to know. The conventional lead acids require a constant topping up of water and has the risk of leaks, so we don’t really recommend them that much.

Instead, go for maintenance free ones. These are in the form of either gels or absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries. AGMS have more starting power over gels, but the latter discharges more slowly. But in practice, you can’t go wrong with either.

How long do you want your ATV battery to last?

You might be thinking, “is this a trick question?” – of course the answer is “as long as possible”!

Unfortunately, ATV batteries don’t last forever, so you need to be realistic about it. How long your batteries last depend on the very factors we’ve discussed above. On average, most batteries should have a useful life of anywhere from 3-6 years.

Warranties are another thing to consider. They’re your insurance policy should anything go wrong. And trust us, even the best batteries from the best brands suffer from this once in a while.

Most reputable battery manufacturers offer a 12-month warranty, so that’s a good benchmark when you’re out comparing warranties.

Our Top Picks on the Best ATV Batteries for 2021

Going through hundreds of high quality ATV battery options all with confusing or (worse) misleading specs and claims is hard. We get it. That’s why we’ve taken the guesswork off your shoulders, reviewed and listed our top picks for the best ATV conventional batteries for 2021 (in our humble, professional opinion)

So sit back, relax and let’s go on to it!

Best value for money ATV battery is the Expert Power ETX9-BS


Expert Power ETX9-BS

Check LATEST Price

One of the best value ATV batteries you can buy, the Expert Power ETX9-BS is an excellent combination of affordability and performance.

Don’t let its small size fool you – this is a powerful, hardworking piece of electrical equipment. In fact, it uses its compactness as an advantage, as you can fit this battery in a host of other equipment – from solar panels, generators, and motorcycles.

As an ATV battery, this one covers all of the basics. We hooked it up as a replacement battery for our aging Honda 300EX, and it fired up as if it was brand new, with a constant voltage exceeding the 12-volt minimum. Note that we’ve replaced it countless of times with stock batteries over the years, and it lasted us a few years at best. We reckon the ETX9-BS will best that record!

This AGM maintenance-free battery has a great fiberglass mat that keeps the battery acid in place and allows for trouble-free operation in any position. Like the Chrome Battery ytx12 bs igel AGM, this spill-resistant feature works and is dependable.

This battery's power is comparable to any other in this price range, and the exterior case material is designed to withstand stress, heat, chemicals, and vibrations. Definitely a good battery to test in your car or for a small system at home.

The YTX9BS maintenance-free power sports battery is tough and reliable. The robust outer shell may be placed in a variety of locations. The plus and negative connectors are in normal locations, and the material is high-quality and thick from top to bottom.

You may feel relatively safe pulling feats off Sand Dunes without having to worry about the high-performance battery leaking. The Yuasa Yuam320bs ytx20l bs battery, like others in this price range, compares well to more costly batteries. As a result, you'll be able to acquire the power and performance you want.

Self-discharge rate during periods of non-use is impressive at only a 3% loss. Expect your ATV to start right up even when left unused during the cold winter months or for very long periods, for example.

Why Consider Expert Power ETX9-BS as the Best ATV Battery?

Construction is definitely durable, and AGM technology ensures there would be no hazardous leaks, even when the battery itself is damaged.

The only minor drawback is the “just enough” CCA rating of 105. Well, it’s a drawback depending on where you live and how overpowered your ATV is. Colder temperatures or lots of extra add-ons might give this one a hard time, but folks living in warmer weather need not worry about it too much.

Also, a thing to note is that since it’s compact, it can be a bit smaller than some stock batteries. If this is the case for you, simply wedge in some fillers for a snug fit. At its worst, it’s just a very minor inconvenience.

Overall, the ETX9-BS is an excellent pick if you want a basic ATV battery that performs exceedingly well. With a price that is hard to beat in its class, it’s a great return on your money.
Check LATEST Price
High performance at a very affordable price
AGM technology makes it leak-proof and maintenance free for smooth operation
Minimal self-discharge rate, so it doesn't drain out over long periods
12-month warranty
105 CCA rating might not be enough for colder weather or high powered ATVs
The best premium ATV battery is the Odyssey PC545


Odyssey PC545

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If it were possible to climb Mount Everest using an ATV and you had the Odyssey PC545 ATV battery, you'll be glad to have it on your side.

