Top 12 Best Cold Air Intake for Dodge Ram 1500 5.7 Hemi

A decade later, famous Japanese intake air system ideas were imported by international manufacturers for the sports compact market. With technical development and creative engineering abilities, intake systems are now available in aluminum tube designs, allowing for greater customization. Typically, the tubes are painted or powder coated to match the vehicle. We are concerned about fuel-injected engines now that contemporary engines do not have carburetors. A cold air inlet is a device that allows colder air to enter a car's engine, increasing engine efficiency and power. The most effective intake systems use an airbox that is designed to suit the motor and will increase the engine's power band. The intake funnel, or the aperture through which the intake air enters the system, should be big enough to guarantee that adequate air is accessible to the engine at all times, from low to full power. Cold air intakes act by boosting the amount of air obtainable for burning with fuel. Cold air intakes usually function by bringing cold air from outside the heated engine compartment because colder air has a greater density (more mass per unit volume). The simplest basic cold air intake, known as a shorter ram air intake, replaces the standard air container with a small plastic or metal tube heading to a cone air filter. The amount of power obtained by this approach depends on how restricted the OEM air box is. Heat shields are used in well-designed intakes to segregate the air purifier from the remainder of the engine bay, allowing cooler air to enter from the front and the side of the engine compartment. Some "fender mount" systems place the filters into the fender wall; this system pulls air up thru the fender wall, providing much more isolation and cooler air. Following are some of the 12 best Cold Air Intake System for Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi 5.7
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K&N 63 series Cold Air Intake — Most Durable Intake
aFe Power Dodge RAM HEMI – Best Performance
K&N Kite 2003–2008 - Best Model for Horsepower Improvement
S&B 75 Filters – Most Aesthetically Appealing
K&N 77 Series – Best Sound Improvement
Mopar 5.7 Liter HEMI – Easiest to Install
Perfit-Formance Kit – Best For Old Dodge Models
AJP 5.7L RAM– Most Budget-Friendly Product
aFe Power Magnum FORCE
AF Dynamic Black – Recommended for Heat Protection
aFe Power Momentum GT 54-7210
Rtunes Racing Cold Air Intake Kit

Top 12 Best Cold Air Intake for Dodge Ram 1500 5.7 Hemi

1. K&N 63 series Cold Air Intake — Most Durable Intake

Quick Summary
Product Grade: Performance Part
Brand: K&N
Fit Type: Vehicle Specific Fit
Material: Alloy Steel
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 18.25 x 18.25 x 12.5 inches


California-based K&N Engineering is the originator and top innovator of disposable cotton gauze filtration innovation for automotive applications. K&N setup is headquartered in California, Riverside.

The Engineering company K&N, which began as a family-run business over 35 years ago and has grown into a truly international company with workplaces in the United Kingdom and the Netherland, continues to function as a family-owned company with an enthusiast mind frame and a direct connection to motorsports that permeates all layers manufacturing and management. 

Built to deliver enhanced performance, the K&N 63-2565 Air-Charger High-Flow Intake System is a simple solution for vehicle owners seeking to boost their vehicle's performance without sacrificing dependability.

The 63-2565 is street legal in most states, can be installed in 90 minutes or less, and is based on K&N's High-Flow technology, which also employs a special outsized and cleanable cotton gauze air filter as well as special cooler air intake, nonmetallic tubes. By driving a huge volume of air into an engine, the 63-2565 produces power that is inexpensive on virtually any budget.

Features of K&N 63 series Cold Air Intake 



Innovation drives performance, and K&N has already been enhancing exceptional screening for over 50 years. This month, we are honoring performance air intakes, the easiest and fastest method to unlock the full potential of any engine.


Low-restriction filters and custom-engineered tube systems work together to supply more airflow to your engine—up to 50% additional circulation than an inventory network with a standard expandable paper air filter. More air to the exhaust manifold means greater power to the drivetrain.


K&N intake systems are guaranteed to boost the horsepower and torque of your vehicles and each kit is rigorously tested in-house to check and verify high-performance requirements. To assist in estimating performance gains, official dynamometer data are available on specific product sites.


Installation normally takes 1 hour or less and involves only basic hand tools. Each kit comes with detailed, step-by-step guidelines. Kits are tailored to certain models and decades to ensure a proper match in the engine compartment.


K&N is the industry leader in the creation, testing, and design, of cold air intake systems. K&N engineers begin by 3D-laser imaging each vehicle's engine compartment to generate an exact model, and then use the most modern equipment on the marketplace to produce airflow-optimized kits.


The elimination of extra standard baffles contributes to a pleasing engine roar during acceleration that fades to silence once up to speed.


