Best Aftermarket Catalytic Converter


Don't be concerned if you're wondering what exactly the best aftermarket catalytic converter is. We are all here to explain what you need to know about the best catalytic converters on the market at the moment now.

Many consumers are perplexed when deciding whether to replace or fix a faulty catalytic converter. Many vehicle owners ignore the need to change it since it will cost them money. Some car owners do not use a catalytic converter. Because the price range varies from one brand to the next, they usually abandon the replacement notion. It makes no difference whether the owner wishes to repair it or not. It is required because when it fails, harmful emissions multiply many times. According to experts, changing the OE catalytic converters with aftermarket catalytic converters is the best option. It will be less expensive while also providing a high-quality performance.

Which aftermarket catalytic converter is the best?

Our experienced team has successfully examined 12 of the best aftermarket catalytic converter for the cash in this post. According to our investigation, the best catalytic converter is AUTOSAVER88 ATCC0016, since it was designed to work ideally on a regular basis.

In this section, our top 12 catalytic converter evaluation will assist you in your decision-making process. If you are unsure about any of the terminology used, please consult the purchasing guild for clarification.

What is the significance of a quality converter?

The gases created during the burning of gasoline are causing global warming, which is why all automobiles manufactured ever since the mid-1970s have been equipped with a catalytic converter.

This component of the exhaust pipe regulates the discharge of toxic gases and helps to limit their toxicity. It is located in the middle of the exhaust system. In order to do this, carbon monoxide must be converted to carbon dioxide, and unburned hydrocarbons must be oxidized to produce carbon dioxide and water.

Furthermore, certain catalytic converters may break down nitrogen oxides into water and nitrogen, which is advantageous. As a result, while catalytic converters do not totally eliminate the toxic gases that automobiles have on the environment, they do significantly reduce it.

Vehicles without catalytic converters have been prohibited from being manufactured in the United States for decades, and certain states have rigorous exhaust gas pollution rules. Replace the original catalytic converter with an aftermarket alternative is only achievable if you are able to locate a precise match and maximum efficiency for the original model, and failing to do so might result in irreversible damage to your automobile.

Find out what type of emission system the vehicle is equipped with?

Assuming that all automobiles are equipped with almost the same aftermarket catalytic converter. After all, the last thing you need is to spend money on a catalytic converter only to discover that the aftermarket catalytic converter you bought is incompatible with your vehicle's exhaust system after you have already paid for it.

It is just necessary to peek underneath the hood in order to determine which original catalytic converter was installed in your vehicle. When placing the sticker with the emission information near the engine, keep in mind that it will be easy to locate in most circumstances.

The following information should be included on the emission sticker:

  • • Manufactured year
  • • Number of the model
  • • Engine Model
  • • The transmission mode 
  • • Sub-model

Because you will need this information to discover a catalytic converter that is appropriate for your vehicle, you should have this information handy while searching for a fresh catalytic converter.

What is the difference between a Direct Fit and a Universal Catalytic Converter?

A universal or direct-fit catalytic converter is the best choice for your vehicle, and it is determined by the model of the vehicle. For example, direct-fit catalytic converters were meant to be a direct replacement for your vehicle's original catalytic converter since the tubing diameter and location of the O2 sensor are exactly the same.

The installation method is quite straightforward since they are often easy to slot into place and do not require welding to the vehicle's exhaust system to function properly. Compared to universal catalytic converters, direct-fit converters are more costly.

You might consider searching for a universal fit catalytic converter if you are unable to locate a direct catalytic converter that is specifically designed for your car. Check that the type you're contemplating has the appropriate sensor ports, and figure out the measurements of the best catalytic converter that already has in place before proceeding.

The installation of universal catalytic converters, on the other hand, might be quite complex, since you may be required to solder them to the exhaust system of your vehicle.

Check the Vehicle Emission Standards in your State.

Cars sold on the United States market must comply with either Federal or California Air Resources Board (CARB) rules. The federal restrictions are in accordance with the Environmental Protection Agency's gas emission guidelines, however, the California Air Resources Board regulations are more stringent than the federal regulations.

Catalytic converters that meet California Air Resources Board (CARB) criteria must be constructed using precious metals and subjected to lengthy testing. As a result, they are more expensive than converters that meet federal laws.

As an alternative to CARB-compliant catalytic converters, countries such as New York, Massachusetts, and Oregon have decided to make use of catalytic converters that meet CARB standards mandatory. As a result, before purchasing a new catalytic converter, you should check your state's vehicle emission standards.

Which Catalytic Converter Should You Buy and How Much You Should Spend on It?

The sum of money you will have to spend on a new catalytic converter will ultimately be determined by the kind of automobile you own and its age.

There are a variety of methods for keeping your vehicle's catalytic converter in excellent working order and extending its useful life. If, on the other hand, a catalytic converter is blocked or damaged, replacing it is the best course of action.