Odyssey makes some of the finest AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) Powersports batteries on the market. Odyssey has long been considered one of the world's premier automotive battery producers.

The corporation's red top Powersports batteries have a service life of 3 to 10 years, depending on the vehicle and how/where it is utilized. Longer service life means fewer replacements are required, saving you time, money, and aggravation throughout the life of your ATV.

It's a sealed lead acid battery design that requires no maintenance, with fiberglass mats to collect electrolyte and prevent it from splashing about. Quicker recharge times, low internal resistance, improved vibration resistance, and superior resistance to sulfation – the primary cause of lead acid battery failure – are just a few of the benefits of an AGM design.

Put that technology in the hands of one of the world's top battery manufacturers, and you've got one of the finest ATV batteries on the market with a 2-year replacement guarantee.

The PC545 is undoubtedly playing at the big leagues. Right off the bat, we noticed the rugged and durable outer case that makes the Odyssey effectively shock and vibration proof. The mounting and terminal plates are also made of 100% pure lead and feature excellent workmanship.

In short, this thing is built to withstand some severe punishment that will crumble other lesser batteries. If you plan on regularly taking your ATV through some challenging terrain, then the PC545 is an absolute requirement. We won’t be surprised if this battery outlasts even your ATV!

Why Choose Odyssey PC545 ATV Battery?

Performance wise, the Odyssey is a beast, boasting 150 CCAs that will satisfy even the most power hungry ATVs. It also charges blazingly fast – 100% in around 4 hours to be exact. That’s faster than any battery we’ve tested thus far (save for the pricier lithium ions)

The PC545 is genuinely made to be the last battery you'll ever need. Odyssey promises an impressive service life of around 3-10 years. They’re so confident, in fact, that they offer a full 2-year replacement warranty. Now that’s backing up your claim!

For all its power and longevity, by now you’ve probably guessed its most significant drawback – price. This will really set you back a bit, but in our opinion, the return you'll get is more than worth it.

All in all, this is a good purchase if you're a rough riding ATV owner looking for a heavy-duty, top of the line ATV battery. The Odyssey PC545 is the kind of ATV battery that you’ll depend on for years to come.
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Rugged and durable construction made to last for years
Vibration and shock proof made for the most challenging of rides
Charges faster than any comparable battery capacity in its class
Extended service life of 3-10 years offers the best long term investment
Extra long 2-year warranty is just icing on the cake
Price is pretty expensive
CCA rating is lower than comparable batteries in its price range
The best budget ATV battery is the Upstart Battery UB-YTX12-BS


Upstart Battery UB-YTX12-BS

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In terms of having a bargain price combined with decent performance, few can beat the Upstart Battery UB-YTX12-BS.

At its core, the UB-YTX12-BS is a simple ATV battery that covers all the minimum requirements. Given its low price point, we’re pleasantly surprised it uses maintenance-free gel technology that fulfills the needed 12V and 10 Ah for most ATV applications. No need to mess around with topping up or anything, which is convenient.

This CC factory-activated maintenance-free battery will last you longer than anticipated, and if it doesn't, it comes with a one-year guarantee for added peace of mind. This upstart battery should last for years without being replaced. Furthermore, the maintenance-free warranty is reassuring.

Whether it's at hot or cold temperatures, the Chrome Battery YTX12-BS iGel ATV Battery will provide a spill-proof battery that will last longer than others. It may also be installed in any position and is resistant to vibrations and shocks.

The design is typical for ATV batteries, with the positive on the left and the negative on the right. In addition, this Honda lead acid battery has a gleaming, solid appearance and feels substantial enough to be of high quality.

Its most significant advantage is most definitely its price. This is a very affordable ATV battery, probably one of the lowest priced you’ll ever find. It even beats out our local WalMart the last time we checked. We won’t be surprised if folks stocked up on these – they make great backup batteries.

This alone makes the UB-YTX12-BS worth trying out. The potential reward of getting a battery that works while saving lots of $$$ down the road is hard to pass up. And they’re even throwing in a 12-month warranty to sweeten the deal.

