Top 10 Best Jeep XJ Lift Kit Reviews [2022 Updated Guide]

If you wanted the greatest XJ Lift Kit, you might have assumed you needed to purchase a new vehicle. It isn't correct! For your current, well-loved car, the best XJ Lift Kits are available. It will give your bike a more aggressive posture and enable it to reach up to 7 inches in height. It includes everything you'll need to get started, including all of the essential hardware and step-by-step instructions on how to put the kit together yourself.

This article will cover every facet of the best products, and answer any additional questions you may have to make the purchase simpler. You can discover the finest lift kit for your Jeep Cherokee XJ using this information.




Rough Country 3” Lift Kit
Supreme Suspension Lift Kit
Daystar, Jeep XJ Cherokee 1.75” Lift Kit
Rough Country 2” Adjustable Lift Kit
3” Front + 2” Rear Lift Kit Supreme Suspension
Rough Country 1.5” Rear Shackle Relocation Kit
Rough Country Drop Pitman Arm Lift
Supreme Suspensions 3″ Inch Kit Lift
Rough Country 623N2 4.5-inch Suspension Lift Kit
Supreme Suspensions Transfer Case Lowering Kit

Top 10 Best Jeep XJ Lift Kit Reviews

1. Rough Country 3” Lift Kit

Quick Summary
Brand:  Rough Country
Position:  Driveline
Material:  Rubber
Maximum Lifting Height:  3 Inches
Item Weight:  ‎90.2 pounds

Rough Country 3” Lift Kit

Nothing matches the Rough Country N3 Series that's both affordable and attractive. Even the most inexperienced DIYers may do the task on a Saturday using easy bolt-on installation. In addition, you won't have to rush to the hardware shop to complete the work since everything you need is included in the kit.

If you want to drive your Jeep over rough terrains, this is the ideal alternative because the lift will protect your vehicle from any harm. Furthermore, even if you wish to drive in sandy places, this will cover you. Finally, its design makes it ideal for any off-road adventure.

This product's well-designed coiled springs will assist you in driving over unsurfaced tracks extremely smoothly, making the drive nice and simple. The springs are another amazing feature of this device.

These springs will aid in the installation of bigger tires. As a result, you don't have to worry about damaging the Jeep when you add tires, and bigger tires are also a good idea for rough terrains.

A spring-loaded piston of 18 mm is also incorporated. It has the advantage of ensuring that the brakes are constantly in place. Any irritating sounds originating from the vehicle will be prevented as well, resulting in smooth and serene travel with no interruptions. This includes both an 18 mm and a 35 mm piston rod, so you can use whichever one you like.

Aside from that, this kit has a 10-stage variable valving system. It is also nitrogen-charged and high-pressured, ensuring top-notch performance. Along with this, the product has a tensile strength of 36Kn, which makes it even better. Rough Country gives a lifetime replacement guarantee to customers, so you should feel comfortable and secure driving with them. It won't degrade the quality of your factory ride, and it shouldn't be too difficult to install for anybody who has done it before.

This isn't the product for you if you're looking for a raise kit that can support 35-inch tires or even bigger ones. Unfortunately, a 33-inch tire may still need fender adjustments, leading you to another alternative on this list. Despite this, the Rough Country N3 Series raise kit is possibly the finest money can buy because of its low price and simplicity of installation.

"Lift seems well built and well thought out. For the purchase price I don't believe you could best it. I have another XJ and probably will order another kit."
Try Rough Country 3” Lift Kit

2. Supreme Suspension Lift Kit

Quick Summary
Brand:  Supreme Suspensions
Position:  Rear, Front
Material:  Carbon Steel
Maximum Lifting Height:  2 Inches
Package Dimensions:  ‎12.3 x 10 x 7.3 inches

Supreme Suspension Lift Kit

The Supreme Suspensions Full Lift Kit is the third item on the list. This device is designed to suit the Jeep Cherokee XJ from 1984 to 2001. However, it will not fit the Jeep Cherokee XJ with welded bump stops.