Depending on the manufacturer, a best aftermarket catalytic converter might cost anywhere from $50 and $200, not including installation expenses.

It is possible to find inexpensive alternatives, but it is preferable to spend a little more money on a catalytic converter from an established manufacturer since they are typically more efficient and longer-lasting than low-cost catalytic converters.

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AUTOSAVER88 ATCC0016 2″ Inlet/Outlet Universal Catalytic Converter
MagnaFlow 60111 Universal Catalytic Converter
MagnaFlow 93419 Direct Fit Catalytic Converter
MagnaFlow 99206HM Universal Catalytic Converter
Walker Exhaust Ultra EPA Catalytic Converter
MagnaFlow 99356HM Universal Catalytic Converter
Catco 608216 Federal / EPA Catalytic Converter
Walker Exhaust CalCat California Converter 80907
AUTOSAVER88 catalytic converter for Nissan Altima
Walker Exhaust Ultra EPA Catalytic Converter 54782
AUTOSAVER88 Pontiac G6 Catalytic Converter
Mophorn Catalytic Converter

Review of the Top 12 Best Aftermarket Catalytic Converters

1. AUTOSAVER88 ATCC0016 2″ Inlet/Outlet Universal Catalytic Converter

Quick Summary
Model ‎ATCC0016
Product Dimensions ‎35 x 11.99 x 11.99 cm; 1.45 Kilograms
Exterior ‎Metallic Finish
Size ‎2 inch

The AUTOSAVER88 global catalytic converter sets a new standard. It earns the top spot on the list because it was built to fulfill high-quality criteria that exceed those needed by original equipment manufacturers. Our experienced team strongly suggested this catalytic converter as an excellent choice if performance is a primary concern.

Features of AUTOSAVER88 ATCC0016 2″ Inlet/Outlet Universal Catalytic Converter

Superior Materials

The first thing that stands out about the catalytic converter is its solid heavy-duty steel structure, which protects the internal components at all times.

Additionally, the catalyst coating and inner ceramic substrate have been developed to maximize the product's efficiency.

Performance at its Best

AUTOSAVER88 ATCC0016 2 is constructed in a honeycomb pattern to optimize flow rate. This is an attribute that plenty of other catalytic converters on the market lack.

The unusual surface area of this catalytic converter enables the catalyst to establish good contact with gases exhaust. 

The higher flow rate caused by the distinctive design element results in optimal performance.

Acceptable for Usage

This catalytic converter's radical and creative design is one of the reasons it got EPA approval.

Each decent catalytic converter should be EPA-certified to ensure buyers that they are purchasing the correct product.

Despite the numerous benefits, it is unlawful to be used in the state of California.

Try AUTOSAVER88 ATCC0016 2″ Inlet/Outlet Universal Catalytic Converter

2. MagnaFlow 60111 Universal Catalytic Converter

Quick Summary
Brand ‎MagnaFlow Exhaust Products
Model ‎Magnaflow 60111- Universal Catalytic Converter
Item Weight ‎5 pounds
Product Dimensions ‎14.25 x 6.5 x 6.5 inches

Magnaflow catalytic converters are engineered for trouble-free installation in direct-fit installations.

It eliminates the headaches connected with locating an appropriate converter for your car. For starters, it is created specifically to accommodate a broad variety of cars.

Features of MagnaFlow 60111 Universal Catalytic Converter

Superior Material Construction

Megaflow universal catalytic converters use a cylindrical design that allows them to link ideally with exhaust gases from gasoline and diesel engines.

The enhanced contact allows for more airflow, which helps the engine's performance. Furthermore, its stainless steel frame resists corrosion, extending its life.

Simple Installation

The convenience in installation is a crucial aspect that contributes to this catalytic converter being the motorist's best option. To install this converter, you will need welding, tubing, and a variety of additional slightly less time professional applications that are commonly accessible via installers.


In terms of reliability, we are confident that the catalytic converter will assist users in passing emission tests in virtually all cities around the United States.

You may be confident that you might pass both the E-test and visual examination processes. Once fitted, its superior performance ensures that only pure and clear exhaust passes through those pipes.

"This is a weld on cat. 4” in/out. It is much lighter than the factory cat on the 12v Cummins Dodge Ram. One could try using clamps, I wouldn’t recommend it because the flanges are short. Approximately 1” on each end.Once installed, my truck passed the inspection emissions testing in Arizona."
Try MagnaFlow 60111 Universal Catalytic Converter

3. MagnaFlow 93419 Direct Fit Catalytic Converter

Quick Summary
Brand: ‎MagnaFlow Exhaust Products
Model: ‎Magnaflow 93419- Direct-Fit Catalytic Converter
Item Weight: ‎20 pounds
Product Dimensions: ‎45.75 x 19 x 11.5 inches

The Megaflow 93419 aftermarket catalytic converter has indeed been engineered to meet the exacting criteria of professional equipment. We are confident that perhaps the pipe-like design optimizes airflow, hence increasing performance and reducing hazardous emissions.