With that, though, you do get what you pay for. While the overall construction is durable enough to withstand some wear and tear, the packaging, unfortunately, is not. It's very flimsy and thin, which has the potential to damage the battery if your shipper is not careful enough. Ours luckily came through intact, but some people we've talked to aren't so fortunate. 

Still, being very inexpensive, it’s still well worth the risk. You get a hardy and performance ready ATV battery at rock bottom prices with a 12-month warranty for added insurance. For the cost conscious ATV owner who wants a no frills battery, the UB-YTX12-BS might be the perfect match.

Check LATEST Price
One of the most affordable batteries you can buy
Decent performance for the price
Maintenance free operation
12-month warranty
Packaging is poorly made, so it can potentially damage the conventional battery during shipping
The best high powered ATV battery is the Yuasa YTZ10S


Yuasa YTZ10S

Check LATEST Price

For the enthusiast who owns an ATV beast with all the add-ons, you need all the extra raw power you ATV battery can muster. Enter the Yuasa YTZ10S

ATV and motorcycle owners would probably recognize Yuasa. They’re one of the most trusted names in automobile batteries, so you’d know their reputation backs up their products pretty well. The YTZ10S is no exception.

This new generation of maintenance-free batteries from the world's top motorcycle battery producer has greater cranking amps for automobiles that demand more starting power.

Engineers with over 50 years of experience assure high-quality construction for extended, trouble-free service. Separators made of Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Are cutting-edge battery technology that removes the need for water.

The battery may last significantly longer between charges while in standby mode (like winter storage).

This battery churns out a massive burst of 190 CCA. This is way, way more than enough to power the ATV itself, plus any aftermarket accessories it happens to have installed. The high CCA also ensures you reliably start your ATV even in the coldest of weather (snow driving, anyone?)

The battery itself fits nicely in our unit. It’s easy to install too, thanks to the nut holders that secure them in place while you're screwing the wires in. The entire battery is built exceptionally well and can likely last for years.

Fortunately, the same can be said of the battery’s life cycle. Yuasa batteries are known for longevity, with some lasting past a decade. Expect a properly maintained YTZ10S to last just as long.

The price, though, is a bit on the steep side. But for the power and longevity you get, it’s well worth the investment.

Yuasa is the world's leading motorcycle, ATV, scooter, snowmobile, and personal watercraft battery. Your YTZ10S battery may be changed in the aftermarket with similar manufacturers that meet or exceed Yuasa Battery, Inc.'s criteria.

Choose from a variety of batteries to replace the Yuasa YTZ10S OEM battery. There are various kinds of AGM batteries: dry charge, normal wet, advanced technology AGM, and lithium aftermarket replacement batteries that exceed originals.

Overall, if you're looking for a reliable, high-powered battery backed by years of industry experience, go for the Yuasa YTZ10S. A thousand other satisfied battery users over the years couldn’t be wrong!

Check LATEST Price
High powered 190 CCA battery for effortlessly starting up your ATV
Long and reliable service life
Backed by years of industry experience
12-month warranty
A bit on the expensive side
The best lithium ATV battery is the MMG4 YTZ14S


MMG4 YTZ14S Z145 Lithium Ion Battery

Check LATEST Price

Ever wanted to reap the benefits of a lithium battery but have been put off by the high price tag? The MMG YTZ14S Lithium Battery is here to finally change your mind.

Take the YTZ14S out of the box, and you’ll notice one thing right away – how freaking light it is! Really, it feels like a hollow case instead of a full-fledged ATV battery. But trust us – it’s the real deal. This battery weighs 1/3 less than comparable lead acids. This alone sheds a lot of pounds off your ATV and can lead to speed and performance gains.

The MMG ytz14s z14s Lithium Ion Sealed Powersports Battery is a high-quality lead acid battery that may be used in a CCA, motorcycle, scooter, ATV, and other applications. This high-quality charge enables a stable ride, perhaps making this the greatest ATV battery available.

This high-capacity battery is simple to set up. Simply attach it to the car or application for which you want it, and you're ready to go. This lithium-ion battery is also completely charged and maintenance-free.