The package contains:

  • • High-density Delrin Spring Spacers.
  • • A transfer care drop kit.
  • • Two high-strength steel lift shackles.
  • • All necessary hardware and installation instructions.
  • • Extended sway bar links

The installation is straightforward and should take no more than 2 to 4 hours. This raise kit should be aligned with your car. Because the instructions are given, the installation procedure should be quite straightforward to grasp and carry out at home.

This suspension lift kit is designed to improve the appearance of your Jeep. Furthermore, the ground clearance will be increased. This will make it much easier to install some larger tires and unique rims.

When placed appropriately, this raise will also aid in reducing vibrations. The materials utilized in this product are likewise of excellent quality, allowing it to function effectively due to its strength and durability. The spring spacers in this lift kit are made of a thick Delrin material which makes it a great quality suspension lift kit.

Furthermore, the lift shackles are composed of very strong steel. As a result, the product is very dependable in the long run. It's also a good idea to make sure this is correctly aligned.

This will protect everyone inside and outside the car from any mishaps. In addition, the ground clearance will be excellent even with the 2-inch kit. Not only that, but your Jeep's fuel efficiency will increase as well.

Furthermore, the wear and tear, tire wear, and many other performance measures, including safety of this leveling lift kit, improve. This will ensure that the product requires little upkeep.

Even with the greater ground clearance provided by the Supreme raise kit, the ride quality is not affected. The product's design and spring alignment assist in cushioning the car against uneven terrain, making even bumpy drives more comfortable.

As a result, the suspension is appropriate for cars likely to be operated in off-road and rough terrains. City dwellers may also use this raise kit to give their car a monstrous aspect.

Supreme Suspension has long been a leader in the production of high-quality premium goods for Jeeps and SUVs.

"Great product. I'm a certified Technician, and can say, fitment is great! Well constructed, NOT junk! Fit my 96 Jeep Cherokee XJ perfectly. After the lift, the wheel alignment was within .10 for caster. That's good. Only complaint... DID NOT COME WITH SHACKLE BOLTS. 84-01 XJ USE M14 2.0 120mm length grade 10.9(grade8 in standard)."
Try Supreme Suspension Lift Kit

3. Daystar, Jeep XJ Cherokee 1.75” Lift Kit

Quick Summary
Brand:  ‎Daystar
Item Weight:  ‎8 pounds
Product Dimensions:  ‎10 x 6 x 4 inches
Item model number:  ‎KJ09105BK
Item Weight:  ‎8 pounds

Daystar, Jeep XJ Cherokee 1.75” Lift Kit

This product's build quality is also rather outstanding. It's composed of polyurethane with a high density. This product is sturdy and durable, and it will endure a long time. It is ideal for rocky, sandy, and rough terrains since it comes with all of the gear you'll need to take your car off-road safely.

This raise kit also includes a lift coil spoiler, which helps it perform effectively on bumpy terrain. In addition, bump stops are included with the lift coiler to ensure that your car is appropriately protected.

This raise kit will assist in safeguarding your Jeep when you travel off-road by providing enough distance between the vehicle and your automobile. This is made to endure because of the high-quality materials used. It is a one-of-a-kind item that will last a lifetime.

Another excellent feature is that the installation method is straightforward, and you will have no problems installing this transfer case drop kit. You won't have to worry about not figuring it out or spending money on a professional to install it. Even if you have rudimentary mechanical expertise, installing it in the proper location should be simple.

This item will suit the Jeep Cherokee XJ models from 1984 to 2001. As a result, if you own this model, this is the best choice for you. Daystar is another well-known brand that will not let you down if you buy its items.

These spacers may be installed in the front or rear of your Jeep Cherokee to correct unequal suspension. Because their role is so basic, they are the cheapest alternative available.