The integrated filter requires just 100,000 miles of cleaning under regular highway driving circumstances (as compared to 15,000-20,000 miles for a reusable filter) and delivers industry-leading motor protection against pollutants.

How to Fix K&N 63 series Cold Air Intake 


Pour Power Kleen filter cleaner liberally on both ends of the filter and let it sit for 10 minutes. Allowing the cleaners to rest on the air intake is not recommended.


To flush dust out of your air filter, wash it with a cool, low water level from the clean end out. Rinse the filter again and again until the water flows clear. Steps 1 and 2 may need to be repeated.


After washing your filter, simply brush off any extra moisture and then let it air dry. Do not apply pressure to the air intake until it is fully dried.


Spray K&N filtering oil evenly all throughout the crown of every pleat using the air filter oil spritzer bottle included in K&N filter cleaning kit 99-5050. Allow the oil to wick lasted for approximately 20 minutes before sprucing up any bright areas along either side of the filter unless all areas are a consistent red color.

Spray the oil equally along the crown of each pleat while placing the nozzle approximately 3" away when using the K&N air filter oil aerosol spray contained in K&N filter cleanout kit 99-5000 or K&N's 12.25 oz aerosol air purification oil.

Allow about twenty minutes for the fuel to wick. Sharpen up any bright spots among other sides of filters so all regions have a uniform red color. Please be aware that the following technique is the only one that is recommended for washing the K&N Cold Air Intake.

“This intake was fairly simple to install straightforward instructions talk about 30 minutes, I am not a mechanic. There is a felt boost in throttle response, and a much sweeter sound when you Tromp on the gas. While it is guaranteed to add a few horsepower I'm not sure how much but it was well worth the add.”
Try the K&N 63 series Cold Air Intake

2. aFe Power Dodge RAM HEMI – Best Performance

Quick Summary
Product Grade: Performance Part
Brand: AFe Power
Fit Type: Universal Fit
Shape: Round
Material Cotton

Advanced Flow Engineering (aFe Power) is a top designer and manufacturer of vehicle performance enhancement systems and components. The product line aFe Power Dodge RAM HEMI includes a cold air intake system, highly efficient quick fit and sporting air purifiers, exhaust pipes, inter-coolers, turbo-chargers, digital programmers, petroleum diesel systems, throttle body spacer, and more.

aFe is enthusiastic about creating the most compelling, inventive, and highest performing goods that are developed, made and tested in the USA. aFe was established in 1997 and it has headquarter and manufacturing operations in Corona, California, USA.

Features of aFe Power Dodge RAM HEMI

7” Air Filter with a Tall Profile

This intake system makes use of an oil-free, seven-stage filter "With three levels of progressive finer porosity artificial media, this towering flat top conical 360º radial flow performance air filter delivers maximum airflow and performance while maintaining a low profile.

Tube for Roto-Molding

In order to attain optimum power gains whilst also maintaining a perfect fit, this system makes use of a computer-aided design (CAD) and dyno-tuned roto-molded intake tube. The tube is fitted with polycarbonate injected fitting that ensures a perfect connection between the temperature sensor and the rest of the system.

Design with a Top-Mounted Heat Shield

In order to provide a quick and easy installation using factory mounting locations, aFe developed this sturdy 18 Gauge-Powder-Coated heat shield that snaps on to top half of the factory

All couplings, hardware, and clamps are included, allowing for a simple and straightforward installation. This is an immediate bolt-on kit, which requires no modification to the original equipment manufacturer's parts.

“Excellent product was a little skeptical about spending that much money but well worth it installed easley about an hour took my time doing it. took it for a 2hr drive open her up throttle response is excellent sounds like the engine is not working hard at all compared when I had the stock air filter and gets up to speed very quickly scary fast. I had a 40 series flow master installed about 2 months before with this combination is just incredible.”
Try the K&N 63 series Cold Air Intake

3. K&N Kite 2003–2008 - Best Model for Horsepower Improvement

Quick Summary
Product Grade: Performance Part
Brand: K&N
Fit Type: Vehicle Specific Fit
Material: Alloy Steel
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 36 x 13 x 10 inches

K&N air intake processes are engineered for enhanced performance, exceptional standards, and follow, and sleek aesthetic appeal is available in a variety of completes and powder coatings to match your vehicle's interior.

When used in conjunction with K&N's High-Flow Air filterTM, you'll get an assured rise in torque and horsepower. A diligently designed aerodynamic tube design also contributes to this guaranteed increase. Improved velocity, throttle and towing, response are all possible with K&N air intake systems, which also provide world-class safeguards for your engine.

