Top 12 Best Lift Kit For F250 Super Duty [Updated 2023]

What you are seeking is right here: the best lift kit for the Ford F250 Super Duty. Using this guide, try to lift the F250 Super Duty. Raising the truck may appear to be an unnecessary expense at first glance, but there are several benefits to doing so. Consequently, if you have been considering it, we strongly advise you to go ahead and do it. However, it is not without challenges.

Apart from the fact that the installation takes a bit longer and requires more work than you anticipate, obtaining a raise kit for the Super Duty that is suitable for the task might also be difficult. But don't be concerned. We have put up a selection of lift kits that will work flawlessly with your truck.

The Ford F250 is a pickup vehicle designed to withstand the most demanding conditions. Instantaneously after you take it off the lot, it is ready to take on almost any challenge you can put at it. In order to guarantee that the F250 is off-road capable, you may want to consider purchasing a raise kit for it. If you have ever spent any time looking for lift kits, you are probably already aware of the large variety of options available. Today, we would like to assist you in locating the top lift kit for F250 Super Duty drivers on the market. Our goal is to assist you in making an educated decision by providing information about each of the options available to you.

We will start by providing a list of some of our top selections, which you can find below. It is anticipated that these suggestions will cover a broad variety of model years as well as lift kit kinds such as complete suspension lift kits, spacer kits, alignment kits, and combination leveling lift kits. Following our list, you will discover a purchase guide to assist you. There are a couple of last bits of advice that should be useful to you when you are out shopping. Let us get this ball rolling by discussing what we feel to be the greatest lift kit available for F250 Super Duty vehicles in general.

They are available in a range of sizes and designs, all of which have been carefully chosen to suit even the most exacting specifications and to satisfy any necessity.

If you are interested in learning, everything there is to know about them, continue reading. We have got all you need to know, plus a little bit more, too!

Why the ReadyLift is the finest lift kit available for the Ford F250 on the market?

As you can see, the ReadyLift is our best overall pick and remains our third-best overall choice. It is unsurprising why. Customer-centric goods are the core of this company, which delivers next-generation lift kits that anybody may enjoy.

Everybody, from truck enthusiasts who have been elevating the trucks for years to newbies who simply want to see how their vehicle appears, may benefit from ReadyLift kits.

Which is the best lift kit for f250 super duty?

It goes without saying that if we suppose to choose one product from the finest of the top, the Readylift 66-2726 is indeed our first option for the best lift kit for f250 super duty. It is ideal for most F250 vehicles since it provides inches 2.5 of lift (4WD).

Alternatively, if you were searching for something more reasonably priced, a pair of body mounts such as the Daystar KF04050BK would do the trick as well. You may increase the height of your vehicle by a few inches while simultaneously enhancing a number of other variables.

And if you are searching for much more lift, do not hesitate to invest in the ReadyLift 69-2735, which has a 3.5-inch lift height. They will significantly increase the visual attractiveness of your vehicle while also preparing it for some road riding.

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ReadyLift 66-2726 Leveling Kit
Daystar KF04050BK Polyurethane Mounts
ReadyLift 69-2735 SST Lift Kit
MotoFab Lifts Front Leveling Lift Kit
ReadyLift 66-2725 Front Leveling Kit
WULF 2.8-inch Mini Leaf Pack Leveling Kit
American Automotive Road Fury 3-inch Full Lift Kit
Rough Country 51001 Leveling Kit
WULF 3-inch Front Lift Leveling Kit
ReadyLift 46-2727 Coil Spring Front Lift Kit
Maxracing Suspension Leveling Kit
SUPERLIFT 6″ King Coilover Lift Kit (ASIN – B07YL7F5MC)

Top 12 Best Lift Kit For F250 Super Duty 2021

Given that we know it will be difficult to locate a raise kit that will suit your F250 and seems to be worth the money, we have compiled a series of those that will work. Eleven distinct types were discovered, each of which was excellent for either raising or leveling your truck effectively.

They are available in a variety of pricing ranges, varieties, and applications. You are all ready to find the perfect match. However, before making a purchase, take the time to read our evaluations to learn more.

1. ReadyLift 66-2726 Leveling Kit

Quick Summary
Brand: ReadyLift
Model: ‎66-2726
Item Weight: 29 pounds
Dimension (LWH): ‎9.99 x 9.99 x 9.99 in
Maximum Lifting Height: 2.5 Inches

There is no denying that the ReadyLift 66-2726 leveling system for the Ford F250 Super Duty is the greatest leveling kit available. From its outstanding 2.5-inch design that accommodates any tire to its exceptional raising capability that makes driving your vehicle more enjoyable, this is a lift kit that shouldn't be overlooked.