Installation, for that matter, is. This is most likely the finest XJ raise kit for you if your Jeep has a fundamental suspension issue. Daystar uses high-density polyurethane to make these spaces, so you can expect them to endure a long time.

This is another wonderful product that will keep your Jeep safe for a lifetime, and due to its longevity, you won't have to buy one.

Try Daystar, Jeep XJ Cherokee 1.75” Lift Kit

4. Rough Country 2” Adjustable Lift Kit

Quick Summary
Brand:  Rough Country
Position:  Rear
Material:  Alloy Steel
Cover Included:  Lift shackles Hardware
Maximum Lifting Height:  2 Inches

Rough Country 2” Adjustable Lift Kit

The 2-inch lift is not excessive and ensures that the car is elevated evenly throughout. This is an advantage over other lift kits, which may elevate the back and front ends of the Jeep unequally, which will not be the case with this product.

Additionally, the installation procedure is relatively straightforward, taking just a few minutes. The ease of installation is what sets this raise kit apart from the competition. Unlike other raise kits that take between two and four hours to install, this one takes just 45 minutes, which is rather impressive.

As previously stated, this product includes all necessary installation hardware as well as polyurethane bushings. Two-hole adjustments are another convenient feature. Additionally, this will give enough ground clearance for the back end of your Jeep. Additionally, the material and product are quite solid and dependable.

As a result of the company's confidence in the product, it comes with a lifetime guarantee. As a result, you will never have to purchase this product again. Additionally, the guarantee will cover you if you get a malfunctioning product, which is quite unusual.

Even though this product rises just 2 inches, it provides enough ground clearance for off-road driving.

"Very easy installation after you get the old stock shacles out. Removed bumper bolt preventing full articulation of shackle. Raised XJ up 1.5 in the rear. Still have one more hole if I need to go higher later on. Used this product to raise the rear after installing a heavy tire carrier bumper. Works well and it rides alot better too."
Try Rough Country 2” Adjustable Lift Kit

5. 3” Front + 2” Rear Lift Kit Supreme Suspension

Quick Summary
Brand:  Supreme Suspensions
Position:  Rear, Front
Material:  Alloy Steel
Maximum Lifting Height:  3 Inches
Package Dimensions:  ‎12.4 x 10.2 x 7.4 inches

3” Front + 2” Rear Lift Kit Supreme Suspension

With Supreme Suspension's Full Front and Rear Lift Kit, you may improve your car's appearance while also running wider tires.

To boost the quality and comfort of your ride as well as the lifetime of your car, we are proud to provide our High-End Elevate Kit.

This fits the Ford F-150 (2WD 4WD*) from 2004 to 2020, but not the FX4 or 2004 Heritage models. In addition, the factory 1.5" lift block on 4WD vehicles will be replaced with our 2" lift block, giving in a 0.5" greater rear lift.

(2x) T6 Billet Aluminum Front Lift Strut Spacers, (2x) High Strength Steel Rear Lift Blocks, (4x) Square Bend U-Bolts, Installation Hardware, Installation Instructions, Supreme Suspensions Pro Pack are among the items included.

It features a 2WD suspension raise of 3 inches in the front and 2 inches in the back. 4WD has a 3-inch front suspension raise and a 0.5-inch rear suspension lift. Keep in mind that the front spacer thickness to lift height ratio is not 1:1. The insertion of strut spacers changes the angle of the lower control arm, resulting in an extra lift beyond the thickness of the spacers.

It offers a simple bolt-on installation that takes 2 to 4 hours and does not need additional equipment. If you're changing the height of your car, an alignment is usually suggested.

This enhances your car's appearance while also increasing ground clearance, enabling you to install wider custom rims and tires.

Each of our products is finely machined using the most advanced metal fabrication techniques and given a unique coating to protect against the elements during manufacture, assuring a lifetime of reliability in even the most rigorous riding situations.

We've got you covered on everything from structural integrity to high-quality hardware, so go ahead and install with confidence!