Features of MagnaFlow 93419 Direct Fit Catalytic Converter

Unusual Design

A detailed examination of the Megaflow 93419's body design reveals that it is not your typical catalytic converter seen in internet retailers.

While many worldwide catalytic converters do not need cutting or welding, this converter requires the expertise of a welder for proper installation.

Exceptional Quality

Magnaflow is indeed a rand that prioritizes quality. This tradition is preserved in the Magnaflow 93419 catalytic converter since reviewers have noted that it outperforms the bulk of catalytic converters available on the market.

It certainly aids in keeping the engine light off, and it is also manufactured using a very exact CNC robotic design.

Extremely Safe to Use

Not only has the design of the catalytic converter been designed to meet EPA certification requirements, but the pieces are arranged in a way that is extremely straightforward to operate.

For example, the cats are designed in such a way that they approach the manifold nuts including all O2 bungs in optimal places.

"These mounted up really easy. I did have to cut the OE y-tube out with a reciprocating saw. And to put these in I had to support the transmission with an jack and pull the transmission mount. Other than that it was very easy. And it passed emissions easily. In fact it got nearly a perfect score. I sprayed every bolt with penetrating oil and let it soak in for a while before starting. And I also replaced the oxygen sensors."
Try MagnaFlow 93419 Direct Fit Catalytic Converter

4. MagnaFlow 99206HM Universal Catalytic Converter

Quick Summary
Brand: ‎MagnaFlow Exhaust Products
Model: ‎Magnaflow 99206HM- Universal Catalytic Converter
Item Weight: ‎4.45 pounds
Product Dimensions: ‎13.75 x 5 x 4.75 inches

A 3rd Magnaflow catalytic converter joins our list of the best value catalytic converters. MagnaFlow's dedication to exceptional quality has elevated the brand to near-ubiquitous status. It is so unsurprising that the catalytic converter is effective at lowering hazardous emissions.

Features of MagnaFlow 99206HM Universal Catalytic Converter

Design that is Adaptable

 The Magnaflow catalytic converter is an adaptive universal design that helps to keep the engine lamps off.

It is a suitable catalytic conversion for a broad variety of automobiles, but be careful to verify the requirements of your vehicle before taking an investment choice.

Sturdy Construction

Due to the fact that the catalytic converter is constructed entirely of stainless steel, you can be assured that it will withstand the test of time.

It was constructed to withstand the elements, so there should be no concerns about substrate leakage. The substrate is made of metallic material and is encased in a heat shield.


As a universal catalytic converter, this is designed to accommodate a variety of cars.

Nissan Altima vehicles manufactured between 2006 and 2015, as well as Toyota Sienna vehicles manufactured between 2004 and 2015, are all straight fit automobiles for such a catalytic converter.

Ultimately, the Magnaflow 99206HM complies with or surpasses Federal emission standards established by regulatory bodies. Additionally, it conforms with legislative requirements for OBII cars.

"Priced well, worked as it should, install with the shop went smooth. No more check engine light"
Try MagnaFlow 99206HM Universal Catalytic Converter

5. Walker Exhaust Ultra EPA Catalytic Converter

Quick Summary
Brand: ‎Walker
Item Weight: ‎11.68 pounds
Product Dimensions: ‎36 x 10 x 5 inches

Walker Exhaust's 54582 catalytic converter takes pride in being one of the most robust converters available.

We feel that it is an excellent match for a variety of automobiles, and the greatest thing is that it will not require any specific manufacturing to install.

Features of Walker Exhaust Ultra EPA Catalytic Converter

Compliant with the EPA

The walker exhaust catalytic converter was primarily designed to comply with the OBDII emission standard for cars manufactured in 1996 and after.

Although it has not been allowed for usage in California, it is permitted in megacities like New York on automobiles fitted with EPA-fed engines.

Emissions Reduction

Walker's catalytic conversion system is built using unique OE-style technology.

This ensures that the correct quantity of precious load metal is delivered to achieve the desired reductions in hazardous emissions.

Additionally, it resolves any persistent engine light faults in your vehicle.

Excellent Design

Originally, this converter was supplied using aluminized thermal control to comply with OE design criteria.

The shield protects the vehicle from the heat generated by the converter. Additionally, it is secured in place by robust and tough hangers, flanges, and brackets.

We are confident that such characteristics will continue to enhance lifespan, allowing consumers to receive the most bang for their buck.