This heavy-duty power sports battery is well-sealed, ensuring that the lead acid does not spill all over your car. It's also simple to install and keep in place. It arrives fully charged, much like other ATV batteries, and allows for simple installation.

It may be used in any weather condition without leaking because of the exterior covering. This, like the Chrome Battery ytx12 BS Igel AGM, is a great option for individuals looking for a long-lasting battery.

The price of this battery is astounding. However, this battery is worth the low price for the quality and service. First and foremost, you're receiving a dependable, durable battery that offers outstanding value compared to others in this price range.

Like the Battery ytx14 BS Rubicon Foreman Rancher, it provides exceptional customer service and free shipping. When all of these variables are considered, you can be certain to purchase a well-made battery at a reasonable price.

Performance wise, the MMG is leagues away from what lead acid batteries are capable of. This battery boasts a cycle life that is easily 10 times longer, and it charges incredibly fast. This ultimately means this battery is designed to last for years.

The 290 CCA it provides is no joke either. This is perfect for starting up a fully decked out ATV in sub-zero temperatures (if ever you find yourself in that situation!)

And the best part? This battery is relatively affordable. A bit expensive yes, but given its fantastic specs and the potential benefits you can reap, it’s still a good steal

We highly recommend the MMG4 YTZ145 Lithium Battery if you can afford it. It has all the performance features and reliability you’d want in an ATV battery, plus it lasts longer and weighs lighter. Checks out in our book!

Check LATEST Price
A reliable and high powered 290 CCA battery to smoothly power the most demanding ATVs
Extremely lightweight leads to performance gains and energy efficiency
Can really hold a charge, plus it recharges incredibly fast
Very long service life leads to savings in the long run.
Still relatively expensive versus comparable lead acids
It only has a 6-month warranty
Our top choice for the best ATV battery is the ThrottleX ADX14AH-BS


ThrottleX ADX14AH-BS

Check LATEST Price

Our personal pick for the best ATV battery comes in the form of the ThrottleX ADX14AH-BS. This AGM battery aims not just to meet your battery needs, but to exceed them. But can it really?

First off, we checked the CCA rating. At 220 CCA and 12 Ah, this is certainly more than enough to start up your ATV. You’ll have so much excess power, in fact, that you can power up your quad in sub-zero temperatures or load it up with all the accessories you can think of.

This battery is highly resistant of the #1 battery killer – sulfation. This build up occurs over time in all lead acid batteries and can lead to loss of starting power and reduced battery life. The ADX14AH-BS delays this thanks to the advanced lead-calcium technology used in this ATV battery. Having a high CCA rating leads to better life and performance as well.

The ADX14AH-BS is ideal for above-average power, little maintenance, and extended battery life. This AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) battery is maintenance-free, spill-proof, and sealed. As a result, it never has to be refilled and always matches or surpasses your ride's power requirements.

Thanks to the spill-proof construction, there will be no leaks, and the sulfation-resistant plates will extend the battery life. In addition, because the ADX14AH-BS is a sealed battery, it maintains its charge for longer, allowing you to ride instead of charging.

The ADX14AH-BS meets or exceeds the original battery requirements for your vehicle. The ADX14AH-BS has a long life and a very low discharge rate thanks to the use of the finest quality materials and craftsmanship possible. This brand new battery will suit your vehicle perfectly.

Installation went smoothly without a hitch for us. Battery fit snugly in our Polaris Trailboss 330. Your mileage may vary, though. Some people have reported having slight difficulty fitting the battery in. Best to check your ATV battery’s dimensions just to make sure. We personally didn’t use the included nuts and bolts, but it’s a nice bonus and might be useful for some folks.

Longevity wise, we’ve seen people use this for years at a time. On average, you can expect this battery to last for around 3-5 years. Not bad for an ATV battery that costs a little over $50!

And as icing on the cake, it includes a 30-day money back guarantee with a full 12 months warranty. Hard to say no to that!

If you value above average performance and power with a price point that won’t require you to take out a small loan, go for the ThrottleX ADX14AH-BS. Overall, it definitely exceeded our expectations!