While not as powerful as OEM intake systems, we've found that our intakes can produce up to 50percent more airflow than the stock system. When it comes to installation and maintenance, K&N intakes are simple to use, with only one air filter washing required every 100,000 miles. Fits the following vehicles: 2003-2008 TOYOTA 4 Runner.

Features of K&N Kite 2003–2008

Designed to Boost Horsepower

K&N is a market leader in high-performance cold intake air systems for cars and trucks. It is, in our opinion, one of the greatest dollar-to-horsepower investment that can make for the vehicle. In 1992, we produced our initial air intake kit. K&N produces overv500 separate part numbers, and our engineering team is continually inventing, constructing, and trying out new air intake systems.

Extra Large Washable Extremely High Filter

K&N begins with the biggest conical-shaped high-flow air filtration, which is designed to fit into the engine bay utilizing a factory hole and mounting point. This additional filter size allows for even greater airflow at a lower restriction than a conventional K&N O/E replacement filter, which is restricted to the size of the OEM air box.

The larger air filter also collects and stores more debris, extending the time between cleanings (up to 100,000 miles).

Installation is Simple with Basic Hand Tools

K&N intake vents are extremely simple to install in your automobile or truck. A normal air intake installation may be completed in 90 minutes or less using a screwdriver, pliers, and a ratchet-set! K&N intake kits are specifically designed to use existing manufacturing holes and mounting points, making the fitting a breeze. The large bulk of the K&N cool air induction system does not need to be cut or drilled.

Keep Your Engine Safe

Millions of microscopic cotton fibers are used in this cutting-edge filtration system. The attractive ideas of multilayered, oiled cotton media aids in the protection of your engine from pollutants.

Feel the Strength

When accelerating, there is a gratifying growl, but once up to speed, it's silent. Removes the engine bay's factory baffle and soundproofing devices.

Engineered with precision

Precision designed to outperform the OEM intake system in terms of horsepower and torque.

“I installed this to replace a fleabay CAI and what a difference. The K&N has more power and greatly improved throttle response. The only bad is the exhaust is much louder when past 1/2 throttle. I like the sound but not for more than about 15 seconds. I already had a magnaflow muffler and resonator delete on my exhaust before installing this.”
Try the K&N Kite 2003–2008

4. S&B 75 Filters – Most Aesthetically Appealing

Quick Summary
Product Grade: Replacement Part
Brand: S&B
Fit Type: Vehicle Specific Fit
Material: Silicone
Item Dimensions LxWxH 20 x 16 x 14 inches

Cotton filter cold intake air systems from S&B Filters are created to enhance airflow and lower the pressure of the air entering your engine. to increase airflow S&B oiled cotton filtration is made of 4 or 8 layers of high-quality cotton gauze (for diesel).

They employ deeper and wider pleats, as well as more pleats per filter. Furthermore, their manufacturing process produces filters almost with no "bleed," resulting in a larger open surface area.

This all usually adds up to even more surface area for each filter, which means more airflow while still providing excellent protection. All S&B cotton air purifiers are washable and reusable and will keep harmful dirt and debris out of your engine.

Your vehicle will gain not only efficiency but also an athletic high-tech look under the hood. Furthermore, the filters and combiners are made of silicone rubber rather than urethane, which helps to ensure that they will not debase or crack and can withstand temperatures of up as 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

These intake systems are simple to set up, and the campaign logo clear lid allows for constant visual examination of your filter. Remember, there really are good air intakes... and then there are better intakes—the higher the demand, the better the effectiveness and elegance of S&B Filters cold intake air kits.

Features of S&B 75 Filters


S&B cold air intake is designed to reduce air limitation and boost airflow far more effectively than your inventory network. Our intake kits include a fully enclosed one-piece air package that safeguards the air purifier from grime and keeps unwanted engine heat at bay.

A signature clear lid looks great and contains a rubber lid protective layer to keep out even more of that power-robbing engine heat.


Each intake kit includes a large, high-efficiency air filter, which results in improved engine performance and protection. You can choose between an 8-layer cotton cleanable media and a dry extendable media. Both provide comparable performance, so the choice is whether to discard or clean the filter.


Silicone is a high-quality rubber that seals stronger and lasts longer. Our top-quality silicone rubber is used to make the air filter, couplers, and tube sealants in our intake kits.

This means they will not crack, have outstanding lacrimal strength, and can withstand temperatures as high as 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Our elastomeric filters and couplers will also not slide off the tube because they have a friction force surface and also no oily residue.


When used under usual circumstances and on automobiles for which they were crafted, S&B air filters, as well as intake kits bought from Authorized Dealers, are covered by S&B's Million Mile Limited Warranty. S&B will replace any of our products that are not functioning properly or are defective.