"This catalytic converter fit my 2003 Subaru Forester perfectly. My mechanic installed it about two weeks ago and I haven’t had any problems with it since. It was a heck of a lot cheaper than what mechanics charge for cats, too! Hopefully it stands the test of time, but I’m fairly confident in the quality of Walker exhaust components."
Try Walker Exhaust Ultra EPA Catalytic Converter

6. MagnaFlow 99356HM Universal Catalytic Converter

Quick Summary
Brand: ‎MagnaFlow Exhaust Products
Model ‎Magnaflow 99356HM- Universal Catalytic Converter
Item Weight: ‎5 pounds
Product Dimensions: ‎16 x 5 x 4.75 inches

MagnaFlow's universal catalytic converter, the MagnaFlow 99356HM, is our third item under the MagnaFlow brand.

This demonstrates the brand's leadership position in the field of universal catalytic converters for quick fit applications.

Features of MagnaFlow 99356HM Universal Catalytic Converter

Outstanding Product

The 99356HM is a great product that is competitive with any kind of brand in the catalytic converter industry.

The components are constructed from high-quality materials that significantly help to the reduction of hazardous carbon dioxide emissions.

Additionally, this converter was developed to assist in disabling the check engine indicator light that is typical in many automobiles.

Construction of Superior Quality

Magnaflow's 99356HM body design distinguishes it as one of the top catalytic converters available on internet marketplaces.

The stainless steel structure and engineering innovation set it apart from the competition.

Additionally, the converter has been seam welded adjacent to the body to provide a secure fit.

Excellent Fit

Fitment-wise, the aftermarket converter is ideal for a variety of direct-fit applications.

It is among the best universal match converters available since it is compatible with a broad variety of automobiles. However, expert installation may be required to ensure optimal performance.

"Excellent product, good quality of components and presentation, the CO2 emissions were reduced from 0.3 to 0.02 passing the inspection satisfactorily, also I managed to turn off the light of "check engine" warning on vehicle and eliminate the error P0420 "low catalytic the threshold of use. "
In general very satisfied with the purchase I recommend the seller."
Try MagnaFlow 99356HM Universal Catalytic Converter

7. Catco 608216 Federal / EPA Catalytic Converter

Quick Summary
Brand: ‎Catco
Item Weight: ‎6 pounds

The Catco 608216 catalytic converter is ranked among the finest catalytic converters in our top ten list.

Our choice to include such a catalytic converter in our list was influenced by its incredible performance score and the high level of craftsmanship used in its manufacture. Additionally, it is manufactured in the United States.

Features of Catco 608216 Federal / EPA Catalytic Converter

Superior Converter

EPA Catalytic Converter / Catco's 608216 Federal / utilizes a proprietary chemical substrate developed by ARISTO to provide extremely efficient loadings capable of cutting costs.

The lower cost is economically reasonable in light of current gas prices.

Technological Advancement

Additionally, ARISTO utilizes cutting-edge manufacturing technology to create one of the greatest catalytic converters available in internet retailers today.

With modern and computerized workspaces, welding equipment, and detail-oriented production lines, the manufacturing process is accelerated.

The Catco 608216 is constructed to exact conversion requirements without compromising quality.

Superior Efficiency

By guaranteeing that the catalytic converter meets up to expectations, AP's unique technology elevates the game.

With an industry-leading efficiency system, the Catco 608216 catalytic converter outperforms all competitors in the industry.

"Welded up nice using the existing flex pipe to exhaust manifold pipe that I cut off of the failed converter. Drove the car for 80 miles and it cleared the OBD2 converter codes and passed emissions."
Try Catco 608216 Federal / EPA Catalytic Converter

8. Walker Exhaust CalCat California Converter 80907

Quick Summary
Brand: ‎Walker
Item Weight: ‎8 pounds
Product Dimensions: ‎18 x 9 x 3.5 inches

The primary aspect of that kind of converter that attracted our team of specialists is its CARB compliance.

Because the mass of catalytic converters is non-compliant, we felt it necessary to include it on our list for individuals whose cars must pass the California smog test.

Features of Walker Exhaust CalCat California Converter 80907

California Air Resources Board Compliant

One of the main benefits noted in this catalytic converter's product information is that this is CARB compliant.

This implies it is legal to use in California as well as other states with stringent regulatory requirements.

It is compatible with OBII automobiles manufactured after 1996. Additionally, it blends in well with non-OBII automobiles manufactured in 1995 and before.

Superior Performance and Quality

Whenever it relates to quality and performance, this converter is virtually unmatched.

The optimal wash-coat technology has been meticulously designed to give a level of performance that is unmatched by several other aftermarket converters.

Additionally, the CalCat California Converter 80907 converter features an OE-style coating that ensures component performance even in the harshest of environments.


Calcat is covered with a durable stainless steel substance and an aluminized pipe to protect the catalytic converter from rust and other exterior damage.

These two materials work in concert to protect the converter against heat and other potentially hazardous external influences.

"Works perfectly on my 1993 Chevy c1500 suburban, went to do smog after installation smog level was extremely low passed"
Try Walker Exhaust CalCat California Converter 80907

9. AUTOSAVER88 catalytic converter for Nissan Altima

Quick Summary
Model: ‎ATCC0057
Item Weight: ‎13.97 pounds
Product Dimensions: ‎49.61 x 9.06 x 6.5 inches

Designed specifically for Nissan Altima cars manufactured between 2007 and 2016, this catalytic converter is yet another product from AUTOSAVER88.