Supreme Suspension professionals are dedicated to delivering the greatest quality components to elevate and level your car without harming the OEM factory ride quality, thanks to our long experience in premium aftermarket technology and unique product research and development.

Our staff meticulously designs each of our products, resulting in cutting-edge machining techniques and corrosion-resistant material mixes. We've got you covered on everything from structural integrity to high-quality hardware, so go ahead and install with confidence!

"The installation of this product is very simple, and the logistics is very fast. The merchants are also special and patient. The products that are particularly great need to be bought next time."
Try 3” Front + 2” Rear Lift Kit Supreme Suspension

6. Rough Country 1.5” Rear Shackle Relocation Kit

Quick Summary
Brand:  ‎Rough Country
Model:  ‎Shackle Relocation
Item Weight:  ‎17.25 pounds
Product Dimensions:  ‎25.5 x 5.75 x 6 inches
Position:  ‎Rear

Rough Country 1.6” Rear Shackle Relocation Kit

With Rough Country's Jeep XJ Shackle Relocation Kit, fine-tuning the rear suspension travel of your Jeep XJ has never been simpler. This kit replaces the factory shackle placement with a series of frame and shackles brackets, preventing it from bottoming out against the unibody. The shackle has a substantially larger range of motion once mounted, allowing for more mobility for off-road usage.

These shackle brackets feature five different mounting positions, allowing you to choose the shackle angle that works best with your equipment. Whether you're using a factory or aftermarket shackle, need to accommodate a variety of lifted coil springs sizes, or want to use it in conjunction with a separate raise kit.

The Rough Country Shackle Relocation Kit improves articulation and fine-tunes the rear suspension of your Jeep Cherokee XJ. This 100% bolt-on kit has five points of adjustment, allowing you to fine-tune your Jeep's suspension to your exact needs.

This is useful if you have a large back bumper, a tire carrier, or tow with your Cherokee. The Shackle Relocation Kit increases rear suspension flex for enhanced off-road performance by freely enabling the shackles to move without binding or interfering with the unibody.

The Rough Country Shackle Relocation Kit provides unrivaled rear suspension articulation by repositioning shackles to the optimal spot.

The Rough Country Shackle Relocation Kit enables you to fine-tune your Jeep Cherokee's rear suspension with five alternative attachment places. Depending on the mounting position, this kit gives between 1" and 1.5" of elevation.

The Rough Country Shackle Relocation Kit attaches to your Jeep without cutting, drilling, or other modifications for simplicity of installation.

"Quality is good and fitment is good as well but I have to add that you should probably reconsider getting this if you’re already lifted. Didn’t do my research before and I got this after I lifted my Jeep and didn’t think it would lift it a whole lot. It did. Just do your research before buying but it would’ve worked great had I known what to do before."
Try Rough Country 1.5” Rear Shackle Relocation Kit

7. Rough Country Drop Pitman Arm Lift

Quick Summary
Brand:  ‎Rough Country
Model:  ‎Drop Pitman Arm
Item Weight:  ‎2.7 pounds
Product Dimensions:  ‎13 x 4.25 x 2.5 inches
Position:  ‎Front

Rough Country Drop Pitman Arm Lift

For the best turning radius and drag Link alignment, a drop pitman arm is advised.

Rough Country is known for its high-quality suspension items manufactured in the United States. These are built to last and are simple to install, so you can be back on the road quickly! This is ideal for lifted trucks, SUVs, Jeeps, and 4x4s, among other vehicles.

Rough Country Drop Pitman Arm Lifts are just one of many suspension items available from Rough Country to assist give your car a sleek new design. It has an intimidating appearance without the hassle of attempting to create it on your own. These are also made of high-quality materials that will not break or bend during regular use. It also helps in maintaining proper front axle alignment for better driving stability and safety.

  • • It maintains the tiniest possible turning radius.
  • • Ensures that drag links are appropriately aligned.
  • • It aids in the reduction of steering vibrations.
  • • Rough Country provides simple at-home installation and assistance.

