The Beatit BT-D11 Review: One of the Smartest and Fastest Portable Car Jump Starter

The Good

The Beatit BT-D11 Peak Portable Car Jump Starter has a massive 800A capacity and has fast charging abilities. Its alligator clamps that are attached to the model provides great protection system that prevents overcharging and wrong polarity. This is also an easy-to-store model that is built with bright LCD and has a smart LED light that can be used during emergency situations.

The Bad

The cables and clamp length of this car jump starter can be a tad too short. The instructions that are presented in the manual can also be quite difficult to follow. And if you are looking for a unit that can also charge laptops and cameras, then this product is not for you.
beatit bt-d11

The Bottomline

Anyone who is looking for a jump starter that features incredible safety functions will absolutely love this device. It is known for its powerful boosting capabilities, which charges your vehicle for up to 30 times. And due to its fast and efficient charging process, saving more time and energy is now possible.

Let’s say you are on your way to work or to the airport, and then realized that the battery of your car is dead. The problem you’re facing is not only that the vehicle won’t start but also the fact that you’re running late. Perhaps you don’t have time to call a friend or a mechanic to jumpstart your car. What then? Fortunately, with all the technological advancements going on, you can now easily purchase a reliable car battery jump starter.

However, the process of choosing the right model can be an overwhelming experience. It might give you a headache, especially if you have no clue what to look for in a car jump starter. For this reason, it is recommended that you evaluate your needs before you start choosing. You’d want to consider power, portability, protection, and price.
Now, if you want a unit that has all the 4Ps mentioned above, then you might want to check Beatit BT-D11 Peak. This particular highly-rated product has received many approvals from drivers and professional mechanic. No wonder why it is considered by many as one of the best, if not the best, car jumper starter today.

Insane Power and Capacity

This model is known for its incredible 800 amps peak current. With its gigantic 18000mAh capacity, it can effortlessly power up your car’s battery for up to 11 days. It is designed for diesel engines such as trucks and boats. Cars that are consuming high-displaced gas will also benefit from this product. Furthermore, this is powerful enough to jump-start vehicles up to 5.5L diesel engines and 7.5L gas.
Apart from its cutting edge power and capacity, this model is also known for its faster-charging capabilities. The charging time is very speedy, thanks to its exceptional charging cables and systems. And if you want a product that can fully charge your car’s batteries within 5 hours only, then this model is built for you. Now that’s the kind of convenience many people are after!

Safe and Smart Charging

With its stable powerful clamps, you can be sure that no harm will come to you and your car while charging the batteries. Its clamps are well-designed, and it provides extra protection for overload, overcurrent, overcharge, and short circuit. It is also known for its incredible protection against the reverse connection, reverse polarity, and reverse charging.

Another great feature we love is the fact that this gem withstand extreme temperature and bad weather conditions. Now, you can charge the batteries of your car during any given season without having to change from one device to another. It also features a high-quality LCD screen, which is integrated into the system, and will let you easily check the remaining amount of power in the device. It is also worth mentioning that this device does not need supervision when charging. The LED light can also be used as SOS flashlight, which is very useful and helpful in case of emergency situations.

But I Just Wish…

The model has some potential drawbacks, which can be discouraging to some users. The length of the clamp and cables can be too short, which means that you have to place the unit and the car battery near to each other all the time. Another pitfall that many users have experienced using this equipment is that it is not designed to charged laptops and cameras.
The instructions found in the manual are also poorly written so maximizing its function for the first few uses can be a bit of a challenge. If you are having difficulties on how to use the equipment, it is recommended that you watch video tutorials found on the web. Overall, with its great power and smart systems, this product should be included in your top list as one of the most worthy car jump starters.
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