Please double-check that your vehicle's model comes within this range, otherwise you may experience difficulties throughout the installation procedure. It is preferable to avoid the difficulties that come with submitting a tax return.

Features of AUTOSAVER88 catalytic converter for Nissan Altima

Durably Constructed to Last

This converter is constructed of sturdy stainless steel and has a solid outermost casing for optimal durability.

Additionally, the robust shell helps secure the inside substrate, allowing for optimal efficiency in all-around performance.

With an interior honeycomb structure, a large surface area is accessible to encourage maximum flow rates, allowing for effective chemical catalysis of exhaust gases.

Exceptional Performance

The exceptional performance of the catalytic converter is demonstrated by its ability to remove engine problem codes.

Most of the check engine light failures display a P0420 code, which indicates that such a catalytic system is operating inefficiently.

However, before considering changing the catalytic converter, ensure that the oxygen sensors are operating at peak performance.

Rapid Flow Rates

One of the primary issues with knock-off catalytic converters is that they're not designed for gas flow efficiency.

This catalytic converter permits efficient exhaust gas flow rates while providing optimum contact with the interior substrate.

"Everything about this part was outstanding - quick delivery' decent packaging, and most important, perfect fir."
Try AUTOSAVER88 catalytic converter for Nissan Altima

10. Walker Exhaust Ultra EPA Catalytic Converter 54782

Quick Summary
Brand: ‎Walker's
Item Weight: ‎11 pounds
Product Dimensions: ‎35.48 x 12.5 x 8.05 inches

After everything is said and done, another Walker exhaust catalytic converter reaches our top 12 list of the finest catalytic converters.

For this particular application, the 54782 type direct-fit catalytic converter has been designed to be compatible for usage in various locations around the United States, such as New York and Maine.

Features of Walker Exhaust Ultra EPA Catalytic Converter 54782

Converter Complies with EPA Regulations

Our Walker exhaust 54782 catalytic converters are intended for use with OBII cars that are 1996 or newer in a year and make and model number.

As a result, you may use the OBII compliant vehicles in areas like New York as well as other cities with rigorous regulatory compliance requirements, guaranteeing that you really can use the OBII compliant vehicles wherever.

However, you may need to check with the regulatory organization in your state that oversees aftermarket catalytic converters to ensure that you are not infringing on any laws.

Design for Direct Fitting

The Walker 54782 model offers an effective fitting style with bolt-on upgrade solutions to make things as simple as possible for first-time owners.

Additionally, the replacement solution includes brackets, OE-Style hangers, and heat shieldings for a simple and straightforward installation process.

Furthermore, unlike some other catalytic converters, the device does not need the use of specialist construction or welding techniques.

Design in the OE Style

Because it is designed to be compatible with original equipment layouts, the Walker 54782 catalytic converter is equipped with an aluminized heating barrier system that provides the necessary protection against overheating of the carriage.

"It`s simply the best. High quality product. 100% fit for 2008 Nissan Altima 2.5S. No adjustments needed. Super happy and highly satisfied. Highly recommend. Thank you."
Try Walker Exhaust Ultra EPA Catalytic Converter 54782

11. AUTOSAVER88 Pontiac G6 Catalytic Converter

Quick Summary
Model: ‎ATCC0015
Item Weight: ‎21.6 pounds
Product Dimensions: ‎16.7 x 16.9 x 6.9 inches

If you're seeking a suitable catalytic converter for your Pontiac G6, Chevy Malibu, or Saturn Aura, the AUTOSAVER88 Pontiac G6 catalytic converter is an excellent choice.

Unlike the AUTOSAVER88, the ACTC006 Pontiac G6 is a quick-fit catalytic converter that fits a restricted number of automobiles. Additionally, its interior substrates are composed of precious metals, which enhances its oxidation capability.

Features of AUTOSAVER88 Pontiac G6 Catalytic Converter

Smooth Flow

As a result, the Pontiac G6 catalytic converter maintains the smooth flow and conversion of dangerous exhaust gases while also providing a boost to the overall performance of the vehicle. Furthermore, this catalytic converter minimizes the likelihood that the MIL error codes may cause the check engine light to illuminate on the dashboard.

EPA Compliant

Although the Pontiac G6 catalytic converter is only EPA compliant, you should verify your state's exhaust gas pollution standards before purchasing one. Because it is just EPA compliance, it may be unlawful to use in your state.