Check LATEST Price
Great performance and starting power
Longer service life
Highly resistant to sulfation, which leads to longer battery life and better long-term peformance
12-month warranty with 30-day money back guarantee
AMAZING price offers the best return and value for your money
May not fit perfectly with all ATV models

Final Thoughts

Powering up your ATV to full performance is a necessary step to get the most enjoyment out of your quad. Getting the perfect ATV battery terminals is an important first step. If you do this, you’ll be rewarded with an absolutely wicked off-road riding experience – each and every time, for years to come. 

Also, consider having a standalone battery charger and do your research regarding the atv charging system. 

We hope our guide has helped you in your quest for a better riding experience!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are all ATV batteries the same?

Batteries are one of the most important components of your ATV. And to run them, there are different types of batteries. So no, not all ATV batteries are the same. There are conventional ATV batteries that are also known as wet or flooded battery. Then there are AGM or Absorbed Glass Mat batteries. And finally, there are Gel Cell batteries.

What is Battery Acid? 

ATVs use lead acid batteries, which have two parallel facing plates – one of lead and the other of lead dioxide – that are in continual contact with liquid sulfuric acid.

As a battery discharges (is used), lead sulfate crystals form on the plates, and the sulfuric acid is diluted, a process is known as sulfation. This is the most common cause of battery failure.

What is the best battery for an ATV?

AGM batteries are considered the best for an ATV. For the best battery, you should look at the manual of your ATV. Since AGM batteries are designed to be shock and vibration proof, they are ideal for off-roading activities. They also require less maintenance and deliver reliable power. So wherever possible, shop for AGM battery of any brand.

How do I choose an ATV battery?

The first thing you need to do is look at your ATV brand and model. Then turn to vehicle manual for specifications on battery size, CCA, and Amp/hr. When you shop for an ATV battery, you should look for similar specifications. Furthermore, it's ideal if you purchase AGM batteries. These offer the overall best value and reliable current to your ATV.

What do ATV battery numbers mean?

You'll see the label that reads something like this "YTX14 A H L-BS-1". The first three letters represent the battery model of YUSA. Different brands will have their model number. The next number "14" is the battery performance classification. A is the unique battery case size. H is the CCA power. L is polarity location, BS is either factory activated/bottle supplied designation. And 1 is the unique terminal style.

Does it matter what kind of battery I put in my ATV?

Yes, it matters a lot in terms of performance. You should ideally get the batteries that are meant for your ATV brand and model. You can choose from three different types, which are AGM, wet or flooded, and gel cell. AGM batteries are considered more reliable and durable. Gel cell is similar to AGM batteries. Wet batteries aren't good for off-roading and they're prone to spillage.

How many cold cranking amps do I need for my ATV?

It depends primarily on your ATV brand and model. But you should go for batteries with higher cold-cranking amps. This way, the battery will be able to start your ATV even in freezing temperatures. There are batteries with a CCA of 675 and above, but batteries with a CCA of 500 are suited for most cases. If you're not living in colder regions, then a CCA of even 250 will do good.

Are Energizer ATV batteries good?

Yes, Energizer is a reputed battery brand that sells batteries for a variety of appliances. It offers the Energizer Premium AMG specifically designed for vehicles. It has an extremely high vibration resistance and cyclic stability. The company claims this model lasts 3x more than standard batteries. Check with the retailer for ATV compatibility before purchasing.

Why does my ATV battery keep dying?

Unlike cars, ATV is used very infrequently. And this is the main reason why ATV batteries die. You should drive your ATV everyday or at least every other day to keep the battery from dying. Leakage and spillage are another reason why batteries wear out. Especially in case of lead-acid and wet batteries, the liquid may leak if there's a crack. Finally, the battery may die as it ages.

How do you start an ATV with a dead battery?

You can try jump-starting your ATV. Connect your vehicle to another powered battery and start your ATV. Or you can try compression start. In this case, you essentially trick your ATV into starting. When you move the wheels, the engine starts rolling over. So as you drive, it can charge your battery.

When should I replace my ATV battery?

You should replace your battery a few months before the battery lifecycle. If the battery is designed to run for 3 years, then you should ideally get it replaced within 2.5 years. This depends on how frequently you're driving your ATV and your maintenance habits. As and when you replace your ATV battery, get a similar battery that matches your ATV model.

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