Features of ReadyLift 66-2726 Leveling Kit

Amazing Quality Construction

The mix of materials used for this lift set is nothing short of spectacular. A powder-coated steel coil spring spacers, cast-iron track bar displacement bracket, super-sturdy shock extensions, and even a cast-iron sway bar frame are all included. Additionally, you can anticipate next-level durability and silent performance in conjunction with the sound isolator.

Excellent Compatibility

One of the most compelling purposes to give the lifting kit ago is the ability to accommodate tyres up to 35 inches in diameter. This is sufficient to function with OEM tyres; therefore, you will not be needed to purchase new tyres for this kit. Even in that case, you may pair it with the 4WD F250 to make it even more useful than the standard version.

Uncomplicated Setup

Establishing a lifting kit is not always a time-consuming endeavor. Because of the user-friendly design of this model from ReadyLift, it is possible to achieve your objective. You will not have to do any cutting or drilling to make that elevating kit fit correctly on your truck.

If your looking to level the front of your F-250 then this is the perfect kit. It comes with all necessary components to level the truck without the need to purchase anything else. One nice feature about this kit is the included track bar relocation bracket that keeps the front axle centered under the truck. I’ve installed many lift kits and can say this is one of the easiest to install so far. If you have large jack stands and basic hand tools it can be installed at home in your driveway. Ride quality is the same as stock.
Try the ReadyLift 66-2726 Leveling Kit

2. Daystar KF04050BK Polyurethane Mounts

Quick Summary
Brand : Daystar
Model: F250, F350
Item Weight: ‎6.1 ounces
Product Dimensions: ‎10 x 6 x 4 inches
Price: Below $150

As previously said, the Daystar KF04050BK lift kit is the ideal upgrade for folks who do not want to boost their vehicle far too much but still want to take advantage of a lift kit without having to spend a lot of money. These body mounts are capable of far more than their appearance would suggest.


Features of Daystar KF04050BK Polyurethane Mounts

Constructed for Longevity

Rubber is used in the manufacture of the OEM mounts on the majority of F250 pickups. These mounts are extremely thin, resulting in a low-quality construction that wears out really quickly. These polyurethane body mounts, on the other hand, are designed to last a lifetime due to their unique combination of materials that can support greater weight and endure the accumulation of oil, fluids, and filth.

Increases the drivability of the truck

You will get a slew of benefits as a result of the installation of these mounts. One of them would be the general performance of the car, which makes it simpler to control and maneuver about. Around the same moment, you get benefits from superb body alignment, which allows the frame to fit flawlessly. And, maybe more significantly, they improve responsiveness throughout the process.

Compatible with Most Ford F250 

It should not be too difficult to get these mounts up and running. Despite the fact that they are composed of high-quality materials and cutting-edge technology, they are easily adaptable to the majority of F250 vehicles. No matter what year they were manufactured (from 1999 to 2017), you would have no trouble configuring them.

Worked great for my 2012 F250. My bushings were in terrible condition. They literally crumbled as I took them off. The job took me about 1.5 hours and these bushings fit perfectly. There are several good videos out there on how to do this DIY project. Some people mention their truck rides stiffer but I can’t tell one bit. I’m glad the loud clanking noise in my truck bed is gone. If you have a superduty consider the change you won't be disappointed.
Try the Daystar KF04050BK Polyurethane Mounts

3. ReadyLift 69-2735 SST Lift Kit

Quick Summary
Brand : Readylift
Position: Rear
Material: Cast Iron
Product Dimensions: ‎‎28 x 18 x 20 inches
Price: Below $750

Some individuals do not intend to spend a few additional dollars to receive a product that is genuinely dependable and functional, and that does its job without causing them any problems. This 66-2735 from ReadyLift will be perfect for you if you identify with its description.

Features of ReadyLift 69-2735 SST Lift Kit 

Improvements to the Ride Quality 

It is tough to provide a driving feel that rivals that of the factory with a raise kit. The good news is that this one accomplishes that objective. Its 3.5-inch design, which is compatible with the majority of 4WD vehicles with a single drive shaft system, may significantly improve the handling of your vehicle. You will also notice an improvement in the smoothness of the ride.

Excellent Design and Construction

There is no need to be concerned about the equipment breaking or wearing out quickly. Because of the results of high-quality steel and cast-iron components as well as the addition of a strong finish, even the smallest flaw is avoided. Even the hardware has been designed to withstand high-strain use, allowing you to work your vehicle up without concern.

Installation is No-Brainer

No special skills or knowledge are required to install this raise kit on the truck. Despite the fact that it is normally suggested if you have minimal expertise, this kit makes the process far easier than the basic kit. Because it has a distinctive bolt-on construction and includes all of the essential hardware for the job, you will enjoy putting it together with your free hands.