"The Catalytic Converter is substantially better than the one I replaced a few years ago. Everything fit well on a 2008 Pontiac G6 2.4L. I would recommend if you are installing this yourself to attach the bottom first since there’s a flex joint below the converter. Then start a couple nuts on the engine and attach the stabilizer, then secure it completely to the engine. Simple install less than an hour. Tear off could take a while since everything is probably rusty and has experienced a lot of heat. Also, if it starts smoking the first time you start your engine, don’t freak out, that’s just the grease burning off."
Try AUTOSAVER88 Pontiac G6 Catalytic Converter

12. Mophorn Catalytic Converter

Quick Summary
Brand: ‎Mophorn
Model: ‎ATCC0611
Item Weight: ‎15.32 pounds
Product Dimensions: ‎28 x 13 x 8.27 inches

In addition, the Mophorn Catalytic Converter is designed for Subaru Impreza vehicles made between 2004 and 2011. It is meant to fit directly into the factory exhaust system. It is an ideal OEM replacement since it increases the circulation of exhaust gases while simultaneously lowering the vehicle's fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Features of Mophorn Catalytic Converter

Honeycomb Structure

A significant amount of oxidation area is provided by the interior honeycomb structure, which ensures that hazardous exhaust gases are reduced as efficiently as possible. Due to the stainless steel construction of this catalytic converter, it has a long service life and keeps catalyst substrates safe from damage even while driving over harsh terrain.

Installation Process

It is not necessary to weld or cut the outlet and inlet pipes during the installation procedure; instead, you just fasten it to the car's exhaust system to complete the operation.

EPA and OBD2 Compliant

In addition, the Mophorn Catalytic Converter is EPA and OBD2 compliant, which means that it may be used in any state that has not implemented the California Air Resources Board standards. Compared to the factory catalytic converter installed in the Subaru Impreza, this is a high-quality component that provides a small increase.

"Delivered quick. Welds looks good. Mechanic said it went on easy. Car sounds like new. Fingers crossed it lasts a while."
Try Mophorn Catalytic Converter

Buying Guide for the Best High Flow Catalytic Converter

This section will teach you all you really need to learn about catalytic converters.

If you are looking for an aftermarket replacement catalytic converter, kindly pay particular attention to the features given in this section so that you can end up with a genuine product.


The material composition of the catalytic converter is an extremely significant factor to consider.

The length of time it will last will be determined by how ably it is constructed and the building design.

A catalytic convert should ideally include beads within a box that is coated inside with an appropriate substance.

Ceria and Aluminum are two of the most commonly used materials. Compounds such as gold, platinum, and rhodium could also be employed.

Converter Types

Catalytic converters are available in a variety of configurations, making it a good idea to become familiar with the fundamentals of how each of them works.

 Catalytic converters are classified whether as two-way converters or three way catalytic converter, depending on their function.

Transceivers with two-way converter: As the name implies, transceivers with two channels are meant to do many jobs at the same moment.

Therefore, they are extremely beneficial in the conversion of two hazardous substances into a less poisonous, harmful, and toxic gases.

Three way Catalytic Converters: As the name implies, three-way converters are capable of doing three separate functions at the same time.

Three-way catalytic converters are capable of performing the same functions as two-way converters while additionally converting a third harmful gas.

Fit and Compatibility

It's preferable that you never even consider replacing your catalytic converter if you don't have the proper catalytic converter for your vehicle.

You must use a catalytic converter which is specifically designed for the kind of automobile you have; otherwise, you may have difficulty getting it to operate properly.

Catalytic converters are classified into two categories based on how they are installed: Universal fitting and Direct catalytic converters.

The Direct-Fit Catalytic Converter

The Direct-Fit Catalytic Converter is a type of catalytic converter that is designed to be installed directly onto the exhaust system of your vehicle.

That most of the catalytic converters are the ideal match for older automobiles or car types that have been factory installed.

The use of a straight fitting converter is justified by the need to limit the amount of modification necessary to make it operate.

Many automobile owners choose a direct fit conversion since it decreases the amount of money they have to spend on installation.

You can install it yourself if you have decent DIY abilities and know where to put it.

Universal Fitting Catalytic Converter

The other type of catalytic converter is the universal fitting catalytic converter, which is not an OED part and will require extra modification or adjustments in order to function properly.

As a result, the overwhelming amount of universal fitting converters are far less expensive than direct-fit converters.

However, the equipment required to install a universal catalytic converter is readily accessible at whatever professional mechanic workshop; however, you must be prepared to pay for the installation service.

CARB or Federal Converters

The exhaust system of a catalytic converter is an important factor to consider before making a purchase decision.

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) and Federal rules are the two most commonly acknowledged emission standards in the United States.

The emission technology should be listed on the product description page, or you may look under the hood of the automobile for further information.

The federal standard requirements for catalytic converters are compatible with the regulations issued by the Environmental Protection Agency, which is in charge of setting carbon emission limits for vehicles.

CARB, on the other hand, is an abbreviation for the California Air Resources Board, which is responsible for establishing carbon regulations in the state of California.