Rough Country's Lifetime Warranty is included.

After the first 500 miles, and then every 1,000 miles after that, the buyer must have all bolts/nuts tested for tightness, at least every 3,000 miles, a skilled, professional technician should examine the wheel alignment, steering system, suspension, and driveline systems.

"Seems to be a perfect replacement for the worn out one I had on my '98 Jeep Cherokee (XJ). Jeep came with a lift already on it (previous owner said 3") Install was easy enough once I got the old one off. Works good and took the slop out of my steering."
Try Rough Country Drop Pitman Arm Lift

8. Supreme Suspensions 3″ Inch Kit Lift

Quick Summary
Brand:  Supreme Suspensions
Position:  Rear, Front
Material:  High-Strength Steel, High-Density Delrin
Cover Included:  Front Torsion Keys, Rear Lift Spring Spacers, Shock Mount Extenders, Torsion Key Unloading Tool
Maximum Lifting Height:  3 Inches

Supreme Suspensions 3″ Inch Kit Lift

With Supreme Suspension, you may improve your car's appearance while also running bigger tires.

Our High-End Boost Kit is made of high-density Delrin and high-strength steel components and was designed to raise your car and boost its quality, comfort, and lifespan.

This is compatible with the Chevrolet Tahoe, Chevrolet Suburban 1500 6-Lug, and GMC Yukon 1500 6-Lug from 2000 to 2006.

(2x) High-Strength Steel Max-Torsion Keys, (2x) High-Strength Steel Front Shock Extenders, (2x) High-Density Delrin Rear Spring Spacers, (1x) Heavy-Duty Torsion Bar Unloading Tool, Installation Hardware, Installation Instructions, and Supreme Suspensions Pro Pack are included.

This vehicle has a 1 - 3 inch front suspension lift and a 3" rear suspension lift. After adjusting your vehicle's height, it's always a good idea to have it aligned.

We included our U-Shaped Torsion Bar Unloading Tool for a safe and quick installation, which covers both sides of the cross member securely to distribute weight equally and prevent the torsion bar from causing harm or damage to your car.

This enhances your truck's appearance while also increasing ground clearance, enabling you to install bigger aftermarket rims and tires. TWICE the strength of the factory system thanks to re-indexed MAX-Torsion Keys.

Each of our products is finely machined using the most advanced metal fabrication techniques and given a unique coating to protect against the elements during manufacture, assuring a lifetime of reliability in even the most rigorous riding situations.

We've got you covered on everything from structural integrity to high-quality hardware, so go ahead and install with confidence!

TWICE the strength of the original system, Supreme Suspensions MAX-Torsion Keys are carefully constructed from forged and cold-rolled High-Strength Steel. These re-indexed keys replace the original torsion keys in your truck's cross member and give your vehicle the proper lift and level.

"Product arrived promptly and fit my 2001 Suburban perfectly. Did not use shock extenders as I replaced the shocks with Bilstein 5100's, which extend further than stock. Very satisfied with purchase."
Try Supreme Suspensions 3″ Inch Kit Lift

9. Rough Country 623N2 4.5-inch Suspension Lift Kit

Quick Summary
Brand:  Rough Country
Position:  Driveline
Cover Included:  Lift Kit
Model:  ‎Rough Country Suspension
Product Dimensions:  ‎43.75 x 14.25 x 16 inches

Rough Country 623N2 4.5-inch Suspension Lift Kit

The Rough Country 4.5′′ 623N2 Suspension is the lift kit for you if you're searching for a product that will provide you with an exceptional all-around performance at a reasonable price.

This model is a must-have for all Jeep XJ owners since it has the right balance of price, convenience of use, and execution. Rough Country has included several essential extras in the 623N2 kit that are not included in other kits. With the inclusion of a lift, one would anticipate driver and passenger comfort to suffer, but not this one.