S&B invests significant resources in designing intakes that permit the engine to run appropriately with equity calibration or augmented tuning. With a correctly mapped Widespread Air Flow Sensor, S&B intake equipment is designed to prevent check engine lights.


When it comes to airflow, efficiency, and capacity, we test our intake to the internationally recognized ISO 5011 Standard. That's the same procedure that is used by the majority of the major automakers.

Airflow testing reveals how we stack up against stock and our rivals. The primary objective is to defeat both of them. We check for efficiency to ensure that the engine is debris-free while trying to suck in even more air.

Finally, we check the filter's capacity to see just how much grime it can keep before requiring it to be serviced.

“S&B has a great reputation and rightfully so. My only gripe is that the bolt that goes into the side of the fenderwell pulls through the rubber grommet. This should have a flat washer. Easy fix from my local ace and I can't fault S&B because every intake I've ever purchased has had the same issue. Performance wise I definitely notice increased responsiveness and low end over stock. Pulling a 9000 pound travel trailer you can feel that its breathing easier for sure. Plus it sounds awesome, very deep and throaty.”
Try the S&B 75 Filters

5. K&N 77 Series – Best Sound Improvement

Quick Summary
Product Grade Performance Part
Brand: K&N
Fit Type: Vehicle Specific Fit
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 18.25 x 18.25 x 12.5 inches

A K&N® cold intake air system with a mandrel-bent aluminum intake tube will give you an assured rise in horsepower and torque. Each system includes a cleanable, reusable High-Flow Air FilterTM with oiled cotton filter media.

Under standard highway driving conditions, the overly large, conical filter design allows us to travel up to one million miles between filter services. A specially made heat shield or airbox protects air intake from the high temperatures of the engine compartment, and the entire structure can usually be installed in under 90 minutes. 

Some intakes really aren't legal in California for use or sale on any pollution-controlled motor vehicle. 

Features of K&N 77 Series

Make the most of your automobile or truck

Most Individuals are aware that the High-Flow Air Filter may boost horsepower when compared to a standard disposable air filter. However, changing the air filter alone will not eliminate other sorts of air restrictions that were put into the vehicles at the manufacture.

The diameter of the air boxes and the air route flowing from the air container to the engine are examples of these. This is where air intakes come into play. They are designed to entirely replace the OEM airflow assembly, such as the filter, air box, and air route.

Horsepower Guaranteed

K & N would not sell an intake air that does not enhance horsepower and torque by a measurable amount (acceleration). On a rear-wheel dynamometer, our air intakes have been shown to enhance horsepower and torque (think treadmill for cars).

These meticulously constructed air intakes give significant improvements in power that customers will notice as they accelerate.

Power is Assured with K&N Intake Kits

Every K & N Intake Kit has been dynamometer tested and shown to boost horsepower. At the wheels, we measure horsepower.

The horsepower number on your car's window sticker is frequently an estimate of horsepower somewhere at the engine, and there might be a degradation of horsepower via the powertrain by the time it hits the wheels.

K&N herewith warrants and guarantees to the original buyer of any K&N intake air equipment that the car upon which air intake software is connected will gain horsepower, or K&N would then reimburse the retail purchaser the total cost, including sales tax, subject to the following terms:

· The K&N intake air system must've been correctly fitted on the car in compliance with the K&N instructions that came with it.

·The equipment must be the proper classifier for the vehicle it was put on.

·The car should be in good working order.

·The car must be dynamometer tested during the system is installed, with no alterations to the vehicle other than the insertion of the kit.

The dyno test must be done by the very same testing facility within 30 days of each other and between 60 days from the date of purchase.

The address and phone number of the automobile owner or operator having the test done; the year, make, model, and miles of the vehicle being evaluated, and the horsepower results from both tests must be included in the test results or work order for each test.

“Great product as expected by K&N. Compared to the factory intake, this one provides a whopping amount of cold air to the engine. Better sound, slightly better mileage and good performance boost overall. Instructions say to cut the factory hose but it’s not necessary given the 45 degree barb included.”
Try the K&N 77 Series

6. Mopar 5.7 Liter HEMI – Easiest to Install

Quick Summary
Product Grade: Performance Part
Brand: Mopar
Shape Conical

The Chrysler Hemi engines, often known as the Hemi trademark, are a family of American I6 and V8 gas engines developed by Chrysler featuring over valve hemispherical combustor.

Chrysler manufactured three separate versions of Hemi engines for vehicles: the first one (known as the Chrysler FirePower engine) from 1951 till 1958, the next from 1964 to 1971, and the last beginning in 2003.