Instructions could be a little clearer but overall easy install
Try the ReadyLift 69-2735 SST Lift Kit

4. MotoFab Lifts Front Leveling Lift Kit

Quick Summary
Position: Front
Material: Aluminum
Product Dimensions: ‎8 x 8 x 6 inches
Price: Below $50

Perhaps the most basic lifting gear on the list, it is also the most reasonably priced. The MotorFab front-leveling option has a total height of 2.5 inches and is suitable for completely leveling your vehicle to give it a more thrilling appearance. It is available in two different sizes.

Features of MotoFab Lifts Front Leveling Lift Kit

Construction on a Higher Level

As soon as you take the set out of the packaging, you will notice that the materials are extremely wear-resistant and exceptionally long-lasting. It is constructed entirely of CNC-machined billet aluminum. The combination of this structure and an anodized black finish raises the overall quality of the item even further.

Record-Time Installation 

 You will not need to devote over 2 hours putting this kit together. Hopefully, this will be sufficient to have your truck running and ready to work. You will like putting them together because of the tool-free installation technique and the superb design that avoids installation complications from occurring.

Unbeatably Reasonable Prices

It costs less than $30 to purchase a high-quality leveling system that raises the F250 Super Duty by 2.5 inches over the stock height. If that is not something to look out for, then there will be nothing to look for.

We strongly suggest them for the vast majority of individuals, as far as you are not searching for anything more than what they provide.

Excellent product. I installed the kit in under 2 hours. The parts feel like they are high quality. I used an electronic impact gun, 3 sockets, and a 10mm wrench. Instructions are included in the kit. I highly recommend using 2 floor jacks so you may want to borrow one from a friend. When you are ready to drop the axle put a jack under each side of the axle and lower it slowly. Otherwise it's an easy install. Ride quality is the same after the install with no issues.
Try the MotoFab Lifts Front Leveling Lift Kit

5. ReadyLift 66-2725 Front Leveling Kit 

Quick Summary
Brand: Readylift
Position: Rear
Item Weight: ‎16 pounds
Product Dimensions: ‎16 x 8.5 x 8.5 inches
Price: Below $200

 Yes, we would have to bring ReadyLift back into the picture. Unfortunately, there are more and more of these things to overlook, so we were forced to come up with the 66-2725 entry-level model. With a height of 2.5 inches and an extremely straightforward layout, you get the complete package.

Features of ReadyLift 66-2725 Front Leveling Kit 

Adjusts the truck's level

Because it provides inches of 2.5 for lifting on its front, this kit is more suited for leveling than general lifting purposes. However, this is a significant advantage because this will make your vehicle much more visually appealing and is also easier to drive. This includes improvements in every aspect of the vehicle, from handling to look, and even bump resistance.

 Built to Last a Lifetime

Then you may take pleasure in the high-quality workmanship that each element of the kit provides. All from the shock extensions to sound isolators, coil-spring spacers and even the sway bar frames spacer is constructed of powder-coated steel, including the shock extensions and sway bar frame spacers. This construction guarantees the greatest possible wear sturdiness and resistance.

Installation is Quite Simple

The fact that this kit will fit every F250 Super Duty from 2017 through 2021 is something that must be overlooked. Because it comes with the whole hardware kit as well as beautiful and unique designs, you won't have to drill or cut anything to put them together. Even a complete novice may put them to use in a few hours of effort.

I installed this leveling kit myself in the garage. It's a true 2.5in kit. I would like a little bit more personally but it still looks much better than it did. Do yourself a favor and buy the kit that has the track bar relocation bracket, it will save you time and money in the long run.
Try the ReadyLift 66-2725 Front Leveling Kit 

6. WULF 2.8-inch Mini Leaf Pack Leveling Kit 

Quick Summary
Brand ‎WULF: Suspensions
Item Weight: ‎220 pounds
Package Dimensions: ‎39.37 x 39.37 x 19.69 in
Material: Alloy Steel
Maximum Lifting Height: 2.8 Inches

Wulf is another brand that we strongly suggest. This is one of those firms that appears to create tuning equipment, but in reality, they manufacture one of the easiest suspension systems available today. Fantastic elevating kits, such as this WULF 2.8-inch Mini Leaf Pack Leveling Kit 2.8-inch, are among them.

Features of WULF 2.8-inch Mini Leaf Pack Leveling Kit 

Installation without Removal

The ability to operate above the factory lifts is perhaps the most exciting aspect of using these lifters in your shop. You will not be required to remove them in order to install these. Furthermore, because it includes all of the necessary hardware, such as pins, plates and extended U-bolts, you can easily assemble them in a matter of hours with no effort.