Thanks to a pair of quality valved N3 series shock absorbers, the car is well balanced on and off the road. Extending the sway bar links improves the vehicle's rough terrain performance by reducing body tilting in turns and avoiding hazards.

A transfer case drop item is included in the kit to adjust the driveline angle of the elevated Jeep XJ. This piece of equipment performs well. Even with the rise, your truck's riding comfort and load-carrying capability remain unchanged. You can also fit up to 33-inch tires on the vehicle to give it a more aggressive appearance and boost its complex terrain capabilities.

This kit is designed using high-quality materials to guarantee that it will endure the life of the vehicle. Unless you have previous knowledge of the installation procedure, installing the kit at home is not as simple as it is with competitors' goods. The installation of the system to your car takes roughly 5 to 6 hours. For your convenience, this is incredibly simple to use. In addition, the package comes with a variety of handy extras that aren't included.

Furthermore, most lift kits wreak havoc on driver and passenger comfort, but that will not be the case with this product. Instead, it will make you more comfortable. This product has a quality valved N3 series shock absorber set that will keep the jeep in perfect balance no matter where it is on the road.

This characteristic also makes it considerably more pleasant for passengers to ride in the jeep while it is being raised. Furthermore, this raise kit includes longer sway bar links. This will greatly improve the jeep's performance, especially on more challenging terrains. This will also protect you from any terrible incidents or dangers.

Affected ride quality or load carrying capabilities due to this kit's installation. It will also enable you to fit 33-inch tires to your jeep, giving it a much more aggressive appearance. Furthermore, the premium materials ensure that this raised kit will last a lifetime.

With these raise kits, the shock absorbers provide the smoothest performance and most pleasant rides on uneven terrains, so if you have a family that often travels, this is the solution for you.

?Overall a great lift. Coils and shocks are great. Sway bar extenders are perfect height, and easily converted to quick disconnects with a 1/2 inch pin (found in tow hitches) and a matching drill bit. I didn't need the brake extenders."
Try Rough Country 623N2 4.5-inch Suspension Lift Kit

10. Supreme Suspensions Transfer Case Lowering Kit

Quick Summary
Brand:  ‎Supreme Suspensions
Item Weight:  ‎1.05 pounds
Package Dimensions:  ‎9.9 x 6.9 x 3.2 inches
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer:  ‎No
Manufacturer Part Number:  ‎AZM 577 PRO(stickers)

Supreme Suspensions Transfer Case Lowering Kit

This kit contains case drop spacers as well as all of the necessary high-quality hardware. In addition, the raise kit's high-quality materials ensure that it functions effectively, is very sturdy and durable, and will last you long.

Furthermore, your vehicle's performance will be improved after installing this elevating kit, making it suitable for on-road driving. This raise kit comes with a precise alignment. Furthermore, there is yet another raise kit that will not compromise the comfort of passengers or drivers once your Jeep has been lifted.

The driveshaft will not be subjected to any major or mild stress. Furthermore, even after lifting the Jeep, this raise kit will reduce vibrations, making it more comfortable and allowing your vehicle to function more smoothly. This product works well with XJs built between 1984 and 2001.

This also works with the XJ from 1993 to 1998. In addition, you won't need any special equipment to install the bolt-on spacers with this raise kit. It's also really simple to set up, and you can do it yourself at home.

"Simple install, good for a budget boost. Keeps you from destroying your driveshaft. Worth it if your going up with your jeep. The pic showed more stickers than I got but the bb kit will come with more to even things out."
Try Supreme Suspensions Transfer Case Lowering Kit


Lift kits for your Jeep Cherokee XJ are available in various heights, styles, and pricing. That's why choosing the best one might be difficult, mainly if this is your first time purchasing and installing a raise kit. But before you buy a new lift kit, be sure to consider these aspects to ensure you get the perfect one for your preferences and requirements.

Size & Fit

If you are looking for a new XJ Lift Kit, consider the size and fit of the kit before making your purchase. There are many different brands of kits on the market today, so it is important to consider what will work best for you.