While Chrysler is most known for using the name "Hemi" as an advertising slogan, several other automakers have used similar designs. Indianapolis Foundry cast and produced the engine compartment and cylinder heads.

Features of Mopar 5.7 Liter HEMI

Spark plugs with two electrodes

Each chamber has an igniting coil pack covering one spark plug and a normal plug wire connecting to the other. Furthermore, the coil pack is connected to a plug wire that continues to the adjacent cylinder bank.

Each cylinder is connected to another cylinder via a coil pack. A separate coil fires each one of the two ports on a given cylinder. One plug is directly linked to a coil, while the other is ignited through the ignition wire linked to a coil on some other chamber on the opposite shore.

The advantages would indeed be one-half the quantity of coil (8 vs. 16) and, of course, less weight as contrasted to each socket having its own coil.

Head and Block Building

The Hemi engine has a cast-iron block and an aluminum cylinder head. The intake funnel is made of plastic. For added strength, the pistons have an alloy eutectic design.

In the block system, the valve springs are a pushrod crankshaft with two valves per cylinder. The engine's hemispherical shape allows for just two valves per cylinder but does allow for bigger inlet and exhaust valves, which increases airflow.

The valve springs have a beehive configuration, which allows for lighter springs. This engine incorporates several of the most advanced technology available, as well as an effective hemispherical cylinders design.

The Chrysler Hemi motor family is a dependably powerful engine that is a significant selling factor for the automobiles that use it.

“Easy to install and the sound definitely changes, and are able to feel bit extra boost, was very easy to install on my 2016 Dodge Ram 1500 5.7.”
Try the Mopar 5.7 Liter HEMI

7. Perfit-Formance Kit – Best For Old Dodge Models

Quick Summary
Product Grade: Performance Part
Fit Type: Vehicle Specific Fit
Material: Silicone
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 3.94 x 3.54 x 3.15 inches

The superb Intake Pipe is worthy of your consideration! The product has a high quality, soft, and durable material, as well as an attractive look, which will offer you a wonderful user experience.

It is lightweight and made with advanced technologies. It is a blend of elegance and practicality, firmly and securely ensuring the safety of your vehicle. 

Features of Perfit-Formance Kit

Filter for Dry Air

Each intake system includes a large, high-efficiency air filter, which results in improved engine performance and protection. The majority of modern designs now use a dry filter rather than an oil filter.

Our filter does not need oil and is washable and reusable. You may wipe it with water and soap, rinse it thoroughly, and reuse it. We recommend that you inspect it every 5,000 miles to determine whether it has to be washed or cleaned.

High-Quality Silicone Components

Silicone is a high-quality rubber that closes tighter and lasts much longer. Our quality silicone rubber is used to make the air filter, couplers, and tubes seal in our intake kits.

This means they will not shatter, have remarkable grip strength, and can withstand temperatures exceeding 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Our silicon filters and couplers will also not slip off the tube since they have a friction force surface and no greasy residue.

Keep Your Engine Safe

· Engine for multiple filtering protection

· Increase the power of the high-efficiency air intake.

· Smooth flow improves responsiveness.

· Not scared of wetness substantially prevents air filter degradation

More Powerful Engine

When accelerating, there's a pleasing roar, but once up to speed, it's silent. Removes the engine bay's standard baffles and soundproofing components. 

“Amazing product for the price! Fitment was much better than I thought very comparable to high dollar kits. This is an unbelievable kit no issues every thing fit snug and lined up perfect was very shocked with the results. Again 9/10 on all aspects.”
Try the Perfit-Formance Kit

8. AJP 5.7L RAM– Most Budget-Friendly Product

Quick Summary
Product Grade: Performance Part
Brand: AJP Distributors
Shape: Conical
Material: Aluminum

When you are on a tight budget, the AJP cold air filtration intake RAM is the best bet for acquiring a high-quality cold air intake kit. It is among the most competitively priced items available on the market today.

Features of AJP 5.7L RAM


Many people consider it to be a smart investment because of its inexpensive cost especially considering the fact that this is incredibly simple to set up and maintain. With this item from AJP, you will notice a significant increase in torque and horsepower.


Its ability to adapt to a variety of situations is among its most significant competitive advantages. Speaking about adaptability, it is compatible with all Dodge Ram 1500 vehicles from 2010 onwards without any problems.

When utilizing this technique, you shouldn't have to worry about cutting and clipping your hair or nails. You may, however, need to pull on the tubes a bit more than you think you need to before you get it perfect.

Installation is simple

It could be a bit tough to attach it to the grommets if you don't have adhesive on hand. Even the most unskilled automobile owner should have little trouble putting it together using gum or adhesive.