They have more stringent regulations in place, which is why you don't often see catalytic converters that are compatible with CARB regulations.

Examine the catalytic converter of your car to see whether or not it complies with the CRAB regulations. A certification sticker should be imprinted on the catalytic converter.

This sign will have the following information: a part number, production date, CARB number, as well as installation instructions.

The CRAB regulations should apply to your vehicle if it was originally produced in California.

In contrast, if your car was built or sold in any of the 49 states in the United States, there is a significant probability that it does not meet CARB requirements.

Catalytic Converter Grade By Sates

There are two key grades that buyers should check for when purchasing a product. Heavy Metal Grade OBDII and OEM grade OBDII, according to the guys at Magnaflow, are the two classes in question.

The former comply with federal emissions standards at the tiers 0 and 1, whilst the latter complies with CARB emission systems.

If your vehicle was produced prior to 1995 (pre-OBDII), Magnaflow recommends that you purchase a Basic grade catalytic converter from us.

This is also true for pre-OBDII automobiles that were produced in the State of California as well.

The Geographical Location

The position of the good catalytic converter should be between the engine and the muffler, and it should not be confused with the fact that it is a component of the engine's exhaust system.

Many model cars, especially SUVs, are equipped with more than 1 new catalytic converter, which helps to reduce emissions.

There are several catalytic converters in many trucks since the size of these devices is believed to add to the emission of significant amounts of CO2 when used in large vehicles.

Because of this, smaller cars will only require a single catalytic converter.

What items would you want to consider including in your buying?

A number of components may be worth considering while searching for the best catalytic converter replacement for your vehicle.

Oxygen sensors are critical components of your vehicle's engine and should be replaced together with the best catalytic converters if it is damaged.

In actuality, aging oxygen detectors are a significant concern and the source of a large number of erroneous codes.

Most of the time, changing the oxygen sensors together with the aftermarket catalytic converter would eliminate all fault codes from the vehicle's computer.

You may also wish to check the condition of various exhaust components at this point. The exhaust headers, the exhaust manifold, and the pipe are all frequent elements that may require repair in your vehicle.


Because aftermarket items have been used previously, they will have an impact and break much more quickly than fresh ones. Moreover, they will be subject to damage during crashes, which may necessitate the need for a replacement and, in severe situations, may actually be harmful to the emissions system. In general, the lower the value of the aftermarket converter, the shorter the expected lifetime of the converter. If you decide to purchase an aftermarket component, being aware of this possible problem and being aware of the indicators of a failed catalytic converter can help you avoid the hazards associated with your catalytic converter failing in the first place.


While aftermarket catalysts are almost always less expensive than the original equipment manufacturer's version, the price of aftermarket catalysts varies depending on the quality of the parts and, therefore, the brand and model of the car for which a replacement is sought. While it's tempting to choose the most cost-effective mode of transportation, this may not always be the most convenient option in the long run.


Any aftermarket catalytic converter or catalytic converter marketed as a factory replacement is frequently divided into two categories: standard flow and high flow. Standard catalytic converters are extremely similar to those used by automobile manufacturers, and they are compatible with the emission rules of the vast majority of states.

A hi-flow catalytic converter is a device that is specifically designed to aid a vehicle in creating greater torque and horsepower while simultaneously decreasing hazardous emissions. In addition, they aid the engine in producing greater power by minimizing the amount of rebound damping within the exhaust system. If the engine doesn't have to force hot exhaust gases down a restricted pipe, it implies that the engine doesn't have to work as hard. The exhaust gases instead escape the car more freely because they are allowed to flow more freely.

Hi-flow cats are most commonly used by auto enthusiasts who want to get the maximum power out of their vehicle while still adhering to local regulations and regulations. It is critical to carefully review the documentation that comes with replacement catalytic converters to ensure that they are in accordance with local, state, and federal legislation and guidelines. Replacement catalytic converters are available from a number of manufacturers. DynoMax,  Magnaflow, and PaceSetter are just a few of the most well-known options available today.


Before investing in an aftermarket item, you should conduct a thorough study about the types of emissions that your vehicle is required to produce. This information is often found on your car's emission sticker, which may be found under the hood of the vehicle. If the best aftermarket catalytic converter that you have purchased does not comply with these rules, it will be of no use to you at this time. Purchasing an aftermarket catalytic converter also carries the risk of a converter working suboptimally and necessitating the use of an emissions test, even if the converter should pass. All of these are potential dangers that must be considered before making a decision.


1. Do aftermarket catalytic converters work well?

In general, aftermarket catalytic converter acts in the same way as original equipment manufacturers (OEM). If you install an aftermarket replacement catalytic converter in your vehicle, your vehicle will generate the same error number as if you used an OEM part. A high-quality aftermarket converter should function well. No assurance can be given as to whether it will survive as much as an OEM item.