If you have a large vehicle, consider purchasing a larger lift kit with more parts to give your vehicle adequate clearance.

If you have a smaller vehicle with limited space under the hood, consider purchasing an adjustable height lift kit instead of one that comes pre-assembled. A lelift kit that comes pre-assembled is very difficult to adjust and may not work for your vehicle.

Driving Style and Capability

The way you want to drive and the level of capabilities you need will influence whatever lift kit you choose. Are you a street driver looking to add a little more oomph to your Jeep XJ, or an off-road enthusiast who wants to upgrade your tires and roll over the terrain in Moab?

Maybe you're simply looking for a happy medium between the two. But, whatever you choose, keep in mind how and where you intend to drive will influence your final decision.

Materials & Design

Before you consider which XJ lift kit to buy, consider the Materials & Design. The materials and design of your new XJ Lift Kit can make a huge difference in how well it performs for your vehicle. You want to find one that will last, so consider what you are looking for in terms of durability and performance before deciding on the best one for your needs.

It is important to consider the material and design of your XJ Lift Kit so you can know which one will perform best for your needs. In addition, you want a lift kit that will last, so consider what durability level you are looking for before making any final decisions on the right choice for you!

Value and Price

The price of a raised kit for the Jeep Cherokee XJ is a major consideration. Some raise kits cost as little as $300 or $400, while others cost thousands. A more well-known brand, on the other hand, does not automatically imply a better deal. In the last decade or so, a slew of new firms has joined the aftermarket accessories industry, providing you with a wide range of alternatives to choose from (or the approval of your spouse).


Durability is a huge consideration when looking for the Best XJ Lift Kit. Durable materials will last longer, which means you won't have to replace your kit as often. Here are some tips on how to consider durability when making your decision:

- consider durability in regards to what type of terrain that you spend most of your time off-roading on

- consider durability in terms of quality and style

- consider durability in relation to cost

- consider durability in terms of value for your money

- consider durability beyond the initial purchase and what it will mean to you over time.

Ease of Installation

If you're a die-hard gearhead, you probably won't have to worry about your lift kit's simplicity of installation. On the other hand, first-time installers may find the procedure challenging, particularly if they pick a more difficult kit to install than others.

Keep in mind that if you don't correctly install your raise kit, several things may go wrong. As a backup, you may always have the equipment installed by a certified expert. If you're confident enough to tackle it alone, make sure you understand what you're getting into and choose an easier-to-install kit.


How many inches can I lift my Jeep XJ?

There are a lot of different Jeep XJs out there. There is a distinction between a two-door and four-door vehicle, as well as engine sizes. The 3.8 liter V6 engine, which generates 190 horsepower and 230 lb-ft of torque, is the most common engine size for Jeeps.

The ZJ Grand Cherokee sway bar links are ideal for four to five inches of lift on an XJ Cherokee if you require longer sway bar links. The factory XJ Cherokee shocks are long enough to allow for a two-inch raise, but they aren't meant to do so.

Can I lift my vehicle only to 2 inches?

Surprisingly, many individuals do not consider this before lifting their car.

Before bolting on any lift, you need to think about how you'll utilize your rig. And we're not talking about how you see yourself utilizing your vehicle; we're talking about how you utilize it daily. F

For example, if you drive 50 miles each way to work, 44-inch tires with a 12-inch lift may not be the best choice.

If you haul a lot of weight, you may not want a greater center of gravity and heavier 40-inch tires. And, if you're loading a dirt bike into the back of your truck every weekend, you probably don't want to employ a crane.

Is it dangerous to lift my Jeep XJ?

A lifted Jeep is more likely to be involved in an accident. Your jeep's navigation, braking, and handling are all affected by the greater center of gravity induced by its installation.

Due to its raised bumper, rear-ending another automobile with an elevated Jeep will cause significant damage to the opposing party and their vehicle. If you slide down a mountainous region, your car is also more prone to roll and be damaged.

