Odyssey PC680 Battery Review: Best Car Battery Under $200

Car owners who’ve done some research about car batteries might have come across the Odyssey brand at some point. It is one of the industry leaders in the niche, which is not a surprise considering that it has been in the business since 1888.
The Odyssey PC680 is one of the brand’s more affordable models and currently sells below $200. It is also the number 1 bestseller in Amazon’s “Automotive Performance Batteries” category, which is a testament to its reliability and performance. Satisfied buyers just love how the model offers deep cycle reserve capacity and cranking power at the same time.
If you are planning to buy one to replace your car’s batteries, then this Odyssey PC680 Battery review should be helpful to you.

Odyssey PC680 Battery: Overview

This is for you if:
You want a longer lasting car battery
You prefer a battery covered by warranty
You are looking for a high CCA rating
You want a fast recharging battery
You are looking for a ruggedly built product
It’s not for you if:
You find refilling your car battery with water is fun

Quick Summary

Amperage: 18 A
Voltage: 12 volts
Weight: 15.4 pounds
Product dimensions: 7.13 x 3 x 6.5 Inches
Technology: AGM
Service year: 3-10 years
Warranty: 2 years
Recharging rate: 100% recharge in 4-6 hours

Features and Specifications

Longer Cycle Life

A battery’s cycle life is defined as a round or one cycle of full discharge and its subsequent full recharge. The Odyssey PC680 battery’s cycle life is 70 percent longer than those of other deep cycle batteries.

This means that, compared to others, it will last longer in a single full charge. The battery is able to supply a high, stable voltage a lot longer compared to other batteries at up to 400 cycles at 80 percent depth of discharge. This is a very reassuring fact as it means that you won’t likely wake to a dead car battery in case you forgot to turn something off before sleeping.
Longer Service Life Of up to 10 Years
With Odyssey PC680, you don’t have to worry too much about frequent battery changing. It has a longer service life and can last between 3 to 10 years depending on usage.
170 Cold Cranking Amps (CCA)

In simplest terms, the CCA is a rating given to the battery for its ability to start an engine especially in cold weather. Generally, it is harder to start the car’s engine in cold conditions so the CCA rating is particularly important if you live in colder climates.

PC680’s rating of 170 CCA means that it can deliver 170 amps at 0°F for a period of 30 seconds and maintaining a voltage of 7.2 volts. The correct CCA for your car is dependent on a lot of factors such as engine size, the viscosity of the engine oil, electrical loads of all accessories, circuit resistance as well as temperature.

Thankfully, you won’t have to worry too much as car manufacturers already did the math when they installed the original battery to your car. So when changing batteries, always choose one that has the same CCA rating as the original. Be mindful, however, that choosing a battery with much higher CCA than needed might damage the starter motor.
Full Recharging In Just 4 to 6 Hours

Odyssey says that the PC680 has the highest recharge efficiency among sealed lead batteries currently available on the market. This battery is 100 percent recharged in just 4 to 6 hours.

99.99% Pure Lead Plates
Odyssey uses pure lead plates. These lead acid plates are thinner, allowing more of them to be fitted into a single battery. This increases the surface area which, in turn, improves battery performance.


It is always good to purchase products with a warranty. It is an added safety feature protecting your investment during the agreed period of time. In the case of the Odyssey PC680, you are covered up to two years of full replacement warranty.
Very Safe
Aside from giving you maintenance-free operations, the PC680’s design solves a number of safety issues. Since it is a sealed battery, you won’t have to worry about electrolyte leakage that may cause damage to your car or even cause acid burns.
Non-spillable design
The Odyssey PC680 battery offers you flexibility when it comes to its mounting. With is non-spillable design, you can position it any way you want without worrying about electrolyte spillage.
Maintenance free
Just like with the other Odyssey battery models, the PC680 is totally maintenance-free. You won’t have to add water to the battery, thanks to its Drycell design with is resealable venting system.
This is one of the most affordable car batteries in the market right now. At below $200, it is a very good deal for its price, considering its performance and proven track record evidenced by its overwhelmingly positive customer reviews on the e-commerce site, Amazon.
It won’t just suddenly fail without warning
As they reach the end of their lives, some batteries will just suddenly fail without warning which is a major inconvenience for car owners. Fortunately, the PC680 will give you some warning before calling it quits. As it reaches the end of its service life, you will notice a gradual loss of power, giving you ample time to arrange for its replacement.
Complete vibration resistance
One common reason for battery failures even before reaching the end of its service life is inadequate protection against shocks. The PC680 is ruggedly constructed with a design that protects it from mechanical vibration. It’s ready to go wherever your car can take you.
Runs great in cold weather
Starting your car in cold weather can be a problem for other batteries. Thankfully, the PC680 is rated 170 CC, which means it is decent enough to start a car during low temperatures.