Construction with Extreme Sturdiness

They are capable of withstanding a great deal of wear, despite their little size. You will receive a powder-coated steel structure, U-bolts, pins and plates as part of your purchase. This is further enhanced by the use of strong steel in the springs, which allows them to survive even longer. With them, there is no possibility of suffering wear or sagging in the short term.

Increased Stability and Handling

Those looking to add an additional touch of driving excellence may also anticipate this kit to be of assistance in their endeavors. Because of the high-quality aligning bolts, which keep the kit steady, as well as the excellent structure that prevents any form of damage, anyone could use this lift safely and comfortably on a consistent basis.


Super fast shipping, great product easy install. Made a complete different truck out of mine. Sits nice and level.
Try the WULF 2.8-inch Mini Leaf Pack Leveling Kit 

7. American Automotive Road Fury 3-inch Full Lift Kit 

Quick Summary
Brand: ‎American Automotive
Model: ‎Wrangler JK
Item Weight: ‎14 pounds
Position Rear, Front
Material: Alloy Steel

We additionally wanted to offer a raise kit that was very compatible with the vehicle and did not require you to devote more than just a few hours putting up. This 3-inch variant from American Automotive is just the type of raise kit you are looking for.

Features of American Automotive Road Fury 3-inch Full Lift

Kit Fits Range of Ford F250 Models

One of the benefits of this great elevating kit is that it is compatible with both your F250 and your F350, and it can be used with vehicles manufactured from 2005 to 2021. Yes, it is compatible with more than sixteen years of Super Duty vehicles, allowing you to install it practically anyplace. And, thanks to the hardware package it provides, you can get it up and running in three hours or less.

Outstanding Resilience 

This lift kit is constructed of inch-0.25, laser-cut steel and is capable of withstanding any amount of stress. The carbon-steel spring spacer, tapered rear lift blocks, lengthened U-bolts, brake relocation brackets and even the shock extenders are all examples of this. Also, the sound locators are made of high-quality materials that are built to last.

Little Increase in Performance

The benefits of this product include not only a design that is simple to install and high-quality construction that is built to last, but you can also enjoy a stock ride quality that is superior to that of the factory. This system, especially when combined with both the sound isolator and the additional 3 inches of elevation, will make driving your car on the highway a delight.

Had it on my jeep for about 3 days now. It took me a total of 2 1/2 hours by my self. I did not need a spring clamp deal but it won't hurt to use one, definitely if you doing it by your self. Definitely worth the money. Only problem i had was the paint, it seemed like they painted it and let it tack up then put in the package with out allowing the paint to cure, other then that I'm enjoying this lift.
Try the American Automotive Road Fury 3-inch Full Lift Kit 

8. Rough Country 51001 Leveling Kit 

Quick Summary
Brand: ‎Rough Country
Model: ‎1.5" Leveling KIt
Item Weight: ‎3.9 pounds
Product Dimensions: ‎14 x 5.75 x 2.5 inches
Price: Below $100

Depending on the situation, you may not require more than just an inch or two to level the vehicle. The51001 from Rough Country, a 1.5-inch lift kit for the Ford F250 Super Duty, is an outstanding example of why this is such a fantastic pick. If you do not require a lot of lifting, this one will work perfectly for your F250 truck.

Features of Rough Country 51001 Leveling Kit 

Exceptional Truck Enhancement

Because of the slight 1.5-inch lift, it may appear to be pointless. However, the small amount of ground clearance may aid in better handling and smoother riding.  Because your vehicle will be leveled entirely, you will have a better grip on the road and will be safer on the road as a result.

Durable and reasonably priced

Due to the fact that it is merely a collection of spacers, it is far less expensive than the typical lift kit. But, aside from it, it also lasts far longer than you may imagine. Because of their strong aluminum design, the spacers are capable of withstanding off-road use without issue. In addition, they can survive for several years in normal driving conditions.

Simple and Quick Setup

It is not necessary to spend the full day swapping out the factory kit in order to use this one. With its bolt-on installation, you can quickly and easily get them up and running. The spacers are equipped with a locking/lip system that allows them to be installed practically straight on the OEM seat. This will save lots of effort and guessing that you would otherwise have to do with other kits. 