“First off, I'm about as mechanically inclined as a horse! Having said that, this piece was very easy to install. The rubber gramment was tough to get in and the sensor was tough, but WD 40 is magic! My 2010 Dodge Ram instantly sounded better. I noticed a quicker throttle response my first time on the road. Overall a very good product at a affordable price!”
Try the AJP 5.7L RAM

9. aFe Power Magnum FORCE

Quick Summary
Product Grade: Performance Part
Brand: AFe Power
Fit Type: Universal Fit
Shape: Conical
Material: Aluminum

 aFe Power Magnum FORCE is a cold air intake system that expertly combines excellent performance, appropriate protection, and much-needed ease.

Features of aFe Power Magnum FORCE

Cutting-edge technology

The Power Magnum Force 51-12402 from Advanced Flow Engineering, headquartered in California is the company's second product to make this list. Its design incorporates world-class technology, putting it miles ahead of many other goods in its price range.

Excellent build quality

The outside was likewise created utilizing CAD, CND, and 3d graphics for the greatest effects. This is in order to successfully complete many quality tests to guarantee that the finished product satisfies international standards.

Increased horsepower and torque

This device will undoubtedly increase the horsepower and torque of your engine. The earlier by +18 HP, while the second by 27%. The system's throttle responsiveness benefits from the fast airflow with which it is constructed.


To increase its strength, effectiveness, and long-term efficiency, the body is made up of aluminum and stainless steel. This also implies that washing and cleaning are made easier by the use of washable layers.

“Easy install - great product - no codes post install and came with CARB decal. Perfect.”
Try the aFe Power Magnum FORCE

10. AF Dynamic Black – Recommended for Heat Protection

Quick Summary
Product Grade: Performance Part
Brand: AF Dynamic
Fit Type: Vehicle Specific Fit
Shape: Conical
Material: Stainless Steel

AF Dynamic may not be a household name in the market, however, the AF Dynamic black cold air filtration system checks all the appropriate boxes when it comes to cold air intake systems. It is mainly compatible with all types of Dodge Ram vehicles.

Heat protection

Among the most noteworthy advantages of this air management system is the excellent protection it gives against heat. It is designed with an insulating mat within the air intake, which has an aluminum heatshield.

The intake system, once fitted in your car, will increase the power. In contrast to it, the overall engine responsiveness will be increased for a fantastic experience.

Simple to integrate

The installation of that kind of air intake device is quite simple. So there is no need to remove or drill any component of the motor to put it in.

What's more, The setup can take just under an hour, based on how familiar you can be with your car and the system.

Excellent build quality

The construction of the AF Dynamic cold intake system utilizes the best chromium, which makes it incredibly attractive. The tube is made utilizing a silicon coupler, that lasts long and guards against fast deterioration.

Boosts horsepower

The power created by the device is somewhere between 5 – 10 hp, whereas the torque is enhanced by 6 – 8%. It has fantastic filtering effectiveness of 95 percent.

Improved engine sound

Your fondness for this car item will expand if you hear the noise it creates. Sporty and generally appealing to the sense of hearing. The bundle includes all of the hardware needs sparing you from needing to pay some more dollars.

“Was super easy to put together, instructions easy to read. Gabe a better overall look to my motor compared to my stock intake system.”
Try the AF Dynamic Black

11. aFe Power Momentum GT 54-7210

Quick Summary
Product Grade: Performance Part
Brand: AFe Power
Fit Type: Universal Fit
Shape: Round
Material: Cotton

The finest aFe Power Momentum GT 54-72102 comes next to our finest cold air inlet for dodge ram 1500 5.7 Hemi. It is indeed a one-piece enclosed housing that will fit snugly into the engine of your car.

Features of aFe Power Momentum GT 54-72102

High Performance

The high performance of this air filtration system justifies the high price. This filtration system improves not just engine output but also throttle responsiveness.

In terms of power delivery, this cold intake air system increases the acceleration of the car with which it is fitted noticeably. Furthermore, it has considerably improved the sounds of a wide range of engines.

Global Fit

It is a global fit type, which means that it will fit in virtually all cars and engines. It boasts 14 hp and 19 pound-feet of torque, which is fantastic.

When comparing to the other filtration in cold intake air systems, its filter is larger. As a result, the amount of air is increased, resulting in improved performance.

Heat Shield

It also has a heat shield, which improves performance by decreasing system heat. Finally, since it is a one-piece system, it is simple to install.