The increased headlights, for example, may be a distraction to vehicles in front of you at night. If the automobile is boosted too high, it will reduce your visibility on the road.

Is raising a Jeep XJ expensive?

Your financial situation will influence any choice you make. You may fantasize about 40-inch tires all you want, but if you don't have the money to buy them or the suspension to clear them, all your fantasizing will be for nothing. Sorry for being so harsh, but that's how the cookie crumbles.

We're not suggesting you shouldn't get that lift kit you've always wanted. After all, you only have one life and should pursue your ambitions wholeheartedly. However, we recommend that you be realistic about your budget and develop properly.

We can't tell how much everything will cost precisely because we don't know how much everything will cost. It depends on the sort of car you have. Therefore you must do your homework.

However, the larger the lift you desire, the more costly it will be. Smaller leveling systems that maintain the factory shocks may be purchased for a few hundred dollars.

A good pair of coilovers can easily run you back $1,000. Larger drop-down type lifts may cost up to $1,500. Remember to include in the cost of tires and wheels and labor for installation if you aren't doing it yourself.

Yes, it all adds up rapidly and may leave a significant hole in your pocketbook.

The Hidden Costs

When comparing lift kits, be sure you're comparing apples to apples. For example, many individuals have chosen a raise kit because it was less expensive, only to discover it omitted certain essential things such as new brake lines, U-bolts, and other components.

Make sure the lift kits you're comparing are genuinely the same. Otherwise, you can end up with some "hidden" charges you didn't anticipate.

Aside from the suspension system, it would help if you looked at what your car will need. For example, some lift systems may need new driveshafts, exhaust modifications, steel braided brake lines, carrier barrier drop brackets, axle shims, or other parts that you weren't aware you required.

These may add to the expenses, so do your homework and speak with your local 4WP shop before purchasing.

What Is the Best Lift Kit for Jeep Xj?

Here's why the Rough Country 4.5" 623N2 is the best lift kit.

The producer of this product is well-known in the US motoring community as one of the top value-for-money kit manufacturers, and this equipment did not disappoint their customers.

Does a new lift kit also need new shocks?

Your only choice if you need more lift than 3 inches is to use a drop-down lift. These lift kits typically lower the lower cross members and connect to the OEM A-arms with a longer spindle.

They usually have a 6-inch raise and clear 35-inch tires (obviously, this depends upon the vehicle). For IFS cars wishing to run bigger tires and lifts, they are the only game in town. The majority of them do not affect wheel travel. Many, on the other hand, provide shock upgrade choices to boost off-road performance.

Shocks, speaking of which, are crucial to your truck's performance in the dirt. They can also assist on the pavement if your paved roads are anything like the ones around here. A simple pair of shocks will come standard with most suspension systems.

They'll probably suffice if you're going for a drive down the highway. However, if you want to get your gear filthy, you should look at the extra available shocks. Off-road shocks with wider bodies will provide greater cooling and control.

Are jeep lift kits a universal fit?

When selecting a Jeep lift kit, there are several aspects to consider. Before purchasing, think about the type of vehicle you want, the required height, and even the type of terrain you'll be using it on.

The height between the axles and the ground is increased with most Jeep lift kits, but the option you pick will decide how much clearance you obtain. There are less severe Jeep Wrangler 1-2.5 inch lifts available that will give you just enough of a raise to allow you to fit slightly bigger tires on your vehicle.


After installing a raise kit, your vehicle will begin to look a lot better, which is terrific since it will also increase performance in off-road conditions. Lifting the vehicle, on the other hand, might be hazardous. For example, the likelihood of being involved in an accident will increase, which is not good.

As a result, you should use particular caution when raising your Jeep. To assist avoid accidents, there are also regulatory restrictions to how much you may raise your Jeep. All of the lifting kits on our list are of excellent quality, but the Rough Country 3′′ Lift Kit is, without a doubt, the finest XJ lift kit.

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