Optima 25 RedTop Starting Battery Review: Here’s Why It’s Our Budget Pick for 2021

The Good

It has a powerful starting burst, which is more than enough to start your car even in the midst of winter. At 90 minutes, its reserve capacity is satisfactory and is suitable for most vehicles.

The Bad

While it works perfectly in starting your ride, it may not be suitable with electronics-laden vehicles such as those with power sliding doors and entertainment system since they require a higher working load. There are some complaints that for some vehicle models, it does not fit as snugly as expected due to its design and some modifications had to be done.
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The Bottomline

A good choice for starting vehicles especially those with average electrical load requirements.
No sane driver would ever dream of experiencing a battery problem that could potentially ruin his entire day. But life sometimes has a strange sense of humor and those little problems - that wouldn’t have been a big deal in ordinary days – often strike at the most inopportune of times. For instance, you might find that your trusted and reliable ride, which did not have any problem for years, just suddenly won’t start due to a minor issue with the battery. And it so happened just as you’re trying to rush to a very important meeting to close the deal of a lifetime.
Well, that’s life and as they say, it sometimes sucks. But the good thing is, your vehicle’s battery doesn’t have to be as problematic. If you choose the right option for your car, you’ll avoid tons of vehicle-related troubles and, perhaps, even live a less stressful life. That’s why we’re doing this Optima 25 RedTop review for you.

Power When You Need It Most

One of the most problems drivers frequently encounter is that their cars won’t start when the weather is cold. There is an explanation for this and it has something to do with the temperature, as you’ve probably suspected. Batteries give electricity as a product of a chemical reaction. This process, however, can be affected by temperature. The colder the environment is, the less current it will produce since the cold is interfering with the chemical reaction.
That is why you need a product that’s specifically designed for such conditions. One way to determine how it might perform under such condition is to take a look at its CCA rating. The acronym stands for cold cranking amp, which is a measure of the electrical current it can produce at 0º F. This is also the major indicator of how well it can start your vehicle in cold weather.
As its name suggests, the Optima 25 RedTop Starting Battery is optimized for such conditions. It features 720 Cold Cranking Amps, which is more than enough to start most vehicles in the midst of winter. Just to be sure though, check your car’s owner manual for the recommended CCA rating. In fact, it is specifically designed for flawless starting each and every time with its capability of delivering a strong starting burst of power to start the engine ignition.
If you’ve been researching the net, you’ve likely noticed the term reserve capacity coming up a lot in the description and specs of each product. The reason it’s placed there is that it is also very important and should be factored into your final choice. Reserve capacity of a product is the estimated length of time that it will give your vehicle enough current to power the necessary electrical systems and keep them running.
In the case of this Optima 25 RedTop, it has a reserve capacity of 90 minutes. This is very helpful in case your vehicle encounters a problem in its charging system. In this case, you’ll have to rely on its power alone to run the windshield wipers, electric pumps, and headlights. Ninety minutes should give you enough time to reach a safer location or an auto repair shop to have the problem fixed.

Durable and Versatile

For those who have to drive over dirt tracks or unpaved roads, chances are their batteries won’t last as long as those who drive on paved city streets even if the mileage in the same. The reason is that the vibration experienced when driving on bumpy roads can hasten battery failure.
That is unless you get a product that is specifically designed for this rough scenario, such as the Optima 25 RedTop. It is 15 times more resistant to shocks and vibration compared to regular options, which makes it even suitable for use in offroad trucks, racing, and other high-performance vehicles.
For a regular car, this vibration resistance ensures that you’ll enjoy worry-free driving for years to come. It is also spill-proof, which means you can mount it any way you prefer.

But I Just Wish…

While this product is designed for flawless engine ignition, it is not designed for vehicles with a lot of electronic accessories. For example, if you’re vehicle has a higher electrical load due to multiple electronic accessories, entertainment system or power sliding doors, Optima’s YellowTop, which is designed for high load scenarios, would do the job better.
This product fits most cars, trucks, and motorcycles. However, there are a few complaints saying that due to the battery’s design, the fit is not as snug as they expected and they had to do some modifications instead. Before buying, better do additional research or ask your friendly mechanic if this product is compatible with your vehicle.
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