I would recommend this product. The installation was easy even if your not that mechanical. It took me about 4 hours using regular sockets and wrenches. I rented a spring compression tool from O'Reilly. It was $50 deposit, You get it back when you return it. I bought the 1.5 lift for my 2017 f350 crew cab. It raised the front end just about an inch lower than the back end. I also got new tires. I had 31 inch but bought 33 inch. I think the stance is perfect.
Try the Rough Country 51001 Leveling Kit 

9. WULF 3-inch Front Lift Leveling Kit 

Quick Summary
Brand: ‎WULF Suspensions
Compatible with 1999-2004 Ford F250 F350 Super Duty 4X4
FRONT: 3" Adjustable Lift Powder Coated Mini Leaf Spring Packs
4X4 4WD models only

We now have a 3-inch version of the Wulf leveling kit, which we received in the first place. It also is a spacer-based stack setup, which is ideal for raising your truck a few inches off the ground and enjoying a more leveled vehicle overall.

Features of WULF 3-inch Front Lift Leveling Kit 

Enjoy a Stress-Free Experience

An important feature of this leveling system is its anti-sagging structure, which is one of its primary advantages. Because of the high-quality steel construction, you can equip your Super Duty with a series of leaves that will stand up to heavy loads and wear and tear. With the same lifters, you can anticipate the vehicle to survive several years and continue to function as well as it did when new.

Bolt-On Installation is available

Make sure you do not spend the entire day attempting to fit the lift kit. Using a bolt-on style like this, you will not even need to pay a mechanic to do the job. You should be able to complete the task in a good few hours or a little longer if you work alone. You will not have to suffer as a result of the process, thanks to the guidelines that are included with it.

Improves the smoothness of the ride

Even if you always have a full suspension system installed on your vehicle, this one will work wonders in terms of improving ride quality by orders of magnitude. Because it merely raises the vehicle by only a few inches, it will not cause other components to get overstretched. Around the same moment, it is strong enough to provide the stability required for any application.

Install was straight forward and simple enought to do with 2 Jack's and Jack stands. Total of 6 mini leaf springs came in the box aswell the spacers to pitman arm, but only ended up using 4 leaf spring and no spacers. I assume you need to install if your using all 6 leafs.
Now the front is leveled on my 2001 Ford f250. If you purchase this I reccomend to start on passenger side and work 1 side at a time. Passenger side took more time to line up bolt head to the axles little hole that holds all the leaf springs together, and soak off nuts and bolts with PB blaster or WD-40.
Try the  WULF 3-inch Front Lift Leveling Kit  

10.  ReadyLift 46-2727 Coil Spring Front Lift Kit

Quick Summary
Brand: ‎Readylift
Model: ‎46-2727
Item Weight: ‎79 pounds
Product Dimensions: ‎30 x 12.5 x 11.5 inches
Price: Below $650

Only with 2.5 inches of total lift, this ReadyLift 46-2727 will maintain your vehicle at the proper height while also offering a little amount of driving benefit to the driver. It works like a charm if you do not want to break the bank but yet want a more-than-decent service without breaking the bank.

Features of ReadyLift 46-2727 Coil Spring Front Lift Kit

Increases the Enjoyment of the Riding Experience

The installation of the Bilstein 5125 shock absorber distinguishes this lift kit from the rest of the competitors. It makes it possible for individuals to navigate difficult terrain without being concerned. And, as it turns out, this also increases the overall durability of the kits by reducing the levels of wear that the individual parts endure.

Increases the Ability of the Truck 

As this is a coil-spring system, you may anticipate seeing significant height gain as a result. However, even though it only elevates the vehicle by 2.5 inches, it should be plenty to accommodate a 35-inch tyre as well as a variety of additional accessories. Your truck will appear noticeably higher, and the driver's road visibility will be improved as a result.

 Hardware Kit with Lots of Function

The inclusion of all of the hardware required for installation will undoubtedly save you a significant amount of time and work. Although you will not receive the easiest-to-install raise kit, this would still save you enough time that it will be worth your while to set it up yourself.

Installed this on my 2019 F250, came with all the pieces I needed. I have a bunch of tools laying in the garage so I actually installed it by myself in my backyard in about 4 hours. I took it to a shop to get aligned and was super happy with how it came out. It rides the same if not better than how it did from factory, even my dad and girlfriend agreed when I took them for a ride. I would definitely recommend having a shop do it for you if you aren’t mechanically inclined. But other than that, better than most leveling kits out there just because of the fact it’s actually coils and shocks rather than just pucks.
Try the ReadyLift 46-2727 Coil Spring Front Lift Kit

11.  Maxracing Suspension Leveling Kit

Quick Summary
Model: ‎F Series 250 350 Suspension Leveling Kit
Item Weight: ‎4.25 pounds
Item model number: ‎F250/F350 Leveling Kit
MATERIAL: The spacer is manufactured from billet aluminum to match you factory suspension. Resistant against wear and tear.