Product carries a Proposition 65 warning
California imposed the Proposition 65 warning to protect Californians from “chemicals known to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.” The list is updated annually and now contains approximately 900 chemicals.
While manufacturers might insist that the chemicals are actually sealed, the warning is nevertheless a requirement if the product is to be sold to Californians.
“I bought this battery to replace a previous Odyssey battery in my BMW motorcycle (2000 R1100RS). The previous battery lasted 10 years as advertised and never had trouble starting the bike until it finally died. The ABS in BMW motorcycles can fail to engage if the battery is even a little weak so this battery eliminates that problem. Also, Odyssey batteries come fully charged with all the necessary hardware so you can install it as soon as it arrives. If you want a battery that performs and lasts then this is the one to get,”
Mark D, verified Amazon buyer.


If you are looking for a dependable battery from a trusted brand, then this product is the perfect fit for you. In fact, we highly recommend the Odyssey PC680 battery for a variety of reasons.
With its rugged construction, this Odyssey battery can take a beating, especially with its vibration protection. In addition, the battery is sealed, which prevents any leakage and allows versatility in terms of how you mount it.
Lastly, the model not only met our expectations but it even exceeded them. We love its longer service life, fast recharging, and even its competitive pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can the Odyssey PC680 battery be used in my car?

The Odyssey battery can only be used in a motor vehicle that has been fitted with a negative ground. So if you are looking for a battery, make sure that your vehicle is equipped with one before purchasing. If your vehicle’s system is not compatible with this type of battery, your car may not start.

How does the Odyssey PC680 battery compare with other batteries?

The Odyssey PC680 battery is an excellent choice. It is truly a premium product if you are looking for something that is both dependable and lasts for a long time. Its vibration resistance makes this model great for vehicles that are used excessively, such as trucks. The battery can also be positioned any way you want, as it is sealed and non-spill.

How do I maintain my Odyssey PC680 battery?

Odyssey batteries are maintenance free. You don’t have to worry about the amount of power you use, or the amount of discharge your battery goes through. Many people go for cheap batteries in order to save some money, but it is important to remember that there is a difference between cheap products and affordable ones. Buying a low quality product may cost you more in the long run when you have to replace it often.

How long does an Odyssey PC680 battery last?

Just like any other battery, the Odyssey PC680 model lasts approximately between four and six years. It does not have a shelf life, though it may deteriorate slightly after six years. This is because the battery has a finite number of cycles it can make.

What should I do if the Odyssey PC680 battery keeps dying?

If your Odyssey PC680 battery keeps dying, then there might be something wrong with your vehicle. If you are not able to fix it using a mechanic, you should get in touch with the manufacturer of your vehicle and ask them for help. You can also talk to a specialist about getting the right replacement battery.

How do I get the most out of my Odyssey PC680 battery?

There are many factors that can affect the life of your battery. If you have one installed in your vehicle, you should avoid driving the car for long distances. Warming up cars is also a big no-no. You should also avoid leaving an empty vehicle for long periods of time, as this will deplete the battery. The best way to take care of your Odyssey PC680 battery is to exercise caution when driving and using it.

Is the Odyssey PC680 Moisture Resistant?

The PC680 battery is not moisture resistant. It offers great performance in weather conditions down to 30°F. However, it is not recommended for use in extremely cold weather (-10°F or below). If you will be driving in extremely cold weather, we recommend the Odyssey Battery PC545. It has a Cold Cranking Amperage of 180A and is fully sealed for greater durability and protection against debris and moisture.

Is the Odyssey PC680 Water Resistant & Sealed?

The PC680 battery is not fully water resistant and sealed. It does not have caps on the top or bottom of the battery. However, it is still sealed enough to protect against moisture and dirt from damaging the battery. It is meant for normal driving conditions. If you are going to be in wet weather conditions where there may be exposure to water, we recommend a sealed top battery such as the Odyssey Battery PC545 instead.

Is the Odyssey PC680 a Wet Cell Battery?

The Odyssey PC680 is a dry cell battery, which means that it does not have any electrolyte. As such, there is no need to drain or refill the battery. Just make sure you don’t overcharge it as this may affect its performance.

Can the Odyssey PC680 Replace the Standard Motorcycle Battery?

Yes, you can replace it. This is a good replacement if you’re looking for something that will last long and is lightweight. It also comes with an automatic acid management system which prevents cycle corrosion by maintaining an ideal state-of-charge.

Does the Odyssey PC680 have a Vapour Lock Technology?

The battery offered by Odyssey does not have any vapour lock technology. The superior performance of this battery is due to its Drycell design. Its sealed venting system prevents the ingress of moisture into the cell, which could result in premature failure.

Is the Odyssey PC680 Good For Off Roading?

Yes, it is. The battery is also recommended for motorcycles, ATVs, RVs, and boats. It is even safe for deep cycle applications. As with any wet cell battery, you should avoid cold temperatures and make sure to store the battery in a cool, dry place.

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