“I love this intake. I have seen about a 2 mpg combined. The throttle is more responsive, and the deep growl while accelerating is nice.”
Try the aFe Power Momentum GT 54-7210

12. Rtunes Racing Cold Air Intake Kit

Quick Summary
Brand: ‎Rtunes Racing
Item Weight: ‎2.84 pounds
Package Dimensions: ‎16 x 10.4 x 8.1 inches

The utmost Rtunes Racing cold air intake kit is the final piece of our finest cold air inlet for the dodge ram 1500 5.7 Hemi lineup. As soon as you set up this cold intake air system, you will notice a significant increase in horsepower output.

Engine Performance

Because of the improved engine performance, you will also notice an improvement in acceleration response. Also a budget-friendly option, the low cost does not imply that the product's performance is any less than it otherwise would be.

Better Throttle Response

Because it draws in the most amount of cold air possible to cool things down, it is our favorite because it provides a better throttle response than the competition.

A noticeable and visible improvement in engine noise, acceleration, towing, and overall performance will be experienced.


Aside from that, high-quality materials have been used to construct the tubes as well as the overall apparatus, ensuring that it will function for an extremely long period of time.

Simple to Install

In addition, this cold fluid intake system would require minimal maintenance; you only need to perform a service check after a few hundred miles of driving. An extremely high-quality filter is included as well, and it is completely washable.

At any time you feel the need, you can easily remove it from its storage location and wash it. Finally, but certainly not least, this entire air filter system is simple to set up.

Try the Rtunes Racing Cold Air Intake Kit

Considerations and Buying Guide

1. Sizing of Performance

As previously said, this is arguably the most important aspect to take into account. The phrase "Dodge RAM 1500 5.7 Hemi" should appear in the product name, to begin with.

Purchasing an airflow system that is incompatible with your existing system will cause a lot of problems. It is conceivable that it will be difficult to fit, resulting in a waste of your money and effort.

Making anything fit when it doesn't naturally fit might cause damage to your engine. When determining compatibility, it is important to consider the producer, vehicle model, and year of production of your car.

You may then cross-reference this information with the information provided by the manufacturers of a cold air inlet. You should only purchase it if the data on the product and the information accessible on the manufacturer's official website are consistent.

It suffices to say that not all suitable intake air systems are designed equal when it comes to their performance on your engine.

2. Material

The material used to construct the cold intake air has a significant impact on how long it will last. The majority of cool air intake systems are constructed of stainless steel. Even with its rust and corrosion-resistant qualities, it is a highly recommended choice.

Stainless steel systems are extremely durable and have high resilience to wearing and tearing.  Despite this, it is not the most highly durable available. Silicon is a substance. Consequently, systems constructed of silicone may be a good choice for your application.

3. Replacement of the filter

Before selecting a cold intake air system, it is important to evaluate how much the filter kit will need to be replaced in the future.

The majority of the kits on this list are machine washable and reusable as well. As a result, it is possible that they will not require any replacement. Some, on the other hand, must be changed after going a certain distance.

Make certain that the filter is easily available and something that can be purchased individually rather than having to purchase the complete kit again for these items.

If you need to replace filters on a frequent basis, you may want to purchase multiple filters and have them on hand until you need them.

4. Oil Filtration

When selecting a cold air filtration, pay close attention to the filtration system. Some filtering components may give modest advantages while minimizing the total efficiency of your engine. They also might lead to an engine fault when oil particles collect and impede the airflow route.

5. Water Protection

This is another factor that might make or break the performance of your engine. The seeping of water into engine should be prevented by a well-designed cold air intake system.

Water ingestion, on the other hand, might lead the system to fail and the motor to operate below expectations. If the cold intake air system sucks in air from the location by which the water can enter, it is possible that water will be swallowed.

It is especially important for people who drive in rainy or muddy conditions to pay attention to the bumper or the fender of their car. An effective air intake network has been featured in place to avoid the consumption of water along with the air it is designed to provide to the body.

They do this by adding a valve that prevents the water from flowing through it. They may also choose to construct the intake system using a two-piece process that turns the water into a ram-intake system.

The engine is shielded from water while you are doing this by removing the lower portion of the intake air valves.

6. Protection Against the Heat

It goes without saying that the thermal barriers are indeed a very essential component of the airflow mechanism. Various materials, including polymers and carbon fiber, may be used in the construction of the thermal barrier.

Accordingly, the type of material utilized will influence the amount of improvement that will occur in the performance of the product. There is also a significant issue of thermal pollution, which can occur if the intake is not properly shielded from the elements.

By selecting from our finest cold air intake list, you can be confident that your engine will be sufficiently shielded from pollution. It also puts your vehicle's engine in a strong position to create a significant amount of horsepower.