Features of Maxracing Suspension Leveling Kit

High-Quality Construction

Your vehicle will benefit from the long-lasting lift provided by these spacers, which are made of billet aluminum for maximum strength. When you utilize the F250 in demanding situations, you will not have to be concerned about the equipment failing. They also have good resistance to rust and other symptoms of aging and wear.

Setup in Minutes using Bolt-On Technology

You will not have to cut or alter the bottom of your car in order to install this complete raise kit on your vehicle. If you have any expertise, you should be able to complete this design in less than two hours with such a basic layout. If you do not, you can anticipate it to take no more than 3 hours to complete the installation.

Enhancements in Driving and Feel

The last advantage that we could not leave is the possibility of giving the truck a more leveled appearance. 2 inches of raise on the front end will give you the opportunity to make the F250 seem more desirable to potential buyers. This should also improve the driving experience by smoothing out friction and making the ride more comfortable.

Easy install, I was able to Level my 2018 F-350, took 2.5 hours to do by myself. Items needed, floor jack, 2ea. 6 ton jack stands, hand tools and impact gun. Break loose lug nuts then raise tires approximately 4" off ground, lower onto jack stands located under frame rails. I installed 2" longer Rancho 9000XL shocks for the front and standard 9000XL shocks in the back.
There are good how to videos on you tube.
Try the Maxracing Suspension Leveling Kit

12.  SUPERLIFT 6″ King Coilover Lift Kit (ASIN – B07YL7F5MC)

Quick Summary
Manufacturer: ‎Superlift
Manufacturer Part Number: ‎SL-K171KG

 This equipment from SUPERLIFT is not inexpensive, and we will state that right upfront. For those seeking for the best raise kit for Ford F250 Super Duty pick-up trucks, it has to be near or at the top of their shortlist.


Features of SUPERLIFT 6″ King Coilover Lift Kit 


Best Ride Quality

This raise kit comes with all of the whistles and bells you will need to ensure peak performance from your vehicle. Among the modifications are sway bar correction, four-link conversion, a track bar bracket, a drop pitman arm and other modifications. Everything that you need to outfit your vehicle with a durable and dependable six-inch raise kit is included in this package.


When it comes to vehicle modifications, having this lift kit fitted will be a learning experience for you if you are not used to doing so. For the vast majority of people, we recommend that they take it to their chosen technician to guarantee correct installation. Once it has been fitted, though, you will discover that the raising kit provides excellent performance both on and off the beaten path.

Transformation of Truck

 Additionally, it will dramatically transform the appearance of your truck. If you have the necessary funds in your budget, you may purchase this package with confidence.

Worth the price. Easy to install.
Try the SUPERLIFT 6″ King Coilover Lift Kit 

Best Lift Kit For F250 Super Duty: Buying Guide

A thorough understanding of the F250 Super Duty lift kit is required in order to purchase the item. And to do so, you'll need to take a close look at the various characteristics that distinguish the excellent from the terrible. These and other considerations that you should examine before reaching a final decision will be discussed in greater detail in the next sections of this article. Take a look at this: Lifting Kits are classified into the following categories: The very first thing to keep in mind is whether or not the kit has the lifting capability you're seeking before purchasing it. But how do you find out what it has to offer? You take into consideration the sort of kit. Below are a few examples:

Body Lifting

A great alternative for lifting the truck's whole body by a few inches (or less), a chassis mount is a simple and effective solution. These mounts are primarily intended to be used as a replacement for worn-out OEM mounts. However, when compared to OEM kits, they may provide a little amount of additional lifting. Consequently, if you do not need to do any lifting, they are a good investment. It is possible that you'll have some riding comfort as well. However, the difference between OEM lifts and aftermarket lifts is not significant, as it has no effect on clearance.

Leveling Lifting

The architecture of the majority of F250 trucks is unleveled. As a result, the front of the vehicle is frequently somewhat smaller than the back. The leveling kit's main purpose is to raise the front of your truck in order to level it out. As a result, they were given this name. It is common for this type of leveling kit to provide a total rise of between 1 and 3 inches. Furthermore, they are rather simple to put in place too though (only in the front).

By raising the front of the vehicle, you may make the truck appear more balanced and allow it to negotiate turns with fewer vibrations. This may also provide a little amount of additional clearance.

Suspension Lifting

When purchasing a suspension lift kit, it is common to find a little spring-like hoop that fits underneath the spring kit. Nothing compares to coil-spring kits when it comes to providing the greatest possible lifting capability.

It may be equipped with suspension systems to enable you to cope with demanding off-road terrain as well as heavier loads when carrying. A suspension raise, particularly if it is combined with lift blocks, can add several inches to the overall length of the vehicle. With one of them, you can get a rise of anywhere between 1 and 6 inches.