2. What catalytic converters are the best?

  • AUTOSAVER88 Catalytic Converter 70318: The Best Overall Catalytic Converter
  • Eastern Industries 70318: The Most Reasonably Priced
  •  MagnaFlow Exhaust Products 99356HM: The Best Diesel Available on the Market
  • TheEvan Fischer REPG960301: Has a Y-shaped design
  • Walker 15634: EPA certified and is the best choice for older models.
  • MagnaFlow Universal Catalytic Converter: Offers the greatest reduction in fuel consumption.
  • AUTOSAVER88 2.5′′ Inlet/Outlet: This is the best option for newer models.
  • AUTOSAVER88 Catalytic Converter: is only compatible with the following vehicles: Pontiac G6, Chevrolet Malibu, and Saturn Aura.
  • Flowmaster 2230130: Simple to install the product.
  • The Mophorn Catalytic Converter: Compliant with both OBD2 and the EPA.

3. Does an aftermarket catalytic converter last?

The reason why the original equipment converter worked better than that of the aftermarket catalytic converter is that the original equipment converter is meant to last 80,000 miles, but the aftermarket converter is intended to last 25,000 miles. The additional durability is accomplished by the use of an additional catalyst.

4. Are all aftermarket catalytic converters high flow?

Aftermarket catalytic converter have greater flow rates than their original equipment counterparts since the O.E. converter does have a substrate with 700 cells per square inch, meaning that the exhaust stream with only an aftermarket converter is a bit freer but not significantly so.

5. Do high-flow catalytic converters add horsepower?

The installation of a high-flow catalytic converter in your vehicle might result in an increase in horsepower since it increases the overall flow of exhaust. However, it's normally recommended as the last element of the exhaust systems, particularly if the automobile is producing at least 20% more horsepower than the standard model.

6. Does high-flow catalytic converters increase sound?

Typically, when you install a higher-flowing catalytic converter, you will notice an increase in exhaust volume, which is typically approximately 15-20 percent louder than before.

7. Is it possible for a car to function without the best catalytic converter?

The catalytic converter's primary role is to limit the number of hazardous emissions released into the environment. Furthermore, the converter has no function in the operation of the engine. Of course, this implies that the automobile may continue to operate normally without the use of a catalytic converter, but this is harmful to the environment.

8. What is the finest method of cleaning the best aftermarket catalytic converter manufacturer?

Over time, the carbon in the catalytic converters accumulates. It jams the system and decreases the overall efficiency of the system's operation. It is vital to flush out the dirt and debris in order to restore it to its normal efficiency and functionality. Catalytic converter cleaners, in particular, are manufactured by numerous well-known companies to assist car owners. It comes in a form of a solution, which the user must spritz on the converter to activate it. After a few moments, thoroughly rinse the area with clean water to remove any residue. This is the most effective method of cleaning a bad catalytic converter.

9. How much gold is contained within a catalytic converter?

They are made of Rhodium, Platinum, and Palladium; nonetheless, they do not include any gold in any form.

10. What percentage of platinum is contained in an aftermarket catalytic converter?

The amount of platinum included in an aftermarket catalytic converter varies depending on the manufacturer and the kind of converter. The average catalytic converter weighs between 3 and 7 grams, depending on the model.

11. What are the signs that the catalytic converter is failing?

Catalytic converter failure manifests itself in a variety of ways that make it easy to recognize when anything is wrong with it. Slow engine performance, heavy smoke coming from the exhaust, sluggish acceleration, warmth, and a foul odor are all examples of what you might expect to see.


Finally, based on the information shown above, we are confident that you will be able to choose the best aftermarket catalytic converter. Keep in consideration the overall condition of your vehicle before selecting the right catalytic converter for it. The class emission certification may be found on the label that also contains the OEM and heavy metal specifications.

As you can also see, there is a wealth of information available about the best aftermarket catalytic converters. If you believe it is time to replace your converter, one of the manufacturers listed above may be worth considering. They are all reputable manufacturers who construct their converters using high-quality components in order to provide the best possible performance for your vehicle.

Currently, it appears that MagnaFlow, and by extension the Walker brands, are the most well-regarded manufacturers available on the market for cat converters. In other words, if you're searching for a converter that isn't too difficult to install and won't break after a few miles, Walker and MagnaFlow components are the ones to go with.

Confirm that your vehicle is equipped with a fully certified converter that complies with the criteria of your state in order to reduce your vehicle's carbon footprint and prevent legal action. It will not only safeguard the other components of your car, but it will also protect the environment from pollution.

By acquiring one of the high-quality catalytic converters listed above, you may boost the effectiveness of your car while also contributing to the reduction of emissions.

In a conclusion, remember to take into consideration the buying guide notes listed above. They will be tremendously useful in determining which catalytic converter brand is the greatest fit for your vehicle's exhaust system. It is critical that you extensively investigate how the converter you choose will operate and how you will maintain it before making a purchase. We are confident that you have also discovered the most up-to-date information on this subject.

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