7. Budget

Performing on a budget does in no way limit or restrict your ability to purchase high-quality items. Even if you have a limited budget, you may still benefit from a high-quality ventilation system.

If you are not restricted by a budget, the situation is the same. The market is flooded with a variety of items, each of which is offered at a different price based on the quality of the product and a variety of other manufacturing variables. What is best for you may be dictated by your financial situation.

“The K&N 63-1561 cold air intake”, for example, boasts an impressive list of functions while remaining within a budget-friendly pricing range. With some others, though, this low price tag may come at a cost — a reduction in construction, quality, or performance, for example.

“The AJP Cold Air Filter Intake RAM” is yet another excellent cold air management device that is reasonably priced. Suppose, on the other hand, you have no compelling incentive to reduce costs and would rather concentrate on obtaining the best possible performance.

“The aFe Power Momentum GT 54-72102” is a good example of a durable, elevated air intake system that you might use in that situation.

8. CARB Acceptance

Vehicle owners in California are required to modify their intake systems only using devices that have been approved by the California Air Resource Board (CARB). This committee is in charge of verifying that the changes do not cause your cars to release harmful substances into the environment.

9. Placement

It is necessary to evaluate the ease or difficulty of installation before purchasing a cold intake air system. Purchase a unit that is simple to set up in order to achieve the greatest outcome It will come in very handy when you are installing it on your car, and it will be especially useful when you really need to maintain and clean the system later on.

The majority of the systems that we have included in our review list may be installed without the assistance of a professional mechanic if you carefully study the installation manual that is provided. It is possible to seek assistance if you face difficulties while working on the repair.

10. Layout

When it comes to improving your car, you may choose to opt for systems that combine high performance with a stylish appearance. There are a plethora of air control systems available that are constructed of black plastic yet provide you with everything you want from an update.

If you're looking for something a little fancier, try opting with polished pieces like the Perfit-Formance Cold Air Intake Kit, which is excellent for past versions, or the AJP Cold Air Filter Intake RAM, which is available at a very cheap price.

Consider selecting a product that is constructed from a durable material that will not readily wear out. Although this is true, the layout of the cold air intake extends beyond aesthetics and color.

The materials used in each component contribute to the overall efficiency of the system and, as a result, the overall performance of your vehicle. This is why it is important to read the manufacturer's notes before making a purchasing decision.

Our study has also done a Dodge RAM 1500 engine's finest choices justice, emphasizing all you need to know about the engine's many configurations.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT Best Cold Air Intake for Dodge Ram 1500 5.7 HEMI

What is the best cold air intake for Ram 1500?

63-1561 Cold Air Intake Filter by K&N There are some systems that are simple to install and have bolt-on construction that does not require the use of professional-grade equipment. This is one of those systems. Within an hour, you will have completed the installation process.

Is a cold air intake worth it on a 5.7 Hemi?

In a way, it accomplishes nothing until you are at full speed and high RPMs. Only then will your hemi require more airflow and it doesn't require significantly more than the OEM CAI and can't actually utilize much more than the Inexpensive yet effective Mod shown above.

If you start putting thousands of dollars into your engine, you may be able to gain anything.

How much horsepower will a cold air intake add to a 5.7 Hemi?

As a result, a CAI is a little investment with a significant payback. It makes such a large impact that simply shifting the filter to take cooler air can result in a horsepower improvement of 5 to 20 ponies across most cars.

Do cold air intake work Ram 1500?

Yes! CAI works Ram 1500. One of the oldest procedures in the book is pulling clean air from the exterior of the engine area to get cooler air into the engine.

Colder air condenses more and holds more oxygenation; more oxygen equals more power. Carburetors used to sit upon the top of the engine's intake manifold. A hood scoop was fitted to bring cooler air to the engine.

How much horsepower does a cold air intake add?

When it comes to most cars, colder air can result in a power increase of 5 to 20 horsepower.

When is it the right time to change my air intake system?

For further information on when to replace your air filter, go to your owner's manual. The vehicle's manufacturer recommends that this occurs typically every 12,000 - 15,000 kilometers.

The air filter in your vehicle should be replaced if you have gone more than 100 miles after the last replacement was performed.


An inexpensive and straightforward technique of dramatically improving the performance of a vehicle is to install a cold intake air unit in it. In addition to the offers listed above, there are several more types of offers accessible in the marketplace.

The list above will guide you to the most suitable ones depending on your specific requirements and your willingness to invest a certain amount of money into the enterprise.

The gadgets we've picked are powerful, easy to install, and fairly priced, which is important to us. We've also included a tutorial to assist you in gaining access to the products before you make a decision to purchase them.

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