Material Quality

When looking for a high-quality lift kit, it is also important to look for one that is both sturdy and wear-resistant. This necessitates the use of a high-quality material that can withstand wear and tear over time. That is why we always choose quality lift kits that are constructed of metal. They are more resilient in general, and this is particularly true when it comes to steel.

Some alternatives, such as aluminum and cast-iron, are also effective in their respective fields. Steel, on the other hand, is unquestionably the greatest material available. If you are looking for something inexpensive, rubber or polyurethane will not disappoint.

In addition to the material, taking into consideration the finish or coating may provide you with a durability increase. Lift kits that are powder-coated will last far longer than complete lift kits that are not powder-coated. This is due to the fact that they can withstand far more heat and moisture, hence avoiding wear and corrosion more efficiently.


When shopping for high-quality lift kits, there are a variety of heights to choose from. Some of them are only capable of lifting the vehicle by one inch. Others, on the other hand, may have a total lift of up to 6 inches. It is your responsibility to locate the most appropriate one.

However, to lead to a greater understanding, 2-inch raise kits for F250 are designed to provide a small amount of additional clearance for tires. They are popular among customers who do not want a significant amount of lift but yet want to improve the overall appearance of their truck.

However, you may purchase raise kits that are as much as 4 inches or over in height. These are more geared toward homeowners who desire the greatest amount of clearance. If you want a high-performance suspension as well as bigger tyres, this type of raise kit is the best option.

In the end, you will encounter lift kits that are not actually capable of doing much lifting (less than 2 inches). These are mostly utilized as replacements for worn-out OEM bolts and to keep the vehicle steady while on the road.

Installation and Hardware

A lift kit installation should not take more than 30 minutes for each vehicle. As a result, it is critical that you select a model that requires the least amount of time to install. Nothing is more vital than the sort of lift kit you choose if you want to obtain that form of a lift kit. In rare situations, a body mount can be completed in less than an hour.

However, installing a spring coil or suspension unit might take you more than 3 hours. Even a technician may be able to endure for longer than that. One other thing to think about is this: It is possible that you will wish to do the setup manually.

However, one may not be capable to do so if you do not have the proper tools. If the installation proves to be too complex, you will need to use professional assistance. And that may be very expensive. As if all of that was not enough, you also have to take into account the hardware. Depending on the lift kit, it may include all of the hardware essential for installation, saving you the trouble of having to purchase additional gear later. Others, on the other hand, do not.

And those can be far more difficult to put up on your own (as well as more costly). So do not be afraid to invest in a suspension lift kit, which includes everything you will need to complete the project. This covers everything from spacers to nuts to plates to the actual lifters themselves.

Driving Performance

The majority of people believe that the best lift kit is just for the purpose of making the Ford F250 Super Duty better appealing. However, this is not the case. The right raise kit may also improve the driving experience by making the car more maneuverable, smoother, or just softer while traveling over bumps.

It is important to understand, however, that not all lift kits provide the same level of comfort and convenience. As previously stated, a body mount makes very little to no difference in the experience of driving the vehicle.

A suspension lift kit, on the other hand, will raise the truck and increase the amount of shock absorption. A number of best lift kits are especially intended to minimize vibration and improve the overall stability of the vehicle. This upgrade may allow you to drive much more precisely and effectively, as well as strengthen your total control of the vehicle.

In rare situations, the additional suspension lift kit may also aid in the reduction of friction when operating a vehicle. The fact that your truck's MPG (miles-per-gallon) will be reduced may come as a surprise to you. As a result of installing a raise kit, you may notice a number of interesting advantages.

Towing Considerations

When towing any type of weight behind the vehicle, it is critical to understand the limitations and capabilities of your towing configuration. While there are several considerations to keep in mind, some of them are readily misconstrued, which can result in overloading and possible safety concerns. Having a better awareness of the abilities of the vehicle as well as the towing regulations will allow you to hit the highway feeling calm, confident, and in control.


How do you lift an F-250?

On these vehicles, you may still utilize most gooseneck trailers with the 4 inches modification, which will allow you to elevate the F-250.

Do you need to replace stock shocks on an F-250 with a lift kit?

Although it is not required, experts normally recommend upgrading to new shocks in conjunction with a raise kit. In order to accommodate this, most manufacturers sell their kits in conjunction with a suspension. A raise kit should be used in conjunction with the factory suspension, which is particularly important. The use of a raise kit in this situation might exacerbate the stress on the original suspension and prevent it from performing as planned.

Is the computer recalibration needed after the installation?

It will be useful to calibrate the test equipment after it has been installed since the purpose of calibration is to reduce any measurement errors by ensuring that the test equipment is accurate. Calibration is the process of quantifying and controlling mistakes or uncertainties within measuring procedures to a level that is acceptable.

Does the steering wheel have to be adjusted after installing a kit?

After the installation of new tires, we recommend that you get them aligned. One of the most prevalent indicators of misalignment is tugging to one side while driving, odd tire wear, and/or a steering wheel that is off-center despite the fact that your car is traveling straight.

Can a leveling kit damage my truck?

A leveling kit has the potential to exacerbate wear damage to the components surrounding it, particularly the suspension and the axle. However, in some instances, the damage is scarcely evident. Over time, you may notice a longer tirew life and less motor wear as a result of this. Even with the minor inconveniences, the overall effect of adding a raise kit is beneficial.

Will a lift kit reduce the towing capacity of the Ford F250?

There is no proof that using a raise kit when hauling decreases the towing capability of the vehicle. Nevertheless, it still is not suggested to tow with a raised F250 since it may cause undesired pressure on various elements of the vehicle, which may cause the truck to wear out more quickly in the long run.

Does a lift kit affect the MPG of an F250?

In fact, there is evidence that employing leveling kits might cause your truck to spend more petrol than it would otherwise. Because they increase the height of the truck, the F250's aerodynamic design is compromised, resulting in increased wind resistance. While at the same moment, raise packages sometimes call for larger and more powerful wheels, which increases the level of force the motor must generate in order to move the vehicle.

What distinguishes a Ford F250 truck as Super Duty?

The Super Duty F250 was designed to distinguish itself from the smaller F150 in terms of name recognition. Due to the fact that the truck is bigger than its predecessor, Ford determined that adding the Super Duty designation would be a great marketing strategy. And, as it turned out, it worked. The term "Super Duty" is used to explain the bigger design and greater towing capability of the truck.

When it comes to leveling kits and lift kits, what is the distinction between them?

While a leveling kit helps to balance the car and make it appear straighter, a lift kit helps to increase the total height of the vehicle. A leveling kit may result in a minor gain in performance, but nothing spectacular can be expected.

A raise kit, on the other hand, will increase the height of the vehicle, which will improve off-road performance while also allowing for the installation of a variety of various accessories.

A raise kit is the best option if you want to increase the size of your tires, improve the quality of your suspension, or just make your vehicle seem more beautiful by raising the height of the truck body frame. However, if you want to correct the slightly skewed front end of the F250, you should consider purchasing a leveling kit.

What is the cost of a lift for a Ford F250?

When it relates to lifting kits, pricing might range anywhere from fifty dollars or less to more than five hundred dollars. And when you add up the costs of installation, you may be looking at prices ranging from one hundred dollars to three hundred dollars.

In certain high-end mechanical shops, you may expect to pay four to five hundred or even a thousand dollars. That is only applicable to ordinary lift kits. If you want to configure a performance-driven chassis, expect to pay thousands of dollars, especially if you hire a professional to do the job.

Is 2 inches lift for the Ford F250 Super Duty a good investment?

If all you want is to level the front end of your F250 and fit slightly larger tires, there is no reason to raise it more than 2 inches. 

Is it possible to drive a modified F250 Super Duty on a daily basis?

A raise kit is particularly developed and constructed to withstand the rigors of ordinary driving (including driving for extended periods of time). However, be certain that the lift system you get is appropriate for the sort of driving you to do. Some versions are primarily intended for off-road or daring use, rather than for commuting in urban environments.

Why Would a 2-Inch Lift Be Better Than Nothing?

Yes, it is well worth the effort. There are several advantages to having a 2-inch lift. While providing a better view of your surroundings, the lift also serves to protect the under-carriage from destruction while driving off-road. In addition, the take-off angle has been increased. It also provides the opportunity to insert a tire of a bigger circumference. The size is determined by the amount of lift offered by the kit. The positives outweigh the disadvantages by a wide margin, with little to no drawbacks. The result is a discernible and obvious improvement after receiving an elevator.

Is it harmful to use spacer leveling kits?

There is no chance that they will do any damage or harm to your truck if they are installed appropriately. The parts with spacers that we mentioned above have lips that help to ensure that the kits are installed in the proper manner. Only when the spacers raise the truck to an excessive height will people have problems. Aside from that, they are completely secure and safe to use.


It is possible to get hundreds of different lift kits to suit your needs. However, none of them will be able to compete with the excellence of the model we have presented in this post. We know this because we spent far too many hours searching for the finest lift kit for a Ford F250 Super Duty before bringing it to you. As a result, you may put your faith in our advice in every manner. You will not be disappointed if you use our assistance because every piece of information you want, as well as extra, may